Star Wars: Another Longshot

Launch Day
The adventure begins with a roll of the dice.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Another Longshot

Launch Day

Besalik Imperial Knight
To Be Named Later...

Launch Day: Group Besh
Introductions and Inroads

Port Rasper

After arriving at Port Rasper within the Hagen Sector, we went to the Broken Blaster Cantina to meet our contact with Dosk Trill. The Quarren is our Alliance contact within the sector. He helps run a shipping company called the Flying Bantha Shipping Co. He has a history with Lensi, so he makes quick contact.

After some small talk and introductions, we discuss our first job. The Empire has twenty four Mark 8 Viper probe droids on station for some unknown purpose. It is suspected the Empire wishes to gather information on the Sector. Dosk has several slave components that would transmit the information obtained to Alliance servers without being detected. It is our job to install these devices without alerting the Empire forces.

We develop a plan to pose as a tech team and infiltrate cargo bay 4 where the droids are being stored. Dosk also mentions there was a shipment received the day before of some unknown cargo. Something else for us to check out. Lensi and Hosk create some amazing credentials and work orders that will allow us solitary access to the cargo bay for 30 minutes.

Cargo Bay 4

As planned, we arrive 30 minutes after the last tech team left and before the next arrives. The credentials do their job so well, that the work order wasn’t even necessary. Once inside the cargo bay, we see that the mystery shipment is an old shuttle.

Hosk, Lensi, Dante and Gadssk power through the daunting task of installing devices onto all 24 droids. Through excellent skill and luck, they managed to do it in the allotted 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Kyp and Raquelle investigate the shuttle. They discover that it is from the New Republic era and from the legendary Longshot, the venator-class star destroyer that Kenobi used as part of his fifth fleet. When they board the shuttle, they find an astromech droid that appears to tasked with downloading all the files from the shuttle. Kyp and Raquelle decide to “requisition” the astromech rather than spending time downloading files themselves.

After all the droids have been bugged, Gadssk slapped some fire gel just under the dome of the astromech (causing volumes of smoke to bellow out from the droid’s dome). We convince the storm troopers that we are taking a malfunctioning droid to maintenance and leave before the next tech team arrives. We returned to the Flying Bantha Offices and gave a report to Dosk.

We tapped into the Astromech and discovered the shuttle came from an impounded smuggling freighter, the Hawkbat Hark. Its captain, Arysander, is currently in custody and his ship impounded. We decided that we need to get that ship to gather information about where the shuttle was found. Additionally, we planned to sell the ship to the Intellect Guild who Arysander owed a great deal of money, in exchange for valid credentials for Raquelle and Kyp.

The Broken Blaster

(or a Bothan and a Transdoshan walk into a bar, and mop the floor)

After deciding we want to wait for the star destroyer that is currently in system to leave, Gadssk and Hosk go looking for work. They ended an argument with Truk’sha, a Whipid who works for the Intellect Guild, with a solid thrashing. This gained the attention of a human freight pilot named Morsh who apparently has been extorted by the Intellect Guild and indebted to them.

Impound Yard

Dosk’s informants turned up the location of the Hawkbat Hark. It was in an orbital impound yard patrolled by droids and two manned ships. So we outfitted ourselves in environmental suits and smuggled ourselves in crates up to that yard 12 hours before a shift change. Once our crates were stowed into one of the containers, we let ourselves out and packed all the impounded goods into our crates for resale. As luck would have it, six high quality swoop bikes were part of the goods.

While in this container, Kyp reached out to the Force looking for jedi relics in impound. Nothing appeared but he was strongly pulled towards a neighboring container. There was also a strong suggestion that he should go to the planet D’rogos soon. We each packed crates onto our swoop bikes while Lensi sliced the door to the container we were in and Hosk opened the neighboring container, holding the Hawkbat Hark. Raquelle made sure to close the door on the first container. A small rescue operation was performed by Dante and Gadssk when Lensi and Kip failed to fly thier swoop bikes into the container. Dante and Lensi then warmed up the Hawkbat Hark for flight, while the others loaded the cargo.

When we were ready, Hosk opened the door for the Hawkbat to leave. Unfortunately, a patrol droid was right in front of the door. Quick on her feet, Raquelle slapped up the shields on the Hark. As a group, we fought our way out. Eventually, Dante punched it and we were gone without a trace.

Lensi plotted a way to our rendezvous point with Dosk and Gaski of the Intellect Guild, and we arrived without incident. Gaski agreed to trade the Hark for Captain Morsh’s marker and valid credentials for Raquelle and Kyp. Hosk negotiated to successfully sell four of the swoop bikes and other goods for 56,000 credits. Half was sent back to the Alliance, and the remaining was split evenly among the group, including the ship account.

On to D’rogos

After parting ways peacefully with the Intellect Guild, we returned to Port Rasper. As a group we met with Captain Morsh and give him his marker and freedom. Then we suggested and he agreed to work for the Flying Bantha Shipping Co.

It was then time to listen to the Force and we found a shipping job for us and Captain Morsh to D’rogos. We made our delivery and sent Captain Morsh back to Port Rasper with another shipment. But we decided to stay at D’rogos to explore and possibly make contacts for Alliance personnel recruiting.

Launch Day: Group Aurek

We join our heroes inside the Sith Prison Complex of Darth Baran. A pair of Jedi Padawans and a pair of Imperial Squires. All locked in force cages, subjected to daily tortures at the hands of Darth Baran and his pair of apprentices. The Imperial squires have the added torture of continual loop holovid of Baran beheading their Knight during a heated session of torture. Today was a different day, Baran was off planet and entrusted his apprentices to handle the daily torture session. Bend’yk Qu-bash was a force user who had been taken against his will and pressed into service of the Sith, and he had had enough of watching this daily torture. He freed the prisoners, and after a long uncomfortable conversation (consisting of very few words), the quintet began their escape. Without their lightsabers. After “liberating” some armor and blasters from the Storm Troopers guarding their cell block, Group Aurek made their escape through a secret tunnel entrance that Bend’yk had carved into the existing underground tunnels of the planet Keosh.

