Star Wars: Another Longshot

Last Call

Chasing Specters

The Coalition continues to fight the One Sith Empire in orbit over Caelestis. After the arrival of the Empire In Exile to the scene, the Hammer ceases the push upon the blockade, and launches a Specter stealth bomber ship towards the planet. The Idiots Array quickly boards the Ace of Coins (Dante, Raquelle, and Gadssk and Slave X (Kai Ordo and Lensito chase down the bomber before it can launch dirty bombs.

Using the research from the stolen Specter, Lensi starts scanning for the radiation signature, however, scanning the entire planet proves too much for the time available. She is able to eliminate certain targets, and the ships head for the river valley that produces about 60% of the planets food supply. We start to enter the atmosphere over the river valley, and find the Specter there, uncloaked. Before they can close to weapons range, the Specter stealths again. Kai Ordo considers where he would go if he could cloak, and outmaneuvers the Specter trying to get behind the Ace… just in time for it to launch a bomb towards the worlds bread-basket.

Slave X takes off after the bomb, while the Ace engages the Specter. Both of them prove to be elusive targets. The Ace gets some hits on the Specter before it re-cloaks and leaves the area. Lensi cobbles together a tractor beam and Kai is able to lock onto the bomb and bring it onto the hull safely. Lensi seals her suit, and goes out to disarm the bomb. In the process, she also learns how to utilize it’s rudimentary systems to remotely control the other bombs.

The Idiots Array head for the capitol city, the most likely secondary target. Again, the Specter is found uncloaked, and the Ace closes before it can cloak again. Lensi starts to slice into the bombs systems, but before she can establish full control Gaddsk takes out the cockpit with a spray of laser fire. The ship goes into a spiral for the city. Lensi remote detonates the bombs at high altitude, which minimizes damage and fallout. Dante flies the Ace at high speed to avoid being caught in the blast, screaming maniacally all the way.

Saving the Sith-blood

The Dread Legion is taking a pounding by the Allied forces. They are forced to fall back and reorganize.

The Idiots Array decides to stay planetside to hunt down the Mandalorian Assassins after unknown targets. They receive an alert that the Prime Councillor’s convoy has been shot down. He and his defense team have taken refuge in an office building. Mandalorians, led by Vane Fett, are reported on the scene.

The two ships enter the building from two different angles. Kai Ordo takes out one guard before he can raise an alarm.

Playing the Hole Card

A moments pause

The initial space battle was exhausting, but successful. Enemies are causing confusion in the untested Coalition ranks. Legion ships head for Calestis. The Deathwing is adrift, but restoring systems. The Hammer moves to defend the Deathwing.

Shadow Squad is en-route.
A coded request for the captured Specter bomber be sent to the line, armed for bear.

The Legion ships square off against the Coalition barricade. The Legion are pointed directly at their targets, not using their broadsides or Barium missiles.

Lensi works up a schematic on the Legion ships, and notices they have a system on their sides. There is speculation that they are escape pods or Extra Missiles.

At Raquelle’s command, the Coalition ships form a reversed wedge to lure in the Legion ships and exposing their broadsides to Coalition fire.

Lensi jams two legion ship comms and creates chaos among the remaining legion fleet.

Two legion ships move as if to run the blockade but stop when between two of the Coaltion ships. Armored pods launch from the sides of one of the Legion ships and ram themselves forcefully into the Coalition ships. Through the comms chatter, it becomes clear that the pods carried boarding parties with a mission to take out the commander of each ship. Through misinformation, we convince the Legion that they are on the ship with the Fleet Commander, in hopes of delaying any more boarding actions. This also causes the Legion fleet to lessen fire on the Tommaray.

The Ace lands on the Tommaray to assist in repelling boarders.

Hangar Bay

The Idiot’s Array encounter two groups of boarders in the hanger, Stormtroopers, and Sith-blooded Legion troops. The Idiot’s Array with the help of their Droid platoons, beat the two groups of boarders into submission. Gadassk takes out the Legion troops, and Kai Ordo takes out the Stormtroopers. Lensi blocks their tech from slicing into environmental controls, while Raquelle provided cover and commands the Republic Droids into the battle. Many of the Tommaray soldiers are killed by the heavy weapons brought to bear, but the Idiots Array make sure they’re the only victims. Once the remaining boarders surrender, we head up the turbolift to the bridge. The Obliterator Droid comes with us, but has to wait for his own turbolift. On the way up in the elevator, Lensi puts the bridge on lockdown, giving the command crew more time.

Take it to the Bridge

Once the doors open, it is apparent that combat has begun. Raquelle comes out of the lift barking orders and bolstering not only the Idiot’s Array but the bridge crew as well. G’ddassk and Kai Ordo race to the bridge, taking out enemies on the way. Dante starts taking out stragglers from a distance and cover. The bridge crew jump for cover, and keep firing at the boarders.

After the first couple of blaster shots, Lensi kills the lights, giving the Idiot’s Array the upper-hand in combat. Gadssk keeps disarming the apparent leader of his sword. Raquelle and a crewmember kill a boarder, but punch a hole in the hull. Everyone resists being pulled into space, and Lensi seals off that area. Kai slides into the room, killing the boarders hunching behind the doorway for cover.

The “Fleet Commander” is saved.

Always darkest…

Outside, the battle isn’t going as well.

The blockade is broken. The Legion ships broke through the blockade, leaving one Coalition ship adrift with the crew abandoning ship.

The Hammer has positioned itself behind the legion forces and an armed Specter bomber is launched. It orients on the planet then blurs from scanners.

But all is not lost, Shadow Squadron arrives with a Star Destroyer from Fell’s Empire the Inexorable. The Captain of the Inexorable sends a message out to the Legion fleet, ordering them to leave the sector, and hoping they will not comply.


