Tal'fej Lo'grey

Ewok Jedi padawan shaman

Species Ewok
Career Seeker
Specializations Pathfinder, Ataru Striker, Seer
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 4 2 3 2 2
Soak Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Melee/Ranged Defense
2 12 13 0/0

Skills: Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Medicine 1, Ranged (Heavy) 1, Resilience 1, Survival 2, Pilot, Space 1, Lightsaber 1, Discipline 2

Abilities: Foresee: Strength, Duration Upgrade
Enhance: Control Upgrades:Coordination, Piloting Planetary, Piloting Space, Re silence
Move: Strength, Range, Control Hurl upgrades

Talents: Ataru Striker: Jump Up, Quick Draw, Ataru Technique, Parry (5xp), Reflect (10 Xp)
Pathfinder: Grit, Keen Eyes, Animal Empathy, Animal Bond. Force Rating, Forager, Toughness (10Xp)
Mystic: Uncanny Reactions, Keen Eyed, Grit (15xp)

Morality Emotional Strength Emotional Weakness
69 Curiosity Coldness
Obligation Magnitude
Bounty 10
Duty Magnitude Commitment
? ? ?
Motivation: Ambition: Wanderlust
Discovery: Secrets

Younger of two sons of the current Shaman of the Bright Tree Village of Ewoks. Both had the talent to become shaman one day. But Father had a vision, that his youngest son was to leave with humans, and train and follow in the ways of the Walkers of the Sky, even seeing his son carrying a lightsaber, instead of the shaman’s staff. So a transport was asked for, and sent, and after making sure everyone agreed and understood what was happening, Tal’fej was off to Ossus to train to become a jedi

Quickly into his training Tal started having visions, his master and other jedi passed it off as being skilled a forseeing, not unheard of but rare in a jedi so young to have such strong visions in the force. Tal realized it was his ancestry of being of the family of shamen for the Bright Tree Village. His master was not thrilled when Tal opened himself up further into these visions by smoking the right mixture of herbs, woods, and seeds.

Upon hearing of Tal’s technique the council decided to have Tal learn under a different master. Tal was partnered with Zimna Koon. She was a Kel dor who, like Tal, learned of her people’s force tradition, the Baran Do. But saw her place as a Jedi in her visions, as well as furthering her training as a Baran Do. With Zimna’s guidance Tal was able to start finding a balance between using Force like a Jedi, and using his visions as a guide. Also He was starting to be able to interpret what his visions might mean.

As Tal continued his training he found that he was not getting any stronger physically. But he was very nimble and had some wits about him. And with that he started learning the Ataru form, and he was showing improvement.

Then one day Tal had a vision, he saw two other Jedi. A master and padawan. He clearly heard the master say, “Hagen Sector.” Then he saw a sight of a great warship. A star destroyer unlike one he had ever seen. mainly cause this one was not the metal grey or sheer black like most warships of the day, but it was colored in reds.

For a week, Zimna asked around the order if there was a pair of Jedi’s heading to the Hagen sector. It took them a while at first to find the sector and seeing how far away it was they knew it must be important.

The mission was delayed as they all had to scatter, with the attack on Ossus. As the four jedi went into hidding for several, they stayed together to help protect themselves. After dodging around the Outer Rim for several years, watching the Sith gain control of world after world. Master Zimna decided that she had to return to Kel Dor. And she intrusted Tal to [Ryhn’s master’s name] to continue his training while she was away. She hoped that Tal’s Forseeing ability would help them stay out of trouble.

Sadly for the three Jedi, all Tal was seeing was clouded visions for a week leading up to the point where the three were confronted by the Empire. Which lead to Ryhn and Tal’s capture, and whatever the fate of Master {name?].

Tal'fej Lo'grey

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