Star: Kuus (Orange Dwarf star)
Celestial Bodies

  • Bor’octa I (Molten planet)
  • Bor’octa II (Liquid planet)
  • Bor’octa III (Earthen planet, colonized, orbital station)
  • Bor’octa IV (Gaseous planet)
  • Bor’octa V (Gaseous Giant planet)

Nearby Hazards

  • Asteroid Field Aurek (Between Bor’octa I and Bor’octa II)
  • Asteroid Field Besh (Between Bor’octa II and Bor’octa III)

Bor’octa is a small system consisting of an orange dwarf star, two asteroid belts, and five planets, one of which supports life (Bor’octa III). The native sentient species of Bor’octa III, the Octani, are a near-human species of pale-green color and dark red eyes that help them see in the dim light of their star. The Octani are an agrarian culture that manages large crops of edible fungus and plants. Their technology is primitive by galactic standards, with no major industry or weapons more advanced than single-shot slugthrowers.

When explorers arrived at Bor’octa III 80 years ago, their geological surveys identified the planet as one that could contain vast amounts of Aurodium. Because of the difficulty in reaching Bor’octa, it was almost a decade before the original explorers could find enough investors to risk the follow-up surveys. After three years of digging, and on the brink of financial collapse, the explorer’s team struck paydirt and was able to harvest a load of Aurodium that paid for the entire expedition plus interest for their investors.

Word began to spread of the find, and prospectors from across the quadrant came to Bor’octa III to try and strike it rich. They brought with them speeders and starships, droids and construction machines. The native Octani were driven from their homes and their lands when aurodium was discovered in the area. Eventually, the Octani had reached the end of their normally peaceful patience. They took up arms and struck back at their invaders, and a brutal conflict erupted between the prospectors and the Octani. The Octani learned how to use the captured technology of their oppressors, and the “Aurodium War” escalated. A few entrepreneurial smugglers even sold military-grade weapons to the Octani in exchange for land rights and the Aurodium the Octani had harvested themselves.

For decades the wars went on, usually to the detriment of the Octani. Fifteen years ago, a Jedi Master came to Bor’octa to bring peace to the planet. It took some doing, but after fourteen months of tense negotiations and hard work, a peaceful settlement was reached. The Octani came away with 60% of their former territory, including several hundred square kilometers of land that was deemed exhausted by the miners. The mining companies and prospectors were to be contained within “prospecting zones” where mining operations should remain viable for years to come.

All this changed when the Empire came to the Hagen Sector. Moff Antilles has taken an interest in Bor’octa III and has installed an Imperial Governor on the planet. Governor Jovos has abolished the Prospecting Zones and has once again allowed prospectors out into the Octani’s lands. This time, however, the prospectors are following behind Imperial Stormtrooper platoons that are clearing the way for mining operations. The Octani are being rounded up and pressed into service as cheap labor for the Empire, and resistance is being squashed with the usual Imperial efficiency.


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