Following a lead

After an extensive shopping trip at Port Rasper the crew of the Ace of Coins pick-up Slave X and head to the coordinates stolen from Vane Fett’s ship computer in hopes of locating blackmail material to stave off the Mandalorian attack which was expected to happen within 24 hours. Upon arrival, the crew find a giant gas planet surrounded by 20 moons. Following a scan of the planet and the moons they find one with a faint electronic signal and a passive scan.

They decide to power up the droid, Taxes (now named Lucky) and begin to question it on what to expect. This puts Lucky in the predicament where he can’t divulge information about his previous master, but also cannot put his current master into danger. Lucky tells us that approaching the base with out the proper access codes there would end in “catastrophic results.” Lucky was able to suggest a long circuitous route to approach the base but that would take time that the crew did not have to spend. A successful hacking of Fetts computer only resulted in the plans of the base, as well as the fact that this was an old Republic listening station. Unfortunately there weren’t any access codes to be found in the computer. With the combined efforts of the crew the proper codes were “created” and the crew were able to approach the base safely. A scan of the base showed no life signs and that the various systems were being brought online to welcome the crew.

Old Republic Base

On base there were a group of droids maintaining the base, but due to a lack of resources =many of the droids had to be placed into storage or “mothballed”. Intel from the remaining droids explained that there were 100 battle droids in the base, 25 K-9 obliterator droids, 10 OS7 walkers and the remaining droids infantry. Raquelle, Gaddssk, and Dante went to investigate the non-functioning droids while Hosk and Lensi hacked into Fett’s data vault for the rumored intel. Raquelle, Gaddssk, and Dante were only able to determine that the droids required far more resources than were available to repair the machines. They then looked for a container and begin to load several of the battle droids for transport on the Ace. The intel found by Hosk and Lensi showed the assassination of the previous Mandalor Ordo by unseen assailants, as well as blackmail material on several individuals across several governments, races, and systems. The two each make a copy of the intel of the previous Mandalor’s death. Once the intel and the droids were loaded on the ships they took off for Archive 83 to use their powerful communication relay to contact Desolation, The Galactic Alliance, and a general announcement over the holonet.

The communications with Desolation and the GA discussed the existence and location of the listening base, as well as the added bonus of the battle droids. The general announcement highlighted the details of the Mandalor assassination bringing into question the validity of the current Mandalor’s ascension. While talking to the Major of the Spynet, we received a call from Calestus telling us that the blockade had been run by the Moff’s Antilles forces and the coalition fleet was under attack. The crew of the Ace then wiped all records of the communications from the Archive’s computers, transferred most of the battle droids to Captain Morsh’s ship to be brought to the battle wen they were repaired, and headed with all possible speed to Calestus to back up the Coalition.

The Battle of Calestus

Once at Calestus the crew identified the Hammer, the Deathwing and several Dread Fleet ships as well as multiple squads of fighters. The breaking of the Moff fleet’s encrypted communication explained that the Moff’s plans were to hold the Hammer back to coordinate the Deathwing and Dread fleet. Armed with this information, Raquelle assumed command of the coalition forces and coordinated the defense of the planet as well as a plan of attack to break the fleet.

The Ace, with the Idiot’s Array transponder, was hailed by the Mandalorian Domatore Visla, who explained that there were a number of Mandalorians who felt that there was something not right about the attack on Calestus. They requested a hard copy of the information broadcast by the Idiot’s Array. Kai Ordo takes Slave X to neutral ground to deliver the copy and speak further with the abstaining Mandalorian forces while the rest of the crew made for the Hammer.

While the Coalition frigates protected the planet and dealt with fighters while the crew of the Ace, on the Ace, crossfire, and Slave X attacked the Hammer. The plan for the Hammer was that Dante in the Crossfire would head straight for the Hammer to attempt to interrupt the coordination of the Moff’s forces with the Ace backing him up. Fairly early in the battle Dante’s rival the Countess Highmark singled him out as her personal target. The two engaged battle with Dante still able to make progress towards his goal. The Ace was successful in drawing the majority of the fighters off of the Crossfire and easily destroyed a squadron. After catching up in Slave X, Kai Ordo and the Ace were able to disable the Deathwing. Dante’s crossfire was able to damage the bridge of the Hammer, but sustained too much damage to maintain any lasting attack run. In an act of pure desperation and luck, Dante was able to dock the crossfire on the Ace mid-fight while Gaddsk shot and disabled the Countesses fighter. With the destruction of the Deathwing the fight seemed to come to a natural pause as both sides caught their breath for what was yet to come.

Group Besh - Fighting Chance


Hosk, Gadssk, Lensi do some shopping.

Cetac Enterprises Funds the Alliance

Lensi and Hosk use the backdoor we have into Cetac’s financial systems, and clear out 1 million credits.
They take that money and split it 8 ways, 6 for each of the Dealers, 1 the Galactic Alliance, 1 for the Ace Coins.
To cover their tracks, they make it appear as though Illia Ruus cleared out her accounts and skipped town.
As an added cookie, they found out about the Spectre Program from Cetac, just before Gadssk contacts us about it. There are 12 Specters currently in circulation, 24 ready at the end of the month, 48 next month.

Information Sharing with Darth Basan

  1. Tydock system has been turned into a system of drydocks to retrofit the Dead Fleet’s ships
  2. The Dread Fleet is in league with Subjugus.
  3. The Dread Fleet were the people who interrupted the Neutronium heist.
  4. The drydocks have been destroyed and the Oversight platform was heavily damaged.
  5. Basan drew conclusions that Subjugus and Antilles created their own fleet and kept it secret from the One Sith.
  6. Kaliban, Basan’s apprentice, acted without orders and went to Bor’octa. He appears to be working with Subjugus.
  7. Witnessed Subjugus talking to Vane Fett, bring 50 mandalorian assassins into sector. Reasons unknown.
  8. Destruction of the Yularen. Sabotage is suspected. Idiot’s Array is blamed.
  9. Subjugus is a local military genius. Basan didn’t realize he is of Sith Blood.
  10. Darth Wyrlock is the current Regent for the One Sith, while Krayt undergoes treatment. Reports that Cade Skywalker claims to have killed Krayt.

