Jedi Order

The Jedi Order was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force , specifically the Light Side. For Thousands of years, the Jedi Order served as peace-keepers and guardians of justice in the Galaxy. Of all the traditions of Force Users, the Jedi are the most well known, the most famous. Over the millenia their methods of organization have changed, from a loose band of Force-users to a rigid theocracy spanning hundreds of worlds. They have faced near extinction several times, only to have their light rise again to drive back the darkness in the galaxy.

When a Jedi first joins the order, no matter what Era, they train to utilize and master their Force abilities. Taks such as lightsaber remote practice and telekinesis train the Jedi in some of their well-known abilites, but it also teaches the padawan to expand their senses beyond the mundane, to tap into the Force and experience a world larger than one could possibly imagine. To become connected to the mystical energy field generated by all living things. Tapping into such power can be corrupting, and it’s the responsibility of those in the Order to guide their students and fellow knights to serve the Light Side of the Force, and be vigilant against those of the Dark Side.

A member of the Jedi Order is expected to become a fully-trained Jedi Knight, and to use their powers for the benefit of the galaxy. Their advancement in the Jedi Order is determined by not only their mastery of the Force, but also in their skill with a lightsaber, their ability to mediate disputes, and their success with bringing peace and justice to those in need. One can also gain status within the Jedi Order by uncovering secrets of the Force once lost, or preserving the Force knowledge of today for tomorrow’s generations by making a Holocron or Archive. Finally, training a padawan to knighthood successfully is a way to become a prominent Jedi within the Order.

The Jedi Order has changed in may ways over the years. What caused a Jedi to gain or lose status in one Era may not be the same in a different Era.

Regardless, the basic tennants of the Jedi remain the same whether belonging to the Jedi Order in Sunrider’s time, or in Skywalker’s; become a Guardian of Peace and serve the Light Side fo the Force.

Jedi Order

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