Fulton Antilles

Former fighter pilot, now Moff in the Sith Empire


Fulton Antilles served with the Imperial Remant as a starfighter pilot for two decades before his promotion to Fighter Operations Commander of a Star Destroyer. He served with distinction in that position for six years, when he was promoted again to Captain of the Paelleon-Class Star Destroyer Judgement of the Empire. As captain of a Star Destoryer, Antilles came to the attention of several members of the Moff Council. The Moffs helped Antilles gain access to more exclusive political circles within the military. When the Sith-Imperial war broke out, Antilles and the Judgement of the Empire swore allegiance to Darth Krayt, believing that it was their duty to serve the Empire, regardless of the man on the throne.

At the Moff Council’s maneuvering and request, Fulton Antilles was awarded the title of “Moff” and assigned to the Hagen Sector. Now in his 60s, it is his duty to maintain the will of the Empire in that sector, crushing any resitance to Krayt’s Empire mercilessly and ruthlessly.

Fulton Antilles is relatively fit for his age, still maintaining a good training regimen that includes running, martial arts, and small arms practice. He keeps his flight certification up-to-date as well, and is qualified on many of the Empire’s starfighters. His personally modified Predator starfighter is berthed in the Captain’s Launch aboard the Judgement, and occasionally serves as Antilles’s personal transport.

Fulton Antilles

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