18 MonCal refugees will be released to Black Seas, they have 12 hours to evacuate or risk recapture.

Layover in Desolation

We stop at Desolation so our doctor can implant Cyberbrain into Lensi’s head.
We also reported to the Colonel.
The Colonel heard about the summit and decided we should all go.

Caizo Coalition Summit

The summit is at Count Amas’ estate.
At the summit, Team Aurek, the leaders of the three coalition,
We swap Kyp for Tal’Fej, the Ewok Jedi.

Specter Ship
The main reason for the Summit to convene was the discovery and apprehension of a Specter ship. Much investigation of the ship was done. Dante, Tal Fej and Lensi take it for a test flight.

The findings are:

  • Emits low level radiation
  • Radio-active material was used in construction.
  • bombs similar to Baradium weapons and also add radiation to the mix.
  • Alloy on hull makes cloaking possible
  • Weapons designed to maintain cloak including quick release bombay doors and ramp breaks.
  • Can not be shielded and cloaked at the same time.
  • Stealth capabilities seem to be from Force imbued crystals.
  • Ship can be sensed through the Force when engaged. (Tal Fej and Advisor Fal Gorel repeat the experiment)

Reports say that Kade Skywalker claims to have killed Krayt.
We received thanks from Admiral Stazi, apparently we are keeping the Imps in this region very busy.

Obtaining Holocron from Bor’octa

We discover that Bor’octa, the planet with the 4th holocron is currently being blockaded. We decide that’s the place to go next and retrieve the holocron.

Upon hearing that it’s a uncivilized jungle, Hosk stays on Kaizo and we pick up the Mandalorian Kai Ordo.

After obtaining permission, we take the Specter to Bor’octa and slip past the blockade undetected.
Tal’Fej takes us to a battle site that he and Team Aurek first encountered the indigenous tribe that currently protects the holocron.

We are attacked by 2 packs of native creatures. We dispatch them and discourage other packs from attacking with our ferocity.

Lensi gets a broken walker up and running and we ride it away following instructions from Tal’Fej.

Meeting Elder Giar

After a while, Tal’Fej and Gadssk feel like they are being watched. An Octani shows himself. Upon recognizing Tal’Fej, the Octani gives the order to stand down, and several other Octani in the trees emerge and lower their spears.

We are lead along, Gadssk recognizes their language and starts talk to them about the creatures we fought. Apparently they are Claw-Slingers and are only after easy prey. If you prove to them you are not prey they leave you alone. We are brought before their tribal leader Elder Giar, who seems to know Tal’Fej. They converse. Tal’Fej explains the ships in the skies are hunting the “sky Gift” in order to weaken the prison. He explains we need the “ghost box”. We offer to take the tribe off planet so they can continue to protect it. Elder Giar asks where the “Blood Knights” are. Tal’Fej explains about the Kaizo Summit. Elder Giar agrees to come with us to speak at the summit with the “ghost Box”. He assembles and speaks to his tribes, he explains the details and tells them to prepare for an exodus.

When he returns he brings a Green and Yellow Holocron. The Avian Humanoid gatekeeper of the holocron identifies as “Gatekeeper of Almak Colryo”. Tal’Fej and Holcoron discuss Subjugus is force sensitive but not talented in the Force. He is working to free Darth Hadex. Colryo says they will reform old alliances. Tal’Fej and his buddies are looking to create holocrons to bolster the prison. They have an idea of where the prison might be, but are keeping that information close to the chest. A ritual was created as a method to prevent Darth Hadex from taking over a person and reforming their body to her liking. (CREEPY) Raquelle, asks if an existing holocron might take the place of the broken one. That had never been tried before, there is no precedent for it. Must talk to Kyp and Teecho’s holocron and see if he can take the place of the broken holocron.

Planning an attack

We return to the Specter and launch into orbit, to find the blockade is gone. All those ships (a star destroyer and 8 frigates) have left orbit. Tal’Fej has a vision of the ships launching an attack on Caelestis.
Tal’Fej decides to bring us to Archive 83, a communications stations drawing power from a brown dwarf star, thus making it more powerful. We learn from the technician some information he has gleaned from the sub space chatter.
- Vain Fett and his Mandalorian Assassians are due at Rasper within 24 hours.
- The “Judgement of the Empire” has been sent to defend Aquilae and the Hammer is being sent to either provide additional escort on Neutronium shipping lines, or to assist in the attack on Caelestis.
From all reports, it sounds like they are doing a full blown invasion, and it will take a few days to prepare.

Using the communications array, we contact Captain Verasco of the Triumvirate Coalition, stationed outside Caelestis. We inform him of the imminent attack and promise to send help as soon as we can.
Then we contact Colonel Blythe and give him a report. He decides to embrace the alliance between Fell’s Empire and go full disclosure. A plan is hatched.

To further weaken the Sith Empire, we explain we are in a good position to deal with the wildcards of the Mandalorians, and he orders us to do everything we can to take them off the board then hot foot it to Caelestis.
That plan is to bring the holocrons together at Desolation to bait Subjugus into an ambush. He is going to reach out to the Alliance, EVERYONE, to send as much available firepower to our sector to deal with Subjugus.

Tal’Fej has another vision. He sees a neutron star in a nebula with a small blue star. He sees a lush world wrapped in stellar matter. Then a dagger of a star destroyer emerges from hyperspace and starts firing on the planet. In response, a column of fire erupts form the planet forming a straight spear of flame with a metal tip.

Side Bet 3
The crew of the Smokey, minus Bleys, heads to the Gobar system hoping to find Kyber crystals. As they approach the planet Gobar IV it becomes evident why it has been nicknamed “Big Hole”, there is a 2,00 kilometer wide hole bored through the middle of the planet. There is a debris trail, similar to the tail of a comet stretching out beyond the planet. Scans are difficult due to radiation interference but show that the planet is barren with an extremely thin and toxic atmosphere, so breathing apparatus are prepared.

