Korarni Thax

Stars: Binary system- Korarni (Yellow Giant Star) and Thax (White Dwarf Star, orbiting beyond Deshorus)

Celestial Bodies

  • Vordol (Molten planet)
  • Ganaryl (Earthen planet, populated, civilization)
  • Deshorus (Gaseous planet)
  • Naran (Molten planet)

Nearby Hazards

  • Asteroid Fields (One between Vordol and Ganaryl, one between Ganaryl and Deshorus)
  • Arthansha Nebula (Large Nebula, Navigational Hazard, obscures system)
  • Naran Halo (Small Nebulae, Navigational Hazard)
    • The Halo surrounds Naran and Thax and follows its orbit around Korarni. The nebula surrounds Naran and clings to it, trailing behind the planet like a comet tail. As the planet orbits around Thax, the nebula extends into and reacts with the star, igniting the nebulae. When not in contact with the star, the Halo is supercharged with ionic energy, like a thunderstorm. This energy even extends into hyperspace and can sometimes pull unsuspecting ships out of hyperspace and into the nebula. Travel within the nebula is dangerous at best, and deadly at worst.

Korarni Thax

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