As the group marched double time through the 20 kilometers of tunnels, they felt a pervasive and oppressive presence in the Force. The feeling continued as they reached the surface, ebbing and flowing as they approached the outskirts of a city. On the edge of the city, the Squires ditched their Storm Trooper armor as Tal’fej Lo’grey recognized a junkyard from a recent vision that the Force had shown him. Which gave the party a sense of direction, and of intimidation. As that vision had ended with them facing off against an opponent who struck them down with a green lightsaber. A weapon which all of them felt the loss of more and more under the oppressive feel in the Force. With slight reluctance, they followed the will of the Force and went Junking.

In an odd turn of events, the Junkyard contained a small selection of space craft. Primarily snub fighters, shuttles, and hot rods of various stages of decay and in need of repairs. Most in need of repairs though, was a Nova Courier Freighter, the Smokey, and its droid mechanic/pilot Bandit. At which point, squire Bleys revealed to the party that his surname was in fact Hagen. Negotiations for the ship went quickly after Bandit was reactivated and his facial recognition software recognized Bleys as Captain Hagen (the droid obviously needs repair). Group Aurek lifted off (roughly) as an approaching storm helped to obscure them from a flight of incoming Predator Starfighter. No doubt sent by Darth Barran’s forces to recapture them.

The Smokey isn’t the quality machine she once was, and the group took refuge in a hanger bay carved into a cliff wall. Where they found evidence of a battle that took place 3,500 years ago before all life on the planet had been extinguished. There were also bodies of an Imperial Archaeology team, that had notes in their data pads placing their deaths no more than 4 months ago. The group explored deeper in the caverns behind the hanger, as the storm pounded debris onto their heads. Ancient bodies littered the cavern, armed with now rusted blades and decomposing slug thrower weapons. Sith carvings decorated the walls, becoming more and more intricate the deeper they explored. With the oppressive presence continuing, and a subtle murmur of voices permeated the Force. Footsteps rang out on the balcony above them, queue chase scene!

The lowest level of the canyon, was a large temple-like ante chamber filled with indistinct voices, Sith runes, and a giant lump of melted pink glass (the size of a speeder), and one lone voice ranting maniacally. The voices became overwhelming. We didn’t hear them with our ears, we heard them with the Force. The one voice cut through all the others and flooded our minds with the following.

“when the three arrive, they will awaken the fourth”
“the conqueror from another world will name the warmaster from this one”
“greed arrives on gilded wings. the workers will know famine and their masters will know death”
“the heir to the emperor will fulfill her legacy and her army will rise pure and strong”
“the oldest enemy lies broken. the newest enemy is weak. together they would threaten the future”
“fear and dread will be found within the dark temple and worlds will fall to their might”
“beware the hunter, broken but whole. beware the arrow when it is drawn”

As the single voice ended, a lone Jedi emerged from the shadows screaming with rage. Claiming that the group had silenced the voices, the voices which hid him from the Sith. He ignited his lighsaber and approached, Tal reached out to his fellow Jedi and tried to calm his spirit. But when the lone Jedi began to rant about how the Jedi would rise up, bring order to the galaxy and destroy all who oppose them, Bleys shot him without hesitation. The battle was as fast as it was lethal, once disarmed by Rahn Void Tal put an arrow through the Jedi’s chest. His madness left him, and he died at peace.

Wild conjecture, with minimal evidence, ensued, and the group decided to head back to their money pit disguised as a ship. Where they find Kaliban, the other apprentice to Darth Baran, with a squad of Stormtroopers. Without hesitation, Bleys opens fire as Zork Atlan engages Kaliban in Hand to Hand combat. Without their lightsabers, Kaliban has a distinct advantage over the 5 young Force users (though liberal use of grenades removes the bulk of the Stormtrooper problem). Shortly Kaliban gains the upper hand, and things look grim for the group. Until Bandit arrives with the Smokey, launches two concussion missiles at the Sith, and informs the group that the Predator Tie group has arrived and it is now a great time to get off system.

With their masters dead, little to no direction and no ability to reach their superiors (as the hyperdrive on the Smokey works about as well as an R5 unit with a bad motivator), the group decides to put in for repairs (by their own hands most likely) and they stumble across the Captains Log. Detailing the history of The Longshot, and her crew. Captain Hagen’s last mission, which Bandit still holds him to (despite the current Captain not being the first), was to find the ship and his friends lost on it. Group Aurek takes the quest to find a lost historical relic that once brought hope to a war torn galaxy. Because once again, the galaxy is torn apart by war.

Team Besh: Hundred-To-One
Tracking down the Longshot

Port Rasper shopping

The team puts together a shopping list. The list is split into restricted and non-restricted items.
Raquelle acquires all the requested items either in person or on back order.
Despite the heat brought down by thieves in a shipping impound, Hosk gets all the items on his list from the Black Market. When one of his sellers is pinched, the seller settles and gives up Hosk’s name, making it more difficult, but not impossible, to acquire smuggling compartments for the Ace of Coins.

Dealing with Bounty Hunters

As the Ace of Coins is about to leave the atmosphere of D’rogos, they are hailed by a freighter identifying himself as a Bounty Hunter, Feskor Morannz. He was pursuing the bounty on Kyp with the aid of two escort fighters. Hosk convinces him that we just dropped off a passenger on the planet who may be his target. The freighter goes down to the planet to investigate, leaving the fighters to escort the Ace of Coins.
Hosk jams the communications of the fighters. Raquelle and Gadssk open fire on the fighters, eventually defeating them. It is decided that the group should return to the planet to find out more about the bounty hunter. In doing so, Lensi accidentally blows the sensor array. The ship lands outside the city to exact repairs.
Dante, Hosk, Gadssk, and Raquelle take the speeder bikes to the city. They find out that the Bounty hunter has already headed back to Port Rasper.

(OOG Note: The Strain Threshold reduction from Obligation is alleviated for dealing with the Bounty Hunter)

Searching for the Last Hope

Due to the information from the astromech, the group found the location where the Last Hope was found. From there, Lensi uses the information from the Astromech, a pep talk from Raquelle and help from Dante to triangulate the origin of the Last Hope to a Gan-Sha-Tal Cluster, a cluster of Protostars. She plots a course and the group is off. When they come out of hyperspace, sensors picks up a planet not far away.
The planet is mountainous with lots of trees and no apparent civilization. Due to a radioactive atmosphere and a nearby pulsar, sensors can not penetrate the atmosphere.
Dante takes the ship into the atmosphere. Lensi does some extensive sensor sweeps and finds an area with a large chunk of metal. We fly over and find a Venator class ship that has long crashed. The Longshot crash landed into a mountain range, making a valley. The crash trail behind the ship has filled up and become a lake. There are several holes in the side of the ship. There is also a walled village off to one side of the ship, and several acres of farmland outside the walls. The ship doesn’t look like its ever taking off again.