The Smokey comes in tight to the planet as Zork, Bend’yk, Rahn and Tal’fej reach out with the Force trying to find a good deposit of crystals. The Force is extremely strong here, apparently Gobar IV is the location of a Force Vergance. Very useful for the Force wielders. As he’s meditating on crystal deposits, Tal’fej has visions of recent violence ending in a fierce impact and is drawn toward the hole in the core of the planet. As they approached the hole the pull of Kyber crystals became stronger and the atmosphere denser, only masks would be needed to breathe instead of whole suits. Tal’fej homes in on the vision he had of a fight and a crashed ship is discovered. The body and cockpit are several meters apart and there are signs of blaster damage as well as the crash damage. Scanning for lifeforms reveals a Trandoshan in the body of the ship with strong vitals and a human in the cockpit who’s barely hanging on. The Smokey lands and the group decides to split up; Bend’yk and Zork head to the cockpit, Tal’Fej and Haro for the body of the ship and Rahn stays with the Smokey just in case.

Zork and Bend’yk quickly get to the cockpit of the downed ship and realize it isn’t airtight, the interior atmosphere is leaking out. The pilot’s seat has snapped free of the floor and he’s still strapped in but slumped face first against the controls in a growing pool of blood, with both an arm and a leg bending at unhealthy angles. Zork muscles his way into the cockpit as the air from inside rushes out past them. They quickly get a breathing mask on the pilot and after some quick first aid use the chair he’s still attached to to get him safely aboard the Smokey.

Meanwhile Haro and Tal’fej check out the body of the ship. Haro can’t get the cargo door to open, it’s been jarred off it’s track, but Tal manages to crawl in through a hatch. After a bit of finagling, they managed to open the door and get Haro in as well.

Group Besh - Commander of Sabers II, the Raid

Hiding the Ship

Aboard Slave X, Hosk and Lensi set a course for Calestis. Over the 20 hour trip, they reset the droid to accept them as it’s new masters. However, it retains some security measure preventing it from sharing information pertaining to it’s previous Master, Vane Fett. We spend some time talking to T8989 to confirm that he won’t be trying any other funny business.

When the Ace of Coins arrives in Calestis system, they see some of the Coalition Fleet doing exercises in the system. The Ace is not hailed until they are within Medium sensor range, far too late in our opinion. Raquelle speaks to Captain Verasco of the Triumverate Coalition. She looks forward to getting a full report.

We set Slave X down on the planet Ferry, finding a cavern to set down in, and camouflage the ship. We power it down, and take T8989 with us.

Raid Prep

One day later, we arrive in Desolation. The construction droids have begun sealing up the hull of the Longshot, though one is replacing the wooden wall around Hopes Ridge with a ferracrete wall. We report in to Col. Brythe with our intel from the Tidok system. We begin plotting out our attack run. We get a report of a sighting of scouts along the woodline.

Lensi replaces the Ace’s cargo pod with a triple torpedo launcher.
Raquelle and Dante run the pilots through the planned run.
Gadsk and Kai go hunting in the woodline, and tracking down four scouts. We take one prisoner (Debarge) for questioning. The rest are left hanging for scavengers, to leave a message for the others.

Making the Attack Run

We arrive at the target area. As expected, all three drydocks are occupied with Dread Fleet ships in various states of repair. To our surprise, the Ardent class Star Destroyer is not present, but there are extra TIE Interceptors spread throughout the area.

The Idiots Array begins it’s attack run on the station, firing on it’s TIE launch bays, as well as TIEs already in the battlefield. Gadsk takes down several TIEs, one of which falls into the station bay, shutting down a launch bay. Shadow Squad A arrives a little ways from Drydock A, and looses 1 fighter before reaching target. Team C arrives right on top of Drydock C, and immediately starts to engage. Team B arrives well off target, and goes full burn towards Drydock B. Dante flies to support Team A, taking out 2 TIEs on his initial contact.

The Ardent class frigate jumps out of hyperspace near Drydock B.

Idiots Array make quick work of the last 2 launch bays, though one fighter launches before the torpedo lands. Team A takes out all gantries on Drydock A, and Dante takes out the remaining spine. Team C destroys Drydock C in one pass (all gantries and the spine). Team B only takes out one gantry on it’s pass.

Idiots Array head for Drydock B, launching all three torpedoes to take out the remaining gantries on Drydock B. We make the call for everyone to start the jump to hyperspace. The Ardent starts bringing it’s Tractor Beams to bear, slowing our escape, but not locking on.

Idiots Array fires upon the Ardent, taking out several systems (including a tractor beam), and forcing a collision with Drydock B, destroying the Drydock. Shadow squad all prepare for jump.

The Ardent engineering teams repair most of their damaged systems, then turn so they can bring their aft Tractors to bear upon the Idiots Array. The Idiots Array and Dante unload their last torpedoes at the Ardent, and clear out the last of the TIE squadron to cover Shadow Squads jump to hyperspace. Dante takes out the Ardents hyperdrive just before jumping himself.

Total Alliance losses: 3 starfighters and pilots (Shadow 3,7, and 10).
Total Imperial losses: 3 drydocks, 1 squadron of TIE Interceptors (possibly more unconfirmed).

Repair, report, and recon.

We return to Desolation for repairs. Orokopa is putting together a scouting party to confirm intel gained from the prisoner. Once they confirm the Madclaws hideout, we can form an attack team.

Hosk does some research into the location found on Slave X’s computers. Bandit did find it several years ago, during his search for the Longshot. The planet (Rondolu 893) had a ~3500 year old Republic outpost on it, did not seem to bear life, but had low electrical activity.

After the Ace is refitted with the cargo container and repairs are done, we head back to Port Rasper. The Yularon is still in orbit, and there is a delivery convoy from Aquilae in system currently.

