A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Another Longshot

The SITH EMPIRE controls the Galaxy once more. Under the leadership of the Sith Lord, DARTH KRAYT, Imperial forces seek to eliminate the remaining JEDI and destroy the remnants of the GALACTIC ALLIANCE.

In this dark time, new heroes rise and band together to fight for change; to free the galaxy from the grip of the Sith.

Somewhere in the Outer Rim, a symbol from a earlier age lies dormant, waiting to be discovered and used as inspiration and hope for another era…


Another Longshot is a Star Wars campaign that occurs during the time of the Legacy-era comics. The Sith Empire has taken control of the bulk of the Galaxy. The Jedi are hunted, Emperor Fel’s forces are in exile, the Galactic Alliance are a shadow of their former glory, and those on the Fringe are just trying to survive under the Sith’s draconian gaze. The campaign will have a frontier feel, heavy on role playing interaction and high heroics, all with Star Wars-flavored cinematics.

Art by Jason Palmer

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The Wild Cards focuses on a group of ex-Imperial Special Forces Stormtroopers called the “Wild Cards”. During the Sith-Imperial war, the group was charged and convicted of a crime they did not commit. Sentenced to a military stockade, the group escaped to the Outer Rim Territories where they survive as mercenaries for hire. Loyal to Emperor Fel, but hunted by both the Sith Empire and Fel’s Empire in Exile, they operate on backwater worlds that tend not to attract Imperial attention.

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