The group makes radio contact with the people and land.

The Longshot at Hope’s Ridge

The group is greeted by an honor guard led by Lt Yanos and taken to meet the descendants of the Longshot survivors. We attend a meeting with:

  • Captain Seisa Kasius, a human woman in her mid 50’s dressed in a patched New Republic captain’s uniform
  • Dominic Anar Kasius, a human male in his late 60’s wearing his “Sunday best.”
  • Lt. Cmdr Banos Kasius, a human male in his 20’s wearing a patched New Republic uniform.
  • Toray Kasius, a human teenager wearing his “Sunday best.”
  • Marshall Focray, a powerfully built, dark skinned man wearing a badge, uniform, and blaster.

The Kasius’ Story

Longshot was in the battle at D’rogos. It fought to protect D’rogos from the orbital bombardment of the Dread Legion. All fighters were deployed and destroyed. The Longshot ran into the cluster hoping to escape the Dread Legion. Unfortunately, there was an astrogation error and they bounced off a gravity well. They spun off and crash landed on this planet.
The highest ranking survivor is Captain Taigon Kasius.
All of the shuttles were damaged in the crash, so they worked together to patch up one shuttle sent their best pilots and mechanics for help.
Then they waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually Captain Kasius decided to shift their focus towards making this place home. So they started farming the land and building a protected village.
Recently, there was unrest due to an uprising with the surviving Wookies. They disagreed with some of the decisions being made. They attacked the village and Kasius guard fought to protect themselves, killing and exiling the rebels.
Over the past 4 years, the wookies are poisoning water supplies, burning crops and causing general mayhem.

The Welcome Feast

They seat us at long tables with our backs to the towns folk. Which was odd, but dinner is tasty.
Hosk doesn’t eat. Lensi and Gadssk bolt down their meal and move off to start exploring the village. Gadssk talks to a townsfolk and learns the “uprising” was actually a peaceful demonstration. That the Captain’s Guard attacked. The Captain’s Son Banos executed the instigators and exiled their families. The wookies managed to escape with their only Jedi.
Lensi Distracts Lt Yanos, so Hosk can get a look around unaccompanied. While she walks with Lt. Yanoso, she talks about the weak points of the barricade and how to reinforce them.
Raquelle senses something off about the marshal but can’t put a finger on it. She tries to engage him in conversation during dinner but only manages to gain his curious daughter, Xerix’s attention. Soon the Marshall leaves and takes his daughter with him. Raquelle taps out a warning on the coms.
Hosk overhears general concern from the locals about the newcomer’s presence. He gets stopped by the Marshal who actually manages to scare him a little. The Marshal wants the group to leave because it would save us. He feels regret that he couldn’t save his wife, the wookies or his grandmother. Also, the groups presence puts the rest of the villagers in danger. He says “Leave before the Kasius’ take you down too”
Dante, Raquelle, and Kyp keep the Kasius’ entertained with small talk. Raquelle asks if there are any jedi in the survivors. Captain Kasius says yes, but she was killed during the wookie uprising.

Ace of Coins is Attacked

Dinner is interrupted by an explosion in the direction of the Ace of Coins. The group runs towards the ship, Captain Kasius orders a group of guards to accompany them. Once outside the barricade, Raquelle orders them to stay back. They approach the ship, those guards who were posted to guard the ship come out of the tree line and tell their story.
Wookies attacked and threw a bag at the ship. It killed two of their men. Then ran into the woods. The Guards pursued then doubled back.
Kyp went to check on the bodies, and found they were not killed by the explosion but rather by being run through by sharp weapons.
Hosk tracked the “wookies” into the woods and followed the trail to a back door into the Longshot.
Gadssk went to look at the tracks and proved they were not wookie tracks.
Lensi and Dante checked on the ship and confirmed that no one got in and the damage was repairable. Lensi determined it was an attempt to blow up the entire ship, but due to 150 years of degradation in the chemicals it only did damage.
The group reconvened on the ship and shared the information they found about the explosion and while exploring the village.

Wookies Attack

The group agrees something is up and they really need to talk to the Wookies. At which point, a gong starts to sound. Looking outside, the guards send a runner to Hope’s Ridge to get more orders. Lensi goes out to fix the engine and Gadssk covers her from the top hatch.
Spears and other weaponry soar out of the trees and kill each of the guards. Gadssk talks to the wookies in his best Shyriiwook and gains their trust pretty quickly. The wookies then board the Ace of Coins with Lensi and they limp out of the area for a safer landing spot. Leaving the Longshot behind.
Someone from the Longshot fired upon the Ace of Coins, concreting suspicions that the Kasius’ were not as benevolent as they pretended.

The Wookies Story

They meet Sgt. Nerakka and Lt. Orokobah. They give a similar story as the towns folk. Kasius kept a military regimented lives, but that doesn’t work well with families. The Kasius maintain their control through food distribution, claiming to not have enough for everyone. Truth be told, they actually had a surplus and would hide it in the Longshot letting it rot while people feared starvation. Finally, the wookies felt they had enough strong voices in the village to have a peaceful demonstration. Kasius’ guard fired upon the demonstrators. Those that weren’t killed were rounded up and executed. The families of those who were executed were exiled. Banos “Madclaw” marched them out into the wilderness. Supposedly leaving them there. However, when the wookies went looking for those people they could not be found. They would not be surprised of Banos “Madclaw” just killed them all.

Meeting Perri Olin-ark

The Wookies take us to meet their Jedi, who is not dead. She is a dark-skin elderly woman with frizzy white hair pulled back into a ponytail. Kyp introduces himself and the Jedi’s jaw drop. She then introduces herself as Perri Olin-ark. She had been told by her Master Gorvoral, an Ithorian, that her father was Kyp Olin-ark and her mother was Raquelle.
After much ribbing, Raquelle and Kyp accept this as apparent fact. Perri gives Kyp her lightsaber, which was Kyp’s first blue lightsaber for his off hand.
She mentions there are two holocrons on the Longshot somewhere. The Kasius’ probably stole it.