Dosk Trill gets the payment from Cetec Enterprises for the run to Tidok (7000 credits). He also reports on the social pressure upon Quarren and Mon Cal residents. They are undesirables, people stay away out of fear. Black Sea repair bay is going under.

Group Besh - Commander of Sabers

Updates at Hopes Ridge

The crew of the Ace officially welcome Capt. Kerby Morsh as the newest pilot in the G.A.

While preforming routine maintenance on the Ace the crew observes the new Shadow Squadron arriving at Hope’s Ridge. As the hanger bay doors of the Longshot rumble open 12 C9 Crossfire form up to carefully land in their new home. The Squadron, half new recruits and half experienced pilots, is led by Commander Fay Arrakis. Not long after Col. Brithe’s voice comes over the loudspeaker requesting the crew of the Ace meet him at the command tower. Upon arrival the crew sees on the holotable an image of 7 warships; 6 frigates and 1 cruiser, the new coalition fleet that are currently in orbit over Caizo. Moff Antilles is also aware of the fleet as the intel came from the system probe droids sent out by the Moff some months ago.

While reviewing with Col. Brithe the intel of the past weeks the crew sees a pattern of incidents all leading to Tidok. Looking at the Moff’s sudden and complete take-over of the system, the blockade preventing any traffic in or out of Tidok, the Dread Fleet being retrofitted at Tidok, and the intercepted message, once decoded, noted that the Sith have been turned away from Tidok, they agree to head over to Port Rasper to gather further intel and find a way into the Tidok system.

Upon arrival they observe 1 Star Destroyer in orbit around Port Rasper. At Flying Bantha they ask Dosk Trill to investigate any possible legit work to Tidok as private travel is blocked by the Empire. No such runs are available, however info comes in that both Cetac and the Moff’s Imperials make runs in and out of the system regularly. Further investigation reveals that the Tidok system has 3 Shipyards in orbit around Obestk, colonized moons, and an Ardent Frigate in system for defense.

Visiting Cetac

Hosk and Lensi head to Red sector to slice Cetac Enterprises computers to find more info on their dealings with the Tidok system. Hosk breaks in to the offices to give Lensi computer access enabling her to slice into the system and search for intel on Tidok. She discovers that there is a great deal of inter-sector traffic utilizing all kinds of ships. The Ace is then set up as an approved transport bringing in creature comforts, with the option to transport material between planets in system. Further exploration of the building enabled access to Illia’s office where it was discovered she is in Tidok via personal yacht. Additional info on a project called Dark Prism project was found. Messages looking for alternative work resources were listed for the project. It was also noted that other than official company releases there is no communication between Illia and Shi’an Mardu. In fact there is little evidence of his existence beyond these official announcements. Additional slicing allows future access via regular terminal, removing any need to break back into the building.

Devil’s Bargain

A message via Dosk Trill from Darth Basan to the Idiots Array was received stating that Darth Basan wants to speak with the Idiots Array and offered to free 1 Mon Cal if they contacted him. Records showed that there were approximately 24 Mon Cal prisoners captured by the Sith during Darth Krayt’s harvesting of the Mon Calamari. Via bounced coms from hyperspace, voice modulation, ect. The conversation revealed that Darth Basan wanted intel on Tidok, and was willing to trade Mon Cal prisoners for the intel. After negotiating with Raquelle, Darth Basan agreed to release 18 Mon Cal prisoners for accurate intel on the Tidok system. The crew agreed, and 8 prisoners were confirmed released in Port Rasper and in fair health. There was a general agreement that a mission to rescue the remaining prisoners should be a priority once the mission to Tidok is complete.

Tour of Tidok System

The Ace arrived at the Tidok system and, per orders, headed to Grankig Refinery 986 to deliver their cargo. Two Stormtroopers and a Rodian administrator met them in the hanger. The Rodian identified himself as Lt Pamko and, once having verified the credentials of the Ace, dismissed the Stromtroopers. He then identified himself as a member of the Intellect Guild, and was impressed that the Ace crew was able to acquire such a high security job. He made several inquiries as to the nature of the Crew’s true purpose in system, but the questions were either deflected or half answered. Despite the secrecy, or perhaps because of it, Pamko decided to set up the Ace with cargo routes to tour most of the system (with some conveniently set aside for the crew’s personal profit). A cautious look around revealed the gas mining operation defenses to consist of multiple gun batteries, and 2 local fighter squads.

Before departure Pamko offered to act as a sort of “Tour Guide” for the crew. For a chance to travel around in the Ace he offered to make various profitable introductions and smooth over any wrinkles they may encounter during their trip. The crew agreed, thanking Pamko, with extra security measures being enacted while the Lieutenant packed a bag for travel. During the trip Pamko shared the local intel/gossip about the system. He commented that during the invasion of Tidok the Lord Commander Subjugus with the Judgement of the Empire bombed strategic sites with pinpoint accuracy on planet to display the power of the Empire (a common practice of many empires it seems). After 2 days of deliberation, the Executor council on Tidok surrendered to the empire and Lord Commander Subjugus had taken over the system. After their surrender the Executor Council was permitted to remain in charge, but all traffic on and off planet was halted with members of the council (Executor Corran) trapped off plant. Lt Pamko also mentioned that they had expected construction Droids to have been sent over, but they didn’t arrive to build more shipyards.

