Campaign NPCs List

Major NPCs

Minor NPCs

Port Rasper

Dosk Tril: Quarren Alliance Sympathizer, based on Port Rasper Station, Keosh system. Senior administrator in the Flying Bantha Shipping Company.

Kerby Morsh: Human freighter captain. Late 40s. Had several run-ins with Truk’sha. Now hired by the Flying Bantha Shipping Company thanks to Group Besh’s involvement. License to transport neuronium and aurorium for the Empire along the Keosh Run has been obtained.

Reggigald Uthain: Human junkyard dealer on Keosh.

Telsk: Mon Calamari technician, co-owner of Black Sea Starship Repair. Has done dome work on the The Smokey

Scum and Villainy

Pazan Arisondar: Human Smuggler. Has several outstanding warrants with the Empire for smuggling and illicit substance trafficking. Former owner of the Helot-class freighter Hawk Bat Hark. Arrested and currently imprisoned on Keosh.

Truk’sha: Whipid thug and shipjacker for the Intellect Guild.

Gaskey: Twi’lek male crime lord, focused in smuggling and shipjacking. Member of the Intellect Guild.

Fesker Marance: Human male. Second-rate Bounty Hunter.

Imperial Mission

Minister Torol: Toydarian male, head of the Port Rasper Imperial Mission.

Acolyte Rewoph: Desellian female


Woebethask Herundi: Mirilan male. Owner of Woe’s Filling Station. Has a business-owner attitude towards the Empire (“They’re good for business, for now…”)

Shereipa Herundi: Mirilan female. Wife of Woebethask, manages the Filling Station’s cantina. Favors Imperial rule.

Falasha Herundi: Mirilan female. Daughter of Woebethask and Shereipa. Adores the attention of Imperial Officers.

Poman Herundi: Mirilan male. Son of Woebethask and Shereipa. Hates the Empire, and the corporations exploiting the Octani. Hot-headed.

Querman Herundi: Mirilan male. Brother of Woebethask. Manages the Filling Station’s garage. Dislikes the Empire. Admires the Octani. More reserved in his attitudes and actions towards those exploiting the Octani. Knows that doing anything overt will bring the fury of the Empire down on his family. Supports the Octani through more subtle means.

Campaign NPCs List

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