Storming the Compound


We hear from some wookie scouts that 60 of the Kasius guard have left Hope’s Ridge and are coming this way. The group decides now is the perfect time to retake the Longshot and Hope’s Ridge, saving the people within.
Dante takes the Ace of Coins and plays a wounded bird drawing the 60 out further into the wilderness. Then returns to Hope’s Ridge.
The others return to Hope’s Ridge and plan an attack. It includes attacks from three sides.

1) Raquelle starts the attack with some long range shots from the fields clearing out a tower. This allows a number of wookies to approach and enter the town.

2) Gadssk and Lensi storm the tower holding a heavy repeating blaster. During her tour of town, Lensi noticed the Bad Motivator on the weapon, and knows that it will take a while for it to power up. Taking control of it and turning the weapon against the guards.

3) Hosk and Kyp go into the Longshot from the other side. They’re spotted by a guard tower. Hosk lays down covering fire, and Kyp charges with his lightsaber, taking out two guards, and allows the third to flee. Inside the Longshot, they encounter Lt. Lynsk and some guards. Lynsk wields a long blade, and briefly disarms Kyp. Hosk takes some blaster fire from the guards, then dispatches them with a hail of dual blasters. Kyp blocks Lynsk’s follow up attack barehanded, retrieves his lightsaber, wounds Lynsk, and steps back. Hosk puts a blaster shot through the back of Lynsk’s head.
As the wookies and the others come over the walls, Raquelle sends out a call for surrender. Those guardsmen who were outside lay down their weapons.

Within the Command Tower

Dante brings the Ace of Coins level with the command tower to peer in the window and looks menacing.
Hosk and Kyp take a turbolift up to the command tower through and find the Kasius family. The surrender of the guardsmen is relayed to those in the command tower. Kyp introduces himself, and tells them that this doesn’t need to get ugly. The Marshal recognizes Kyp’s name, and levels his gun at Captain’s head, “Its over, Captain.”
The Captain snaps and grabs Xerix, the Marshal’s daughter, using the little girl as a shield. She then shoots the Marshal in the chest. Xerix snaps and force slams the Captain out the window bouncing off the Ace of Coins and to the ground. She is dead. Her husband and youngest son surrender.
Kyp uses the Force to save the Marshal’s life.

The Villagers rejoice in their liberation.

Wrap up

Kyp finds the Holocrons in the Captain’s quarters. He confirms that the “Gorvoral” holocron is actually Teeco Moomo, an old travelling companion of Kyp and Raquelle. The holocron recognizes the two of them. It has answers about what happened to them, but feels it would be best to unveil them slowly. It also gives Kyp the choice of training or refusing to train Xerix. Kyp quickly decides training is the best option.
The remaining residents of Hope’s Ridge agree to let us set up a Rebel base in the Longshot.
Lensi fixes the ship. Dante flies us back to civilization with the remaining Kasius’ and a few other witnesses. The group also takes the bridge plaque as proof of what they found.

Group Aurek: Buy In

When we last left our heroes, they had narrowly escaped the clutches of a Sith Lord. We now join them at Post Rasper as they berth the Smokey for some long overdue repairs. Giora Nacelle and Trelsk Kadad of the Black Sea Starship Repair are impressed with the lineage of the ship. Deals are made, estimates are begun, and its off to the Imperial Mission for lunch (also some important business).

Word is given of the death of Master Herratan, at the hands of Darth Basan. Information carried by Squire Zork is passed on to his superiors, and earns the heroes and audience with Grand Master Draco himself! The team is given leave to travel to Caelestis to deliver Zork’s information to the minister in person. Returning to the repair yard, another deal is struck. Trelsk takes a vacation from his job, to serve on the Smokey as chief engineer aboard the legendary ship. His excitement ebbs upon meeting Bandit the droid, but the repairs to the hyperdrive are complete and they’re off on to the adventure!

The spaceport master at Caelestis, makes note that the Smokey had landed there once before. 109 years ago, squire Bleys laughs it off as an old family ship that he inherited. But he can not help but wonder if they are on the trail of the legendary Longshot. Their arrival at the Imperial Mission is heralded by blaster fire! An assassin has murdered the minister! Diving out the window our heroes give chase to the assassin, who is making his escape in a waiting air speeder. The chase is on, commandeering quadruped riding beasts, and paying a speeder taxi to “Follow that Speeder!” Exchanging blaster fire in the small town streets, eventually leads to a speeder crash and a stolen data pad is recovered.

The pad reveals that a big game hunter, has found the wreckage of an old Republic bunker on the neighboring planet of Ferry. Or at least, the bunker has a door bearing the old Republic symbol. Credits are borrowed from the Empire to cover his finders fee, and the heroes are off to Ferry. With his parting warning, to avoid the Death Fangs. Many bad feelings are had about this.

Arriving on Ferry, the team charters beasts to ride and heads into the forest. Wary of Death Fangs and their attraction to repulsor lift engines. Investigation of the bunker, reveals it to be the hatch of an old Republic ship buried in the forest floor. Only its door above ground. Inside the ship, is evidence of a fight that took place over three thousand years ago. Valiant Republic forces against the Sith. Squire Bleys manages to get the power generators working again, as the lights hum to life they reveal that they’ve been followed, by the Sith Lord Woken! Battle is joined among the mummified dead. Padawan Rahn delivers a staggering blow to Woken, and she is forced to flee into the forest or face her own death.

Exploration of the ship reveals a Jedi holocron, the prize that the Sith had attacked the ship for thousands of years ago. Jedi Beyard Faragun had done everything in his power to protect this holocron from the Sith. Including using the force to wield his lightsaber still in the grip of his severed hand, and then crashing the ship into Ferry. Hoping it would be lost to the ages. The holocron tells the heroes of Darth Hadex, a Sith Lord so powerful she had learned to steal the life force of an entire planetary population to make herself immortal. To snuff out the light of a star to restore her power. The holocron is one of four, used in a Jedi ritual to imprison this Sith Lord. If one is destroyed, the ritual weakens. If two are destroyed, then she is free again.