Upon arrival on the planet Wissal, Pamko told the crew of various methods the leaders and crew bosses kept the people under control. One method initiated by a Lt Pel Ogarth is to hold a “party” featuring a fight club. In addition to being a place where the workers could “blow off steam”, winners of the fight could expect small bonuses of credits or shorter work hours. One such “party” was going on when the crew arrived and they were permitted to observe the goings on. Once there the crew observed a heavily scarred female Tidok named Wakeld enter the ring and offer to take on any who would dare to fight her. Gadssk offers to champion the most needing of the workers. A thin bespeckled Tidok named Voda limped to the front of the crowd and accepted the offer. During the fight, which Gadssk dragged out, Lt Pamko, Lt Ogarth, Hosk and Raquelle discussed local politics and gossip. It was confirmed that any unauthorized traffic on or off Tidok were shot down without question. Also Subjugus was not only in system, but was in the shipyard, limiting access to shipyards beyond the ability of Pamko’s to help us, but not Lt Ogarth. A plan was devised where visas to the shipyard would be forged just well enough to allow a cursory glance to allow access but poorly enough so that upon closer investigation they would be obvious forgeries, protecting Lt Ogarth from any repercussions. Once the discussions were completed, Gadssk easily defeated Wakeld, helping her up and quietly assisting her out of the ring to help her save face.

Leaving the party, the crew observed Illia Rouse seen talking to Executor Corone and an imperial officer high up on s catwalk. Electronic eavesdropping equipment enabled the crew to overhear an argument between Illia and Corone. Corone seemed displeased with the timetable demanded by Illia and the Empire, and he argued for more time to be allotted. Illia simply stated that the workers should adhere to the current timetable and that President Mardu would be disappointed should the timetable not be upheld. Illia and her Imperial escort then leave a frustrated Corone to think this over. Armed with this new information Raquell and Hosk approached Executor Corone and were able to make an alliance to help each other, with the Executor providing valuable intel pinpointing the most advantageous time for an attack on the shipyards. The best time to attack the shipyards, according to Corone is in the next 5-7 days. Corone was also able to tell the two that Kaliban was sent to Borocta, but the reasons were unknown.

Old friends in new places

With the specially forged credentials in hand the crew heads to Obesk. Upon arrival Slave X is observed docking on the Shipyard proper and Vane Fett stepped out heading inside. On the way to their own docking point the crew noted that the main docks were currently outfitting 3 dread fleet each in different stages of completion. Upgrades to the Dread Fleet included turbolasers, upgraded missile launchers, possible barium missiles, and anti-snub weapons.

Once docked Hosk and Lensi head to Slave X to break in and slice into her computers. They were able to break into the ship, ionize Fett’s protocol droid, and observe a holo of Fett talking to a male with red skin (like Calestis) wearing archaic imperial uniform and heavy battle armor. The Red skinned speaker stated that he would soon have enough ships to take on the Alliance planets while Fett promised 50 Mandalorian assassins in a few weeks. The speaker then asks what Fett has on The Mandalore. Fett replies that he has intel about the mandalore ascension. The other speaker also wants certain troublemakers removed. He mentions that there are several Jedi in system who need to be found and eliminated, and the Jedi lore (Holocrons) brought to Subjugus. Fett states that the bounty on these individuals has already been claimed, but the speaker scoffs at the sudden show of scruples. What is a prior claimed bounty to one who would blackmail the Mandalore? The speaker also mentions the Idiots Array to be killed and offers a 60K bounty for all of them. The Idiots Array is disappointed at such a low number and vow to cause the bounty to be worth at least 80K. They then bid each other farewell and Fett heads back to his ship.

It is decided that the Slave X is just too good a ship to leave behind so Hosk and Lensi decide to fly off with it and rendezvous with the crew off planet. They make their escape with Slave X while being pursued by fighters. Dante notes the time to scramble the fighters and files away the info for his attack plans in a few days. While slicing into Fetts computer a set of coordinates are seen, and assumed to be the location of a possible info drop for Fett’s intel on the Mandalore. The location is in the middle of a previously unexplored sector, containing a habitable system called X-25. After dropping off Lt Pamko the crew head to Calestis to meet up and fly out to the new coordinates.

Group Besh - Bug Hunt


The Coalition is given a new route out of Hagan sector to circumvent Sith Imperial blockade.


Ace and crew traveled to Keosh to convince Wookie settlement at New Palsaang to move to Desolation. Gadssk especially wanting to see that the Wookie orphans he saved be taken off planet because of the existence of a Sith Temple and potential for the planet to once again be used as a testing ground for planet killing ritual. Initially there was difficulty convincing the Wookie population to move but with the combined efforts of Gadssk and Raquelle many were eventually convinced to travel to Desolation, with the promise that they were not being forced to join the alliance should they take the crew up on their offer to move to Desolation. The Ewoks population was willing to move once they were told of the forests of Desolation, and the Rishii were easily convinced once the likelihood of a repeat of the Sith Ritual was explained. The most difficulty was with Korkuhl, guardian to the orphan Wookies. He was finally convinced that saving the children years ago changed Gadssk’s philosophy regarding hunting and killing and he was a changed Transdoshan. So off Korkuhl went to pack and representatives from each tribe were sent to survey their potential new home. Plans to move the 28 Rishii, 250 Wookie, 560 Ewoks were made where the population would be moved from New Palsaang to Caizo via Bantha Shipping Company ships, then Alliance ships would transport them to Desolation. Count Amas was notified of the plans and he promised that facilities would be made ready.


Flying Bantha was called and Dosk Trill was informed of the need for ships to move the population from New Palsaang to Caizo. Through mildly subtle subtext the real reasons were made clear to Dosk Trill. Dosk Trill also hinted that new activity would be welcome from the Idiots Array, and that the tight security seen outside Port Rasper was mirrored inside as well. While checking the bounty list it was noted that any information leading to the identity of the Idiots Array was worth 10,000 credits.

While on route to Desolation information was gathered on Cetec Enterprises. Through official channels it was discovered that Cetec has been in existence for only a year with the President a male Herglic Shi’an Mardu. Cetec is a conglomerate of several companies quickly acquired once the company came into existence and is known for computer and droid manufacturing operating mainly in the Outer Rim. A more thorough search exposed underworld and Sith Empire connections, planet wide strip mining, and its attempts to enter the slave trade for cheap labor. Further examination of the recording of the conversation with Illia Rousk of Cetec Enterprises showed that she was in Hyperspace pinging a relay on Port Rasper. Plans were made to further investigate Cetec’s office in Red Sector when next in Port Rasper.

