Black Sea Starship Repair

Tucked in the farthest corner of Port Rapser lies one of the station’s oldest establishments, the Black Sea Starship Repair shop. First opened 108 years ago when Port Rasper’s central core was first declared open for non-military use, Black Sea Starship Repair has been fixing practically every civilian ship that’s come through the Keosh system.

The original owners of the shop were from Dac, a Mon Calamari named Gaivus Haddan and a Quarren named Z’rk Osseel. Both worked for the MonCal Shipyards through the Galactic Civil War. When they retired, they decided they still wanted to work on ships but in a much more enjoyable, less corporate environment. They heard about the Hagen Sector and the new opportunities within it, but instead of seeking the riches that may lay deeper within, the duo stopped at the entry-point to the sector and set up shop. Originally only able to afford a single berth, Haddan and Osseel established a “visiting mechanic” program where they would travel to ships at other berths on the station to conduct minor repairs. To Black Sea, “minor repairs” included anything that didn’t require the removal of an engine or significant portion of the superstructure. The program was a huge success, allowing the shop to service ships they didn’t have space for while turning out a larger profit than any other repair berth on the station.

After several years of hard work, the Black Sea Repair shop was able to eventually grow to take over four adjoining berths. This allowed for an increase in profits and business, which required more mechanics to be brought on to help with the increased work-load.

When Port Rasper’s Commerce Modules came online, the shop petitioned to purchase a quarter of Deck 36. This allowed Black Sea Starship Repair to service up to 20 craft of various sizes at once, and has enough external space to dock a corvette-sized craft alongside the shop.

Gaivus and Z’rk passed away well before the shop moved to the Commerce modules, but their families kept the family business going. The current owners of the shop are Gaivus’s great grandson Telsk, and Z’rk’s granddaughter Ge’ora. Ge’ora Osseel is the “matron” of the company, constantly fretting over the books and red tape imposed by the Empire. Telsk Haddan is more impetuous, not really concerned about the business side as much as he enjoys working on the ships that come through the shop. The shop has attracted a variety of mechanics, and employes over a hundred workers. Over half of those employed are either MonCal or Quarren, with humans, Verpine, and Slussi making up the majority of the remaining technicians.

Black Sea Starship Repair

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