Returning to the Imperial Mission on Port Rasper, Tal’Fej has a vision of the holocrons theft from under Imperial protection. Grand Master Draco, reluctantly allows the heroes to protect the holocron. Acknowledging their unique blending of strengths in the Force, might just be what is needed in this case. Due to their deeds, Bleys Hagen and Zork Atlan are knighted and made protectors of the Hagen Sector.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. a backwater world, farthest from the center of the universe as you could go. Became the unlikely starting point for a grand adventure that saved the galaxy from the Sith. Perhaps now, this distant sector has a fate of its own. But, what is that fate to be?

/end credits
/John Williams music

Group Besh : Ante Up

Hopes Ridge Preparations

Lensi and the Wookies start repairing the Ace of Coins.
We trade out our commodities for food stuffs.
There was one particularly chatty Mon Cal, Gieb Penthar. She showed interest in the Alliance and getting updated on Galactic History.

The crew spent time repairing walls, and setting up automated defenses. A 4 sensor perimeter alarm was rigged with local motion detectors and alarms.

We determined that level of ionization in the atmosphere is not detrimental to droids. It does reduce their sensor range. So we bring the Astromech to the Longshot nav computer to download star charts.

Kyp and Raquelle have family talk with Peri and Focray. Peri talked about the end of the Rebellion Era, the Skywalker Jedi Academy. She was an unruly Padawan, always looking for exciting adventures, likely Raquelle’s genetic influence. She wanted to learn about her parents, but Master Goroval (Teecho) would not share details with her. After the Longshot crashed here, she fell in love and had a family. None of her children showed Force sensitivity. Then the discussion moved on to Zerix’s training. It was decided that she would be left to the tutelage of Peri and Master Goroval (Teecho)’s holocron for now.


Kyp secludes himself with the second Holocron which has a strong presence. Kyp activates it. A female figure robed with pointed fingernails, red skin, and many facial piercings. She identifies herself as Darth Marej. She immediately asks What Kyp knows of Darth Hadex? When Kyp looks clueless, she goes on to explain. Darth Hadex was a sith lord in the Hagen sector over 3000 years ago. She was sith sorcerer with many creations. One creation was the Death Field. This was a ritual that when mastered would wipe out entire plants and extend the life and force powers of the Force Sorcerer. She also raised many Force alchemical monsters.

Her enemies fired her into a star destroying her body. However, her force ghost was able to transport itself away from the star and into the closest sentient host body. She drained the host of its life force and transformed the host body into her own. She did this several times.

Eventually her enemies led by by one sith and three jedi placed her in stasis. Their holocrons are the keys to her stasis jail. These holocrons can be destroyed to weaken her jail and eventually release her. Teecho found this holocron 13 parsecs east of Keosh which is in Thatharn System. He found it about a Month before his death.

The Ace of Coins leave Desolation with a compliment of the remaining Casius family members as prisoners, two wookies and their Lt Orokobo. The crew trail blaze from Caizo to Ruria arriving without difficulty.

Caizo Sector Encounter


Once within the sector, they receive a distress broadcast “Caizo royal family under attack” from a corvette called Aurora. They find a Hawk 100 “Slave X” closing in for the kill. Vain Fett asks for assistance collecting the bounty, offering Hosk 10% of the bounty. Vain Fett tries to bullshit the crew about this “Blacklist” bounty. He’s threatening the other ship but on a narrow band communication directly to the Ace, making it clear that he’s just planning on blowing up the Aurora.

Hosk contacts the Aurora and got the target of Vain Fett’s bounty, Count Amas, to hire the crew as bodyguards. He agrees offering 50k credits, which is quickly accepted. Dante moves the Ace between the Aurora and the Slave X. Raquelle and Gadssk open fire. The crew make a short business of the Slave X and Vain Fett runs leaving a smoke trail.

A representative of Count Amas, 5th in line to the throne of Salvation, pays 10k while promising 40k later.

Trailblazing to Ruuria


The Ace of Coins launches into hyperspace from Caizo, blazing a way towards Ruuria. With Lensi navigating Dante through the uncharted border of the Hagen Sector, It takes about a week of travel.

On Ruuria, they find a starport nicknamed “Bug” port. The crew lands at the port and disembarks. They go to a cantina where they make the appropriate order to begin making contact with the Alliance. Eventually, they speak to Alliance Watchman 89 explaining why they wish to connect with the Alliance fleet. Watchman 89 communicates with the fleet and obtains the coordinates in the Ord Tydell sector for a rendez-vous. Additionally he thanks the team for the work they did with the Imperial Drones and tapping their data feed. Because of that, he is obtaining lots of great information. He mentions its a little strange that the Imperial Flagship is delivering the drones personally and moving counter clockwise through the sector.

While on Ruuria, Hosk uses his Bounty hunter credentials and 1000 credits to purchase list of transponder codes from the Bureau of Ships and Services for background checks.

Reporting in to the Fleet

The crew arrives at Ord Tydel one day later. The planet shows sign of civilization but no power. Kyp and Raquelle recall the planet was overrun by bugs that eat construction material.

The Fleet arrives 20 minutes late. We land on the Indomitable to debrief with the Brass.

Captain Yorub – A male Sullistan
Colonel Brythe – A male Gran
Major Sygokra – A female Bothan (spynet)

The Captain comes in and congratulates the crew on finding the LongShot. At which point, Lensi reveals that she has been sending reports back to the Alliance.

Raquelle reports about locating the Longshot, the survivors, the battle for Hope’s Ridge, the current situation on the planet and the potential of a base with support staff built in.

Hosk talked about Blacklist bounty and we discovered that only high ranking officials like Moffs or Emperors or Corporate Leaders can place a Blacklist bounty. Only the best Bounty Hunters get to take these jobs. Its possible that Vain Fett may be involved in the death of Ordo, the previous Mandalore.

Kyp and Raquelle explain about Peri and the rest of their odd progeny at Hope’s Ridge. It is declared awkward.


Admiral Gar Stazi arrives. He mentions something about the Ring Breaker operation where the Alliance will commander a star-dreadnought, the Impervious, currently being built on Daak. Then use it to cause as much destruction of the Daak ship building station (ring shaped).

