Darth Mardus

DECEASED - Sith Lord, Conquerer of Keosh, Reaper of Aostava


A large, hulking human with white tattoos and exposed cybernetic components. Mardus has undergone extensive Cybernetic Reconstruction with reinforcements to his skull and torso with complete replacements of his arms, legs, and eyes. He wears black and deep-red armored robes for enhanced protection, and wields his double-bladed lightsaber with practiced ease.


Darth Mardus is an intimidating and terrifying figure in the Hagen Sector. The chief military commander for the Sith Empire in the area, Mardus is determined to bring all under the Empire’s control. During the conquering of Keosh Mardus ordered the obliteration of one of the planet’s major cities, Aostava. Only after every building in the city was leveled and burning did Mardus open communications to the planetary rulers, demanding their surrender.

Mardus does not rule through great leadership skill, he commands through fear. Imperial Forces under his command have heard of Mardus’s response to failure, and strive to succeed in the face of their own demise. Opponents who face him are unnerved by his appearance and inhumanity. Mardus’s cold, dead metal eyes reflect the soul of the man, and Mardus is all to happy to use his darkness to terrify his foes.

Darth Mardus

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