Star Wars: Another Longshot

Playing the Hole Card

A moments pause

The initial space battle was exhausting, but successful. Enemies are causing confusion in the untested Coalition ranks. Legion ships head for Calestis. The Deathwing is adrift, but restoring systems. The Hammer moves to defend the Deathwing.

Shadow Squad is en-route.
A coded request for the captured Specter bomber be sent to the line, armed for bear.

The Legion ships square off against the Coalition barricade. The Legion are pointed directly at their targets, not using their broadsides or Barium missiles.

Lensi works up a schematic on the Legion ships, and notices they have a system on their sides. There is speculation that they are escape pods or Extra Missiles.

At Raquelle’s command, the Coalition ships form a reversed wedge to lure in the Legion ships and exposing their broadsides to Coalition fire.

Lensi jams two legion ship comms and creates chaos among the remaining legion fleet.

Two legion ships move as if to run the blockade but stop when between two of the Coaltion ships. Armored pods launch from the sides of one of the Legion ships and ram themselves forcefully into the Coalition ships. Through the comms chatter, it becomes clear that the pods carried boarding parties with a mission to take out the commander of each ship. Through misinformation, we convince the Legion that they are on the ship with the Fleet Commander, in hopes of delaying any more boarding actions. This also causes the Legion fleet to lessen fire on the Tommaray.

The Ace lands on the Tommaray to assist in repelling boarders.

Hangar Bay

The Idiot’s Array encounter two groups of boarders in the hanger, Stormtroopers, and Sith-blooded Legion troops. The Idiot’s Array with the help of their Droid platoons, beat the two groups of boarders into submission. Gadassk takes out the Legion troops, and Kai Ordo takes out the Stormtroopers. Lensi blocks their tech from slicing into environmental controls, while Raquelle provided cover and commands the Republic Droids into the battle. Many of the Tommaray soldiers are killed by the heavy weapons brought to bear, but the Idiots Array make sure they’re the only victims. Once the remaining boarders surrender, we head up the turbolift to the bridge. The Obliterator Droid comes with us, but has to wait for his own turbolift. On the way up in the elevator, Lensi puts the bridge on lockdown, giving the command crew more time.

Take it to the Bridge

Once the doors open, it is apparent that combat has begun. Raquelle comes out of the lift barking orders and bolstering not only the Idiot’s Array but the bridge crew as well. G’ddassk and Kai Ordo race to the bridge, taking out enemies on the way. Dante starts taking out stragglers from a distance and cover. The bridge crew jump for cover, and keep firing at the boarders.

After the first couple of blaster shots, Lensi kills the lights, giving the Idiot’s Array the upper-hand in combat. Gadssk keeps disarming the apparent leader of his sword. Raquelle and a crewmember kill a boarder, but punch a hole in the hull. Everyone resists being pulled into space, and Lensi seals off that area. Kai slides into the room, killing the boarders hunching behind the doorway for cover.

The “Fleet Commander” is saved.

Always darkest…

Outside, the battle isn’t going as well.

The blockade is broken. The Legion ships broke through the blockade, leaving one Coalition ship adrift with the crew abandoning ship.

The Hammer has positioned itself behind the legion forces and an armed Specter bomber is launched. It orients on the planet then blurs from scanners.

But all is not lost, Shadow Squadron arrives with a Star Destroyer from Fell’s Empire the Inexorable. The Captain of the Inexorable sends a message out to the Legion fleet, ordering them to leave the sector, and hoping they will not comply.


XP Earned: 25

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: No Change (total of 65)
Trigger: Dante – Space Superiority (continued)

Dante – No Change
Trigger: None

Playing the Hole Card

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