Combining this information, and Cetec’s interest in using the Borocta and Mon Cal as slave labor, we start limiting the search to certain planets in the system that they may be working on. The Borocta were needed for their adaptation to jungle environments making them suitable for work at “the site.” Only a few planets in the Sector have jungles.

  • Ferry in Calestis System
  • Remote planet Kyp has coordinates to.

Trouble on the Home Front

When the crew arrived at Desolation they were unable to hail Hopes Ridge. Landing close by the crew carefully approached and observed the base. The majority of the population was seen milling around the outside of the base walls and the guns, manned by Alliance soldiers, were all pointed in base. Conversations with Colonel Brythe and Bandit the situation was explained. While clearing out new territory within the Longshot a hive of Ground Ticks, human sized bugs, was uncovered and they were swarming around inside the base. It was decided that this would be an excellent training exercise for the new recruits, unfortunately the armory was heavily populated by the ground ticks. In other news a crew of Techs attempting to restore the second tower of the Longshot were trapped in the tower and in need of rescue. Once the outside forces were re-synched with the Longshot, one of the techs was found dead and the others were under attack. The crew offered to rescue the trapped techs and make for the hive, hopefully drawing away the majority of the bugs making it easier for the recruits to clear out the armory and begin a room to room search within the Longshot.

Flying up to the second tower in the Ace the crew jumped down onto the tower (with mixed success) and entered the room landing between the bugs and the tech crew. The Techs were then ordered to make for the front of the room and jump into the Ace while the crew proceeded to clear the room. Unfortunately one of the Techs were killed in an acid attack by one of the bugs before he was able to escape. With the help of some rather creative flying, the techs were able to jump from the Tower to the Ace and escape. Through the combined use of laser fire, grenades and old fashioned wrestling, the tower was cleared of bugs and the crew made their way towards the hive.


Bandit was able to ensure the way to the Hive was clear of bugs by sealing off the route from the rest of the ship. The hive was located in a mess hall/rec center, in the center of several bugs the Queen (a bug easily twice to three times the size of the rest of the bugs could be seen) a series of successful, and unlikely, shots from far down the hall ensured that the attention of the bugs was well and truly caught. A direct assault on the Queen was initiated and various attacks ranging from laser blasts, grenades, Bug riding, freeze drying, and holographic projections were used to subdue the Hive. With the death of the Queen, the other bugs went into a confused frenzy and were cleared out by the Alliance Soldiers.

Group Besh - Big Blind

Genocide Aftermath

The crew of the Ace of Coins finds themselves on Caizo. They have spent a few days setting up a refugee camp for the Mon Cal refugees from Port Rasper between the Ace and the Smokey. Discussions with Imperial Knight Bleys over what to do about the security breach caused by his droid, Bandit, have been finalized. We trade the Imperial Astromech for Bandit, and take Bandit to the Longshot.

Members of the crew mingle with the Mon Cal, gathering volunteers to join the Alliance, and preliminary steps to check the backgrounds of the volunteers are made. Some of the refugees are offended by this, as if the whole galaxy is against them.

A Change of Direction

As we make our approach to the Longshot, we radio ahead to meet up with Colonel Brithe, Lt. Orokobos, and some of the local Mon Cal at the hangar bay. We also order a comms blackout period for the immediate future.

Once there, the Mon Cal refugees start to mingle with the locals. The news about the Imperial mandate spreads fast, and the refugees start to warm up to their new home.

The team debriefs Colonel Brithe and Lt. Orokobos about Port Rasper and the ships sighted at Bor’octa (Lt. Orokobos identifies the ancient ships as the Dread Fleet). We also go over the new alliance with the Empire in Exile, and the Bandit situation. Lt. Orokobos remembers Bandit from years ago, and offers to approach him with us.

Bandit emerges from his closet, and recognizes Lt. Orokobos. Bandit states that his mission is to find them and take them home. One look at the Longshot changes Bandit’s personality, he tells an old cigara, “I’ve found them, sir.” Bandit puts the cigara in his “mouth” and starts making plans to repair the ship. He requests access to the Nav computer and downloads the nav data and surveying information that he’s gathered in the Hagen Sector over the past 140 years. They show that he missed Desolation by a narrow margin.

After much incredulous discussion, it’s decided to allow Bandit to start making repair plans, with Lt. Orokobos running sanity checks on his plans before they’re put into effect.

We load up the speeder bikes and head back to Caizo.

Preparation for Festivities

The location for the race is on neutral territory, though it is being hosted by Count Amas. The area is bustling with activity, with racers and workers scrambling to prepare for the race the next day. There will be a VIP party tonight, and the team will be there as the Counts honored guests.

Lensi goes over the rules of the race and finds a loophole. She makes certain adjustments to the bike that are allowed by this loophole (All racing rolls gain Boost die).
Kai and Gaddsk check the underworld for competition and rumors. They discover that there is no Intellect Guild presence. This seems a little odd, considering Gadsky’s love of racing, but it is also a invitation only affair.
Kyp and Raquelle meet with the Count, and the children practice “Jedi Deflection” with toy weapons. The Count makes it clear that his son’s life is more important to protect than his own. The Count also gives us access to a tailor droid to dress us appropriately for the evening. We are outfitted in various styles of “Jedi Robes,” though Hosk takes a few extra for disguise material later.

Mingling with Nobility

The VIP party is held outside in the early evening. There is a large band playing music and a larger buffet with a variety of food and drink. People are dressed as Jedi, though the different colors of robes or sashes help identify their rank in the social structure.

Fashionably late, Moff Fulton Antilles arrives with a lady escort. We get confirmation that the Hand of Judgement is in orbit. Antilles makes some jibe about losing his invitation, and the Count grudgingly accepts his excuse, inviting him to the party.