He then promotes alliance members, as follows:
Sargent Raquelle to LT and second in command of the Longshot base to Colonel Brythe
Corporal Gaadssk and Corporal Lensi to Sargent.
Flight Officer Dante to LT

He also provides Dante with an experimental Crossfire snub starfighter. The Ace of Coins is given a modular cradle attachment allowing the Crossfire to dock with the Ace of Coins. When the cradle is on the Ace of Coins 80% of its cargo space. The Ace can change back and forth while docked.

The Admiral agrees that the Longshot should be the Alliance base in the Hagen sector. He charges Raquelle with the task of obtaining resources needed to fortify the Long Shot to Colonel Brythe’s specifications.

The crew then informs him of the Holocron keys to Darth Hadex’s stasis prison. The Admiral leaves it in Kyp’s hands.

The Admiral then dismisses the crew. He asks Lensi (apparently his niece) to stay behind. He then explains how he went to the Wheel to negotiate with Imperial agents on an alliance with the Emperor in Exile. During that time, Imperial ships fire upon the negotiations and Galactic Alliance Forces. He was able to escape with minimal casualties.

Lensi and Hosk make and install a secondary transponder into the Ace of Coins, with the assistance of various individuals on the ship, including her father.

In an effort to find more Jedi in the Hagen Sector, Kyp requests that Hosk find all specific Jedi bounties available. Hosk finds the two available bounties; Tal’Fej Lo’Grey and Rahn Void.

The crew run escort on a troop transport bringing personnel and equipment to Hope’s Ridge.

During the trip, Raquelle picks Colonel Brythe’s brain to find out what he might need in supplies. He gives her a list of priorities.

Repair the dorsal hangar bay doors.
Restore the command and control towers to full power.
Restore shield systems and turbo lasers.

The first will require construction materials and droids. From Raquelle’s research, the best place to acquire such resources is the Aquilae System. So she begins planning a raid.

Return to Desolation

The Crew and the Troop transport return to Hope’s Ridge. Raquelle introduces Colonel Brythe to the command structure at Hope’s Ridge and assures them that they are capable of governing themselves but are happy to support the Alliance.

Peri bring Zerix forward. Zerix talks to Kyp, explaining how she has learned much about the jedi from Peri and Holocron Teecho. She realized that she wants to protect people, and do it the right way, using the Light side. So she asks Kyp to train her. Kyp accepts Zerix as a Padawan.

After further conversations, the crew decide they want to clear out some of the Long Shot before leaving, specifically the Dianoga.

Group Besh: Bottom Dealing

Cleaning house

The team prepares to enter the Long Shot on a hunt to remove a Dianoga from a hangar bay that became a place for extra food to be disposed of to create a shortage by the previous leaders. We bring along a Gonk droid to supply power to the local systems. We gather up some glow rods and rappelling gear. What we don’t prepare for is the smell. Many of the team become nauseous from the smell alone. The area is very dark, and filled with a mist that hampers vision further.

The area has catwalks around most of the walls, with stairs leading down towards the floor. The floor has piles of vegetable matter, and is flooded about a meter and a half deep with water. On the far corner of the bay, there is an elevated control booth. We head for the control booth. We spot some movement in the water, so half the team goes to the far side of the room to distract it. Gadssk picks up the Gonk droid to carry over the water, but half-way across he slips, tossing the droid the rest of the way. No sooner has Gadssk gone under, than a local dianoga strain creature attacks him. Another one emerges from the water on the other side of the room. Shots are fired, and Gadssk tosses a frag grenade into the mouth of one, killing it. The second one flees and submerges. Hosk tracks it back to a corner where it is digging in. Gadssk closes in and shoots it dead.

Lensi gets the Gonk droid plugged in, gets the emergency lights and other systems up and running. The water is drained out, revealing two large tears in the hull, that let the water and creatures in. We note dead bodies in the piles, some with armor remains, some are just skeletons. Kyp and Gadssk need to purge their systems of the infection that seeped into their wounds.

Back to civilization

We prep to leave Desolation. Lensi and Hosk attempt to slice into the Ace’s BoSS datapad, and succeed at wiping information of the location of Desolation and our Smuggler route out of the Sector. Lensi then navigates us a path that heads back to Port Rasper on a vector from Caizo.

Once at Port Rasper, we report in to Flying Bantha. Dosk Trill raises a white noise generator to keep our discussion private. We tell him about the Longshot, the survivors, and the new base we’re building. Dosk updates us on the Imperial presence in the Sector. The Smokey has been located by one of Hagen’s descendants. The Tydoc system was taken in a lightning siege by the Imperials, led by Lord Commander Subjugus with the Hand of Judgement. The senate was taken in hours. Vane Fett is in the local repair bay, spending over 20,000 credits on repairs to his ship.

Dosk starts setting up a shipment job to Aquilae, so we can steal some construction droids for the base buidling. We do some shopping and modifications to our gear. Raquelle goes to her favorite merchant and purchases everything the team desires. She even gets a few bowcasters for the wookies at Hopes Ridge.

Inviting Wookies to evacuate

We head to Keosh to look into Gadssk adopted wookie children. Kyp feels the residue of the Dark Side from the ritual that killed the planet so long ago. We land near a small forest with large modular platforms with repulsor lifts. It’s populated by Wookies, Ewoks, and other races. An old female wookie, Geshka, comes down to greet us. Gadssk (who stands with no weapons) is greeted by Geshka as a “Reluctant Caretaker” with obvious scorn and distrust in her voice. Gadssk explains what happened to the planet long ago, and invites them to choose to leave. We can take them to Hopes Ridge, and they are free to join the Alliance to fight the Sith. Geshka says to return in a week for their answer.

We return to Port Rasper. Dosk gives us some more information on Aquilae. It’s a toxic environment so we need vaccum suits. There are barracks for troops. There’s a fast response Ardent class ship in orbit with 3 squads of fighters. The area under the command of Lt. Kareet, an Arconian who is suspected to be a salt addict. The Class 6 construction droids are very large, and controlled from a central control vehicle.

Jedi Bounties

WARNING: Spoilers for Group Aurek ahead!

