Star Wars: Another Longshot


Following a lead

After an extensive shopping trip at Port Rasper the crew of the Ace of Coins pick-up Slave X and head to the coordinates stolen from Vane Fett’s ship computer in hopes of locating blackmail material to stave off the Mandalorian attack which was expected to happen within 24 hours. Upon arrival, the crew find a giant gas planet surrounded by 20 moons. Following a scan of the planet and the moons they find one with a faint electronic signal and a passive scan.

They decide to power up the droid, Taxes (now named Lucky) and begin to question it on what to expect. This puts Lucky in the predicament where he can’t divulge information about his previous master, but also cannot put his current master into danger. Lucky tells us that approaching the base with out the proper access codes there would end in “catastrophic results.” Lucky was able to suggest a long circuitous route to approach the base but that would take time that the crew did not have to spend. A successful hacking of Fetts computer only resulted in the plans of the base, as well as the fact that this was an old Republic listening station. Unfortunately there weren’t any access codes to be found in the computer. With the combined efforts of the crew the proper codes were “created” and the crew were able to approach the base safely. A scan of the base showed no life signs and that the various systems were being brought online to welcome the crew.

Old Republic Base

On base there were a group of droids maintaining the base, but due to a lack of resources =many of the droids had to be placed into storage or “mothballed”. Intel from the remaining droids explained that there were 100 battle droids in the base, 25 K-9 obliterator droids, 10 OS7 walkers and the remaining droids infantry. Raquelle, Gaddssk, and Dante went to investigate the non-functioning droids while Hosk and Lensi hacked into Fett’s data vault for the rumored intel. Raquelle, Gaddssk, and Dante were only able to determine that the droids required far more resources than were available to repair the machines. They then looked for a container and begin to load several of the battle droids for transport on the Ace. The intel found by Hosk and Lensi showed the assassination of the previous Mandalor Ordo by unseen assailants, as well as blackmail material on several individuals across several governments, races, and systems. The two each make a copy of the intel of the previous Mandalor’s death. Once the intel and the droids were loaded on the ships they took off for Archive 83 to use their powerful communication relay to contact Desolation, The Galactic Alliance, and a general announcement over the holonet.

The communications with Desolation and the GA discussed the existence and location of the listening base, as well as the added bonus of the battle droids. The general announcement highlighted the details of the Mandalor assassination bringing into question the validity of the current Mandalor’s ascension. While talking to the Major of the Spynet, we received a call from Calestus telling us that the blockade had been run by the Moff’s Antilles forces and the coalition fleet was under attack. The crew of the Ace then wiped all records of the communications from the Archive’s computers, transferred most of the battle droids to Captain Morsh’s ship to be brought to the battle wen they were repaired, and headed with all possible speed to Calestus to back up the Coalition.

The Battle of Calestus

Once at Calestus the crew identified the Hammer, the Deathwing and several Dread Fleet ships as well as multiple squads of fighters. The breaking of the Moff fleet’s encrypted communication explained that the Moff’s plans were to hold the Hammer back to coordinate the Deathwing and Dread fleet. Armed with this information, Raquelle assumed command of the coalition forces and coordinated the defense of the planet as well as a plan of attack to break the fleet.

The Ace, with the Idiot’s Array transponder, was hailed by the Mandalorian Domatore Visla, who explained that there were a number of Mandalorians who felt that there was something not right about the attack on Calestus. They requested a hard copy of the information broadcast by the Idiot’s Array. Kai Ordo takes Slave X to neutral ground to deliver the copy and speak further with the abstaining Mandalorian forces while the rest of the crew made for the Hammer.

While the Coalition frigates protected the planet and dealt with fighters while the crew of the Ace, on the Ace, crossfire, and Slave X attacked the Hammer. The plan for the Hammer was that Dante in the Crossfire would head straight for the Hammer to attempt to interrupt the coordination of the Moff’s forces with the Ace backing him up. Fairly early in the battle Dante’s rival the Countess Highmark singled him out as her personal target. The two engaged battle with Dante still able to make progress towards his goal. The Ace was successful in drawing the majority of the fighters off of the Crossfire and easily destroyed a squadron. After catching up in Slave X, Kai Ordo and the Ace were able to disable the Deathwing. Dante’s crossfire was able to damage the bridge of the Hammer, but sustained too much damage to maintain any lasting attack run. In an act of pure desperation and luck, Dante was able to dock the crossfire on the Ace mid-fight while Gaddsk shot and disabled the Countesses fighter. With the destruction of the Deathwing the fight seemed to come to a natural pause as both sides caught their breath for what was yet to come.


XP Earned: 25

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: Raised to new total of 65
Trigger: Dante – Space Superiority

Dante – Raised to 92
Trigger: None


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