The Caizo nobles are all here with spouses and their racers:

  • Princess Everani
    • Fal Grell – Jedi advisor
  • Countess Bess Orskane – paranoid, nervous
  • Count Avanath Rothar – thinks he should be king
  • Count Gareth Natol – middle age overweight, critical of everyone
    • wife NAME – making nice after he’s dickish
  • Count Emanor Natol
    • husband Lukios – racer
    • heirwife NAME – birthed daughter Anarshia)
  • Countess Regala Bane
    • husband Giark w/cyber arm

There are also foreign dignitaries:

  • From D’rogos delegation – Regent Priya (tall and purple) – elderly matron, remembers the Longshot saving her world, carries a lot of weight in her government.
    • Captain Glarde
    • Sergeant Vox – racer
  • From Caelestis – Archminister Malgrave (part sith race) – Decadent
    • Commander Olt
    • Pol Pashis – racer

Lensi tries to determine who is most likely to try to kill Amas, figures out it’s a group effort.
Dante flirts with the Moff’s escort, NAME, at the bar. Turns out she is a starfighter pilot for the Empire.
Gadssk speaks with Regent Priya about the legends of the Longshot.
Kai scans the crowd and reads body language. Figures three possible nobles are responsible for the attack on the Count. One of them is Countess Bess Orskane. Kai speaks to her for a while, she seems more scared of him, and what he represents. They begin negotiations for a contract to alert her of any bounties set against her.

There is an invite only after-party as a front for a meeting with Amas, Malgrave, Princess, Fall Grell, and Preya.
We confirm their suspicion that we are the Idiot’s Array and invite the three planets into Alliance. The three planets working together would have the personnel, materiel, and technology needed to make a stand against the Sith Empire.
Regent Priya expresses her doubts. She challenges us to win race as sign of Amas’ leadership. If we don’t win the race, she abstains from talks on D’rogos about the Alliance. If her racer beats Dante, she speaks against the Alliance. Malgrave amused, and will wait for the result of the race before committing to the Alliance. Princess shows her support for Count Amas.

Race Preparation

Kyp meditates and foresees a deadly crash during race (Pol and Lukios), a bomb destroying stands filled with nobles, and two stormtroopers shooting the Princess dead.
Lensi preps the pit crew, getting them ready to follow her lead.
Gaddsk talks to D’rogos driver, Sgt Vax, informing him of Regent Priya’s decision.
Hosk moves cameras on the race track, changing the blind spots on the track.

Race Day Hyjinks

Lensi finds that the decoy bike was tampered with (restrictor plates, loosened steering). We replace it with the better bike, as planned.
Gaddsk and Kai sneak under stands to look for the foretold bomb. They arrive just in time to find two men finishing setting up a plasma detonator under the stands. Unfortunately a pair of guards find us at the same time. Gaddsk runs interference with the guards, Kai takes a shot at the bombers. Gaddsk runs down the bombers, while Kai explains the situation to the guards. They inspect the bomb, and question the bomber until they figure out how to disarm it.

A quick search for other bombs or bombers is made while Kai interrogates the bomber. No more explosives or conspirators are found, and our captive doesn’t have any information about who hired him. We do discover a tattoo on his left arm, and find a mathching one on his dead partner. Upon further questioning we find that the tattoo is of a Larash Blossom which is the symbol of the Black Thorns, a covert organization trying to influence who will be the King/Queen of Caizo.

The announcement for racers to get to the track is made, so Dante moves the swoop into position and Lensi heads to thee pits, (Kyp’s Padawan) takes a position as one of the teams spotters along with one of the Duke’s men; the rest of the crew take positions in and around the stands. Raquelle and Kyp stick near Count Amas, Kai and Gaddsk are more actively looking for potential troublemakers. The Imperial contingent arrives, with Moff Antilles sitting in the stands and leaving two stormtroopers at the top of the stands in guard position. Kai scans the crowd over the bomb, and takes note of who isn’t in the stands.

As Kyp foretold, there is a crash on the course, just behind Dante. Gaddsk spots two Stormtroopers coming from a workshed and heading for the stands. Gaddsk moves to intercept, while Kai inspects the workshed. Raquelle suggests to Moff Antilles that he should have the approaching troopers confirm identity before approaching the VIP stands. Gaddsk begins a scuffle with the troopers. The Moff descends and calls the troopers to attention. They refuse, and start firing into the crowd calling, “For the King!” A shot clips the Moff across the face, leaving a disfiguring scar.

Mon Cala Crisis
Emperor Krayt Orders Extermination of All Mon Calamari

Continuing our coverage from the planet Dac, where Emperor Krayt has ordered the detainment of all Mon Calamari in the galaxy citing their complicity in the theft of the Star Destroyer Imperious by Alliance Forces. Senator Gial Gahan, the former Mon Calamari member of the Alliance Triumvirate, claimed sole responsibility for assisting the Alliance with the theft of the new Super Star Destroyer, but Emperor Krayt elected to make an example of the Mon Calamari to the galaxy standing in the halls of the New Coral City senate assembly.

It is time that you, your species, and the entire galaxy learn what it costs to oppose me! This is now my wll. Ten percent of the Mon Calamari population are to be executed. Effective immediately. We will start with the Mon Calamari at hand.

[Footage shows black robed Sith and white-armored stormtroopers moving among the representatives, executing the Mon Calamari and any Quarren who get in their way]

All surviving Mon Calamari in the galaxy will be placed into work camps. Any who seek to evade us will be hunted down and killed! The Mon Calamari will have time to suffer and reflect on their crimes until all are extinct. I will purge the galaxy of their culture and history. Such will be the fate of all who defy the Sith!

The Emperor then personally executed Senator Gial Gahan.

The patience of the Empire is not inexhaustible and the anger of the Sith should not be risked. The galaxy would do well to recognize this or suffer the same fate as the Mon Calamari.

This is the will of your Emperor.


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