Aquilae System

Star: Aquilae (Blue Supergiant star)
Celestial Bodies

  • Medok (Molten planet)
  • Lenohs (Liquid planet)
  • Adoniol (Gaseous planet)
  • Stomnag (Gaseous Giant planet)
  • Qallan (Earthen planet, toxic atmosphere, colonized, orbital station)

Nearby Hazards

  • Asteroid Field (Between Adoniol and Stomnag)

The Aquilae system contains few planets and many navigational hazards. The center of the system consists of a large Blue star that burns bright and hot. There are two gas giants in the system composed of various useful minerals, but the bounty of Aquilae lies in it’s furthest planet; Qallan.

Qallan is a bountiful source of Neuranium, and the Kogger-Vuuz Corporation has invested a large amount of money in obtaining exclusive mining rights to the planet. Mining Operations are directed from the large Mark V Cardan-class space station which also serves as the planet’s only starport and docking facility. There are few facilities on the planet itself aside from the protective domes and structures used to house the miners and on-site administrators. Qallan is a poisonous world with an ammonia-based atmosphere that would kill most lifeforms in moments. The few ammonia-breathing races that could survive in Qallan’s atmosphere, like the Gand, would still be roasted by the harsh temperatures and UV rays projected from Aquilae.

Kogger-Vuuz had quite an issue with pirate attacks for years, forcing them to hire mercenaries to protect their shipments back to the Core Worlds. With the arrival of Moff Antilles and his forces, protection is now usually handled by the Empire. Of course, with most of the Neuranium being sent to the Empire and the Empire’s demand for “favorable rates”, executives have noted that their profits have decreased under the Empire’s “protection”.

Kogger-Vuuz Station, holding orbit over Qallan


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