Caelestis System

Star: Tami (Yellow Dwarf star)
Celestial Bodies

  • Tami Sua (Molten planet)
  • Caelestis (Earthen planet, mountainous, populated)
  • Ferry (Earthen planet, lush plains and forests, non-sentinet life)
  • Tami Vortex (Gaseous Giant planet)

The Caelestis system was one of the many systems uncovered by the New Republic Astrological Survey Corps over 100 years ago. The system has an indigenous population of humans and near-humans. When first discovered by the New Republic, the Caelestis had only just began to explore the other planets in their system. Since then, they have conducted brisk trade with the Republic for agriculture and processed ores, which has boosted their technology to near-galactic standards.

With the recent war between the Galactic Alliance and the Empire, and the rule of the One Sith, Caelestis has tried to withdraw from the galactic community. Many fear that this rich world will catch the eye of the Sith


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