Hosk tries to get a lead on the two Jedi he heard about in station. He finds the bounty hunter Kor Hobs who has claimed them on the Bounty Hunter net. Hosk calls in the others to get a distraction at the Broken Blaster. Gadssk picks a fight with a Wookie, and Hosk takes Hobs’ datapad, replacing it with his own. While he’s in there, Hosk spots that Hobs has a lightsaber in a hidden compartment under his datapad. We head back to the Ace and slice into the datapad. We note that he only turns in Jedi bounties to a Darth Narrow in another system. Combined with his reputation for taking in bounties alive, and targeting criminals, we conclude he’s a Jedi saving other Jedi. Kor Hobbs calls up the ramp of the ship, and we talk for a while. He admits that he is getting Jedi out of the system, and using the Underground Hyperlane to get them to a hidden Jedi Temple set up by Kale Skywalker years back. He knows that the two Jedi recently escaped from Sith prison on Keosh with the aid of two Imperial Knights. We discuss politics, and the idea of Emperor Fel working with the Alliance, and the Mandalorians getting back in the war. Hobs warns Kyp that he won’t compromise his cover to save Kyp.

Group Aurek - Master of Coins
I wrote this and never updated

Return now, to another exciting adventure from notorious Port Rasper!


The Hand of Judgement, personal flag ship of Moff Antilles, has invaded the Tidok system! The capitol city of Tidok fell nearly over night as a support fleet arrived to secure the system. Tidok until recently, has managed to avoid the politics of the sector, and mostly kept to itself. Imperial frigates now blockade the system, warning off any approaching ships, even firing on an Imperial shuttle carrying Sith emissaries. The Hand of Judgement has moved on, leaving the blockade in place as troops secure the capitol city and outlying regions.

Tal has a vision, a slender primitive race dancing around a fire. As Imperial troops march into the area, enslave them and take them away. Working with the staff at the Imperial Mission, we discover that it might be of the local system Miralon. Which of course, is tied to one of the Keys for the Jedi Ritual. Bleys confers with his mechanic about the state of the Smokey, the engine and the alluvial dampeners need more work. As they make plans for further repairs on the ship Void notices a stealthy probe droid on repulsor lifts in the background. The decision is made to capture the droid, which quickly reveals a heavily armed Nikto bounty hunter. Bleys reports the bounty hunter to station security, because an emotionally upset fellow with a flame thrower and grenade launcher is obviously a hazard to public safety. The hunter produces his license to station security, Tal over hears that he is hunting a Jedi with a legitimate bounty, Void. Battle is joined!

The halls of Port Rasper are filled with blaster fire, flames, stun grenades, and arrows. During the battle Bleys suffers a critical injury and is hamstrung, but manages to defeat a trio of hunters while taking fire meant for Tal. Who was busy setting a bounty hunter on fire after rupturing the tank on the hunters flame thrower. Void discovers a solo bounty hunter, not working with the team sent after him. Zork manages to defeat the leader of the team in single combat, and graciously spares his life. Sending him packing, with the warning that Rasper is under the protection of the Imperial Knights and hunters should be aware that hunting Jedi here can be hazardous to their health. Bleys heads for a Bacta bath, and some time to think. As Imperial Acolytes give Zork stern gazes and remind him that the Sith are going to hear about his declaration. Reports reach us that there is also a Bothan from Mandalore searching for Jedi bounties as well.

The battle with the bounty hunters begins the long overdue discussion of the teams mixed force disciplines. Two Jedi, two Imperial Knights, and a reforming reluctant Sith. All working together to protect the galaxy. Bleys commends Zork on his bold decision, while wagging a finger at him, and extends his hand to stand with Zork. As they are Imperial Brothers. Bleys asks Bendick what he wants for himself, and if he seeks to earn a lightsaber. Bend’yk declines the saber, but a long powerful discussion on growth, personal decisions and morality begins. The team feels more unified in their goals, and finally begins to see their role as a force in the sector. As well as their mutual quest to protect the Keys.

Imperial Acolyte Reworph, thinks that the vision was of the Bor’octasystem. A system rich in metals valuable in the creation of electronic circuitry, armor plating, and ships hulls. 15 years ago a Jedi Master set out to protect the indigenous tribes there, and very little has been heard from him since. Over the past few years, the Moff has been redistricting the region, slowly removing pieces of land that the tribes owned, and pushing them farther and farther back. Also the Moff has removed the Mining Guild from the region, has begun to monopolize the flow of resources from the system, and has been expanding his military presence in the region.

Zork works with the Imperial mission, and a meeting to discuss Humanitarian Aid for Tidck, is scheduled with the Moff. The Moff assures us that all is well, that every woman and child in the region is being well cared for, and that aggression in the region has wrapped up far faster than expected. With far less violence than expected, all is well. We should not worry about the system at all, and thank you for your concern. However misplaced it may be. Currently the Hand of Judgement is out of system, but when the ship returns the Moff will look into the situation and see if Aide is required.

Not wanting to sit on our thumbs waiting, we decide to investigate Borakta. We over shoot the jump to the Bor’octa system, 9 hours of sub light travel does give Bleys time to enact some repairs to the Smokey (which will earn us a Boost Die for next time). Arriving on world we see a heavy Imperial ground presence, and head to a local truck stop called Woe’s. The Imperial troops are not kind to the locals, there is even a large Transdoshian who talks of getting points for fighting the local tribe, “Octos”. The mood of the Imperials, is clear, remove the Octos and mine it all. Everyone is on edge, but our cover as missionaries holds and the local officers even make small talk with us over caf.

Tal discovers a local boy, being roughed up by Imperial troops for being an Octo Lover. While hiding in the shadows, Tal reminds the Imperials through the force, that many years ago, a local race defeated the Empire with only rocks and sticks. The Imps get the point, and the boy is let go free. As a cybernetic Sith Lord arrives in town with his black armored personal troopers. With a flurry of excitement and aggression, the Imps begin to prepare for a final assault on the Octos. As the Imperial “missionaries” fade into the background, with a truck of supplies for relief aide.

The boy that Tal saved, leads the missionaries to the Octo tribal lands. Their plight is obvious, these are not dangerous warriors threatening the miners. These are farmers, who barely know how to hold a pointed stick. The Octo’s plan to run and avoid the coming slaughter, except for the elderly chief. Who is tired of running, and plans to stand his ground and cover their escape. His attitude is firm, and his mind cannot be changed. Tal and Void make plans to make stealthy attacks, Zork and Bend’yk offer to protect the locals as they flee. While Bleys declares his intent to stand alongside the chief and honor his decision to stand and fight. As the sound of approaching Imperial Walkers begins to reverberate through the woods.

