Bend'yk Qu-bash

Selonian ex-Sith Apprentice

Species Selonian
Career Warrior
Specializations Aggressor
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 3 2 2 3 1
Soak Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Melee/Ranged Defense
4 16 14 0/0

Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Coercion 1, Coordination 1, Streetwise 1, Survival 1

Abilities: Remove all added to checks due to darkness, though you still cannot see in absolute darkness.

Talents: Grit, Intimidating, Plausible Deniability, Toughened

Force Powers: Enhance (Control-Resilience, Control-Brawl)

Obligation Magnitude
Responsibility 10
Morality Emotional Strength Emotional Weakness
50+ Curiosity Obstinateness

Bend’yk grew up on Selonia in a smaller den. When he was a child there had been another male there with him, but their Queen was not one of the more powerful in their territory. The older male was “gifted” to another den to curry favor, leaving Bend’yk as the sole male. While he wasn’t physically mistreated, he was kept isolated and was ignored except when the Queen called on him for breeding purposes. He was expected to keep himself in peak physical condition for the good of the den. He would observe and emulate his guards during their exercises, but was prohibited from actually sparring with the sterile females as they couldn’t risk injuring him. He was not allowed on the holonet, had no friends, and was generally pretty miserable. He was expected to sit there quietly and not disturb anyone. When he was told to do something he was expected to do it immediately. He used to hope and pray that someday he’d be able to explore outside his den and meet new people.

When he was 14 he got his wish in the cruelest of ways. Darth Basan raided his den in search of the Force user he could sense. Basan had been hoping to find a Jedi in hiding, but was pleasantly surprised to find young Bend’yk, a young mind he could shape and warp into a new apprentice. All of the guards were slaughtered and Basan escaped with his newest toy.

Bend’yk was horrified at his initial capture, but Basan’s eloquence led him to see how in a way this was what he had been hoping for. As a Selonian he had no personal experience with lies, and Basan’s half-truths made him far too easy to manipulate at the start of his Sith training. While he enjoyed some new freedoms in learning and discovery, he experienced a more than equal amount of new pains and terrors. His sheltered life hadn’t remotely prepared him for the cruelty he experienced and witnessed.

His natural curiosity was encouraged, but only in particular areas, with torture and physical limits taking prominence. His excitement at having a sparring partner was quickly dulled by Kaliban as “sparring” resulted in a seemingly endless cycle of stays in a bacta tank. His elation at having males to spend time with was dashed by the twisted bonds of passionate hate and fear in Sith relationships of master and apprentice.

Being guided by Darth Basan, Bend’yk participated in acts of cruelty that seared into his soul and haunted his nights. The more reluctant he became, the more he was “encouraged” by Kaliban or Basan through demonstrations in the art of torture. Here he was, trapped again in a life he hadn’t chosen without chance of escape. With the cells filled by Jedi apprentices and Imperial squires, Bend’yk dared hope again for a way out of his situation.

Bend'yk Qu-bash

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