D’rogos System


  • Paq (Red Supergiant star)

Celestial Bodies

  • Mocox (Molten planet)
  • Lo’dorn (Molten planet)
  • D’rogos (Ringed Verdant planet with areas of desolation, civilization)
  • H’rosos (Gaseous planet)

Nearby Hazards

  • Apshalay Band (asteroid field beyond D’rogos)

Located near the Gan Sha Tal Nebula, the D’rogos system has one planet capible of sustaining life orbiting a red Supergiant star. The inhabitants of D’rogos are a near-human species known for their purple-tinged skin, tall, lithe forms, willowy hair, and small, dark eyes. Large sections of D’rogos are lush jungle while other sections are blasted wasteland recovering from a relatively recent catastrophe.

The D’rogos have been loyal supporters of the Galactic Alliance for over one hundred years. In 17 ABY a New Republic warship happened through the system while D’rogos was under attack by a neighboring empire. The attackers bombed D’rogos with laser cannons and small asteroids, bringing the planet and it’s natives to the brink of extinction. Refusing to stand for this atrocity, the New Republic warship intervened. Most of the attacking force was destroyed and what remained pursued the now-heavily-damaged New Republic cruiser away from D’rogos. The empire never threatened D’rogos again and have not been seen for generations.

When other New Republic ships came looking for their lost cruiser, they found a world ready to support the New Republic in any endeavor. The New Republic set up a small outpost and embassy on D’rogos to coordinate the search for their cruiser and to welcome commerce and trade with the D’rogos. Since then the D’rogos have elevated their technological levels and begun to repair the damage from the orbital bombardment. The one regret the citizens of D’rogos have is their inability to thank the crew of that lost cruiser who saved their world and helped bring them into the greater galactic community.

With the arrival of the Sith Empire in the Hagen sector, D’rogos has come under close scrutiny by Moff Antilles. The system offers a few resources, but it’s far removed from the main hyperspace lane in the Sector to exploit at this time. D’rogos’s devotion to the Galactic Alliance gives Antilles some pause, and Imperial scoutships and warships frequently patrol the system. It’s only a matter of time before the Moff decides a more permanent presence is needed on D’rogos.


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