A hodge-podge mechanic droid with a personality all it's own...


B4-ND1t is an odd droid.

With the torso, arms, and head of an LE Mechanic droid grafted to the body and legs of an Astromech droid, “Bandit” is quite a sight to behold. Like the ship he calls his home, Bandit is a quirky machine who’s original accessories don’t always work. His vocabulator cuts out from time to time, switching from basic to a gobbeldygook form of Binary that no one understands. Tool mounts frequently jam, leaving cutters and probes either extended and on or stuck in their housings. Worst of all, Bandit has a tendency to carry blasters, and likes to use them at the first sign of any trouble in defense of his home or master.

That is the one good thing about Bandit, he’s loyal to a fault. He’s been with the Smokey and her captain for over a hundred years, and has stood by the captain in all that time. He has a hard time remembering all the captains, and all the adventures, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. To Bandit, it’s the current captain that needs him today, not the past captains he served yesterday.


Star Wars: Another Longshot DarthGM