Star Wars: Another Longshot

Launch Day: Group Besh

Introductions and Inroads

Port Rasper

After arriving at Port Rasper within the Hagen Sector, we went to the Broken Blaster Cantina to meet our contact with Dosk Trill. The Quarren is our Alliance contact within the sector. He helps run a shipping company called the Flying Bantha Shipping Co. He has a history with Lensi, so he makes quick contact.

After some small talk and introductions, we discuss our first job. The Empire has twenty four Mark 8 Viper probe droids on station for some unknown purpose. It is suspected the Empire wishes to gather information on the Sector. Dosk has several slave components that would transmit the information obtained to Alliance servers without being detected. It is our job to install these devices without alerting the Empire forces.

We develop a plan to pose as a tech team and infiltrate cargo bay 4 where the droids are being stored. Dosk also mentions there was a shipment received the day before of some unknown cargo. Something else for us to check out. Lensi and Hosk create some amazing credentials and work orders that will allow us solitary access to the cargo bay for 30 minutes.

Cargo Bay 4

As planned, we arrive 30 minutes after the last tech team left and before the next arrives. The credentials do their job so well, that the work order wasn’t even necessary. Once inside the cargo bay, we see that the mystery shipment is an old shuttle.

Hosk, Lensi, Dante and Gadssk power through the daunting task of installing devices onto all 24 droids. Through excellent skill and luck, they managed to do it in the allotted 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Kyp and Raquelle investigate the shuttle. They discover that it is from the New Republic era and from the legendary Longshot, the venator-class star destroyer that Kenobi used as part of his fifth fleet. When they board the shuttle, they find an astromech droid that appears to tasked with downloading all the files from the shuttle. Kyp and Raquelle decide to “requisition” the astromech rather than spending time downloading files themselves.

After all the droids have been bugged, Gadssk slapped some fire gel just under the dome of the astromech (causing volumes of smoke to bellow out from the droid’s dome). We convince the storm troopers that we are taking a malfunctioning droid to maintenance and leave before the next tech team arrives. We returned to the Flying Bantha Offices and gave a report to Dosk.

We tapped into the Astromech and discovered the shuttle came from an impounded smuggling freighter, the Hawkbat Hark. Its captain, Arysander, is currently in custody and his ship impounded. We decided that we need to get that ship to gather information about where the shuttle was found. Additionally, we planned to sell the ship to the Intellect Guild who Arysander owed a great deal of money, in exchange for valid credentials for Raquelle and Kyp.

The Broken Blaster

(or a Bothan and a Transdoshan walk into a bar, and mop the floor)

After deciding we want to wait for the star destroyer that is currently in system to leave, Gadssk and Hosk go looking for work. They ended an argument with Truk’sha, a Whipid who works for the Intellect Guild, with a solid thrashing. This gained the attention of a human freight pilot named Morsh who apparently has been extorted by the Intellect Guild and indebted to them.

Impound Yard

Dosk’s informants turned up the location of the Hawkbat Hark. It was in an orbital impound yard patrolled by droids and two manned ships. So we outfitted ourselves in environmental suits and smuggled ourselves in crates up to that yard 12 hours before a shift change. Once our crates were stowed into one of the containers, we let ourselves out and packed all the impounded goods into our crates for resale. As luck would have it, six high quality swoop bikes were part of the goods.

While in this container, Kyp reached out to the Force looking for jedi relics in impound. Nothing appeared but he was strongly pulled towards a neighboring container. There was also a strong suggestion that he should go to the planet D’rogos soon. We each packed crates onto our swoop bikes while Lensi sliced the door to the container we were in and Hosk opened the neighboring container, holding the Hawkbat Hark. Raquelle made sure to close the door on the first container. A small rescue operation was performed by Dante and Gadssk when Lensi and Kip failed to fly thier swoop bikes into the container. Dante and Lensi then warmed up the Hawkbat Hark for flight, while the others loaded the cargo.

When we were ready, Hosk opened the door for the Hawkbat to leave. Unfortunately, a patrol droid was right in front of the door. Quick on her feet, Raquelle slapped up the shields on the Hark. As a group, we fought our way out. Eventually, Dante punched it and we were gone without a trace.

Lensi plotted a way to our rendezvous point with Dosk and Gaski of the Intellect Guild, and we arrived without incident. Gaski agreed to trade the Hark for Captain Morsh’s marker and valid credentials for Raquelle and Kyp. Hosk negotiated to successfully sell four of the swoop bikes and other goods for 56,000 credits. Half was sent back to the Alliance, and the remaining was split evenly among the group, including the ship account.

On to D’rogos

After parting ways peacefully with the Intellect Guild, we returned to Port Rasper. As a group we met with Captain Morsh and give him his marker and freedom. Then we suggested and he agreed to work for the Flying Bantha Shipping Co.

It was then time to listen to the Force and we found a shipping job for us and Captain Morsh to D’rogos. We made our delivery and sent Captain Morsh back to Port Rasper with another shipment. But we decided to stay at D’rogos to explore and possibly make contacts for Alliance personnel recruiting.


Session XP: 30

Obligation Changes:
The falsified credentials for Raquelle and Kyp reduced their Obligations by 5 each.
The 28,000 credits we sent back to the Alliance reduced Lensi and Gadssk Obligations by 5 each.
Next session trigger – Kip Bounty (again)

Duty changes:
Space Superiority, Support, Personnel, Resource Acquisition, and Combat Victory all increased. Total Duty is now 33.
Next session trigger – None

Morality changes:
Kyp earned 4 Conflict from the stealing (Astromech and Impound). Morality reduced by 1.
Next session trigger – None

Launch Day: Group Besh

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