Imperial Knights

The Imperial Knights are the Galactic Empire’s counterparts to the Jedi Knights. Unlike their Jedi cousins, the Imperial Knights serve the will of the Force as embodied by their Emperor. The silver-lightsabers and red battle armor of the Imperial Knights present a striking visage in combat, one that is matched by their martial prowess and proficiency with the Force.

The Imperial Knights serve a dual function in Roan Fel’s Empire; protect the life and interests of the Emperor, and preserve order in the Empire. In the days after Darth Krayt’s coup, the Imperial Knights have; another purpose oppose Darth Krayt’s empire and restore Roan Fel to the throne.

The Imperial Knights welcome few to their ranks because of their restrictive nature compared to similar orders such as the Jedi. To join the Imperial Knights, a candidate must be a Force-User and be willing to swear allegiance to Roan Fel and his Empire. Anyone Force-User who can commit to the ideal of serving Emperor Fel is welcome to begin training with the Imperial Knights.

While technically led by Emperor Roan Fel, in day-to-day practice, the Knights are commanded by the most powerful among them next to the Emperor. This highest-ranking Knight is the Grand Master of the Order, although many other Knights carry the title of “Master”.

Due to their limited numbers, the Imperial Knights are able to operate on only a few worlds at one time. A significant portion of the Knights are constantly with Emperor Fel’s entourage, while the remaining Knights travel through the galaxy serving the Emperor’s will, undertake personal missions, or train the next generation of Knights.

After the coup by Darth Krayt, the Imperial Knight’s power-base was significantly reduced. The Knights must now tread lightly through their Emperor’s former holdings; traitors to Emperor Fel lurk in every corner of his old empire. Still, there are some still loyal to Emperor Fel, and the Knights can count on occasional support. Due to their long relationship between the two factions, the Chiss Ascendancy is secretly supporting and sheltering the Empire-In Exile until Fel is able to secure his former capitol; Bastion.

Imperial Knights

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