Group Besh: High Low Split
These are the droids you are looking for

Bantha Shipping Company

Construction droids are needed to bolster the Long Shot Alliance base. The planet of Qallan in the Aquilae system has such droids, specifically the BT200 Build Titans and one of their control trailers. The planet is being controlled by the Empire, and they are not allowing people to land without legit contracts.

Dosk, our contact at the Bantha Shipping Company, was unable to secure a contract to the actual planet. However, he did get a legitimate transport contract to the orbiting station, run by the Kogger-Vuuz Corporation. The crew will then has to slice the system to get their ship on a short list of transports allowed to the mining station on the planet. Dosk supplied the cargo that was likely to be needed on planet.

Dosk continued to ask for more details about the mission, but the crew did not let anything slip.

Chats with Sith

Hosk slaps the holocron on the table and has Kyp activate it.

The Sith appears and starts her usual statement “What is your will”. Hosk starts asking questions of the Holocron, but is ignored (holocron is unable to perceive those not strong in the Force). Kyp starts parroting questions. Until Dante asked questions and the Holocron responded to him directly. The questions specifically focus on the Darth Hadix.

Her demeanor changes from the classic holocron posture to a full view of the Sith which seemed to show annoyance and frustration.

What happened when the holocron was taken outside of the Hagen Sector?
Hadix was able to send a message to one of her supporters. There is some speculation that this was Lord Subjugus, a renegade Sith that was imprisoned in carbonite. Somewhere remote in Sith space was suggested, names such as Dromund Kaas were brought up but thought to be too central. A place more remote was considered more likely.

How to strengthen the Binding?
Repeat the ritual. To do so, 4 guardian force users must make holocrons. It is best if one of those is Sith.

What are the rules?
1. Do not let one of the 4 holocrons be destroyed.
2. Don’t let the prison planet be found
3. Keep the holocrons separated to keep from two being destroyed at the same time.

Where are the other holocrons?
One is on a forest world.
One is in safe hands moving throughout the sector.
One is on a poison world in a cave.
One is with our crew

Can the holocron be tracked?
Yes but through the same methods that any Force tracker uses.

The prophecy that was found in Keosh on an old Sith Computer about the statues
The Sith of the holocron is startled. Hadix apparently foresaw her own fall and left clues for anyone who might be looking.

Are the statues important?
They are not statues, they are the four guardians frozen in carbonite.

Landing on Koger Vuz

The Ace of Coins arrives in Aquilae space. Qallan is a grey world with cloud cover. Orbiting the planet is a giant station made of blocky sections pieced together in an organic manner. Fees to use the station are:
first hour is free at the loading dock, every additional hour is 100 creds an hour. 200 creds per day at a docking pylon.

Lensi and Hosk take R8-K2 to find information.

The rest of the crew stays behind to stay with the cargo. Two beings arrive, a human who controls the repulsor sled, a large Togorian is loading boxes VERY slowly. Raquelle charms the human into working while she steadied the sled. The human then starts to hit on Raquelle, but the two manage to unload the cargo within the free hour. However, their superior comes along and fires the human worker for flirting on the job. The Ace of Coins then rents a mooring on a pylon.

Raquelle stays on the station and buys the Human worker a meal in apology for getting him fired. In the process, she gets a tour of the employees only section of the station. She takes note of security, and laundry in case uniforms are needed. She eventually gets his name, Denton.

Lensi and Hosk find a terminal and start slicing into the mainframe. They crunch through the data and come up with a satellite picture of mining camp 118. The droids are BT400’s twice the size of the droids expected. The Ace of Coins will not be able to take enough of the droids forget about the trailers. A bigger ship is needed.

Gadssk breaks off from the group and starts looking at the ships. He happens to notice a familiar Whiphid walking the halls. Truk’sha, the Whiphid, takes part in a blatant hand off of a datapad. Gadssk follows Truk’sha who bumps into a Sullustan and the datapad goes flying. Gadssk grabs the datapad and keeps on walking. He then goes to some local security and rats out Truk’sha as Intellect Guild.

The datapad that Truk’sha had unlocked, has access codes to BT400 and control trailer as well as the location of Mining Camp 118. There are other details like, increase collateral damage, and the bounty on each of the droids.

While in the cantina, Raquelle finishes her lunch with Denton, get’s his contact information. As she’s leaving she notices Truk’sha leaving. She tails them and gives Lensi and Hosk directions. They connect at the end of a docking terminal. There is one ship on the terminal that will suit the purpose of transporting the droids. That must be Truk’sha’s ship.

Hosk sneaks onto Truk’sha’s ship and opens negotiations offering the information on the datapad for a share in the take. Truk’sha agrees to 25%.

Lensi slices into the system and created a delivery order for the extra cargo on the Ace of Coins.

Big Damn Heroes

The crew boards the Ace of Coins and flies down to Mining Camp 118. They make their delivery successfully then go into the camp to wait.

Yellow warning lights go off and Truk’sha’s ship limps into the camp broadcasting a mayday. Mechanics and stormtrooper guards go to help. There is blaster fire in the umbilical and the crew of the Ace start booking it to their ship. Once they get there, Truk’sha comes out and says. “No witnesses! Blow the transport”. The crew start to defend their ship, while Hosk and Kyp go outside the umbilical, over to Truk’sha’s ship, to take over.

During the fight, Gadssk is blinded, but manages to blow Truk’sha’s arm off in an amazing wrestling match with a vibroaxe and carbine blaster. Once they part, Lensi drops a crane onto Truk’sha, bashing him into a nearby wall. There is a short firefight, and Truk’sha is killed.

Hosk and Kyp get into the big transport, wait for the crew to load it up with the droids then take off. Hosk finds that they have an magnetic crane underneath the ship, and uses it to grab the control trailer on the way out. When they get to orbit, the tie fighters start to converge on the pirate ship. They strike a deal with the captain, and use their transponder decoys to get past the ties.

The rest of the crew leave statements with the stormtroopers and then fly to the rendezvous point. The Ace of Coins gets there long before the pirate ship. But they eventually meet up and head for Hope’s Ridge.

Return to the Long Shot

They return to the Long Shot base for delivery and debriefing.

- What should be built at the base?
- The Admiral needs a distraction to bring another star destroyer into the Hagen sector.
- What should the crew be known as?


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