Star Wars: Another Longshot

The Great Neutronium Heist

Recovery and review

First some time was spent discussing teams name and base updates.

  • Decided upon squad call sign, “Idiot’s Array”
  • Base updates – Hanger Bay and Command Control

Raquelle and Gadssk spend some time in a Bacta tank to recover from the previous fight on Aquilae.

Lensi and Hosk find and slice into Truk’sha’s datapad. The Intellect Guild got the information from the corrupted informants from Aquilae that the droids were going to be resold for a 1 million each. Thus Truk’sha’s push to get the droids as quickly as possible. There was an additional bonus if Truk’sha delivered them directly to Tidok.

After the Comm relay is set up we get a report. Hosk learns that the Imperial Drones are focusing their investigations on the D’rogos and Calestis systems.

Gathering a Crew

Raquelle and Hosk go to talk to the pirates. Captain Torani of the Stellar Flare specializes in confiscation of goods, with a dabbling in Piracy. However, she was contracted by Truk’sha because her ship was the perfect size to hold all the droids. Raquelle brings her in on the plan to strike at the Neutronium caravan. Captain Turani and her crew are interested, but need to know more of the plan. Raquelle explains the plan requiring a Gravity Mine. Captain Turani suggests that the group bring in Nei Aban. the leader of the Intellect Guild. As the guild has a Gravity mine.

The group then secures the crew quarters of the Stellar Flare and lets Captain Turani and her crew out of the brig, and under house arrest. This engenders them to the folks of Idiot’s Array.

Blue Milk Run to Caizo

The group returns to Caizo sector, where meet up with the Count they saved from Vane Fett. The group arrives at planet Salvation, and head for the city of Veritan. The common folk are dressed in clothing that seems to be inspired by the Jedi Order. They wear wrapped tunics, with colored obi belts. On their hips, they have silver cylinders that act as coin purses or com links. The colors seem to correspond to their jobs, brown for advisers, blue for security, red for Civil Service, white for nobility, black for honor guards, etc.

The group hires a driver to take them to the Count’s residences. Along the way, their cabby (Conveyor Teeban) reveals that there have been expeditions (sponsored by the nobles) to Caizo Planet to recover pre-war artifacts. The last one was about 18 months ago. We take Teeban’s information to call him later.

When we arrive at Count Amas’ estate, the guards request that we disarm at a guard station inside. Most do, except for Hosk and Kyp. The Count asks if Xeres can play with his son, and they run off together. We retire to the Count’s office, which is extremely soundproofed. Instead of the 40,000 credits owed, he offers us 45,000 of the local currency, the Caizo Leaf, or precious metals that may fetch a similar price on the market. (We use 10,000 to buy supplies for Desolation, and 5,000 for each of the team)

The Count tells us that before the attack, he was returning from Caelestis. Afterwards, they discovered a tracker on his ship that Vane Fett must have used to attack them so quickly after hyperspace. Later he tells us that they were discussing a Mutual Defense Treaty, lending aid to each other against the Empire. Calestis has materials, but no army.

The Count explains the members of the Counsel of Counts, who are those in line for the Throne.

  1. King Rothar – Elderly and sickly. Not expected to live through the next cold season.
  2. Princess Everani – Daughter. Children have died, and unable to have more children.
  3. Countess Bess Orashone
  4. Count Avanarth Rothar
  5. Count Bayman Amas – Has 9 year old son
  6. Counts Gereth and Emanar Natol – Brothers
  7. Countess Regala Bane -

Count Amas offers to host a party, celebrating his rescuers, and a grand race in three weeks time. That should be enough of a draw for all the nobles to be in one place to investigate and reveal the traitor.

Count Amas also gives Kyp a datapad with information on a uncharted planet that may have a source of Kyber crystals. Located out past D’rogos. He will also introduce Kyp to Adviser Fall Gorell, an undercover Jedi, who is an adviser to the king.

Setting the trap

We return to Desolation, then to Port Rasper

We meet with Gaski to get a meeting with Nei Abon at the Enclave in Red Spire. Nei Abon is a female Cerean. The room is spotless and bare, almost sterile. Large guards stand outside. Recessed droids emerge to set up chairs for us, then return to their stations. Nei is aware of our self-defense that ended with the death of Truk’sha, and the loss of income, and status. She is tempted to walk us out an airlock. We convince her that our plan will work, and we are willing to pay a share in return for a gravity mine. Nei Abon agrees to do it for 50 tons of ore, or 5 tons of processed metal. If we cannot bring her that much, there will be no end to the bounty hunters after us.

Gaski brings us into the asteroid belt, to a hidden cache of gear, including 7 gravity mines. We load up one, and head to the meeting point. Lensi adjusts the gravity mine to pull only the freighters out of hyperspace, leaving their Ardent Class Frigate, the “Deathwing”, flying escort to continue on to Port Rasper alone.

Springing the trap

We fly to the appropriate place, wait for the Intellect Guild’s freighters to arrive, then spring the trap. The Freighters come out of hyperspace as expected. The Capital ship, the Deathwing, is pulled out of hyperspace but a good 3 hours away. This leaves the Idiot’s Array to mop up some remaining fighter escort. Which they do, but through many dramatic twists of fate things go a little gapanga shaped.

Uninvited Guests

The Deathwing makes a nigh impossible micro-jump closing the distance in moments. As it is making demands, a second very large ship appears. This ship is unfamiliar and huge. It seems to be an old ship. The shield and weapon tech appears to be over 1000 years old in design, but the materials show only 20 years of wear give or take.

The Deathwing demands they identify themselves. There is some obvious delay. Then the unidentified ship starts to open fire on the Deathwing. Weapons fire from the strange ship is dark blue and appears to be anti-matter.

The Deathwing blows up the gravity mine then turns tail and runs. While the unidentified ship starts to open fire on the freighters. The Idiot’s Array broadcasts coordinates to jump to and lead as many of the freighters as they can to safety. Twelve freighters survived. Many of them sign onto the Alliance, as they were very angry at being abandoned by the Empire. Kerby Morsh is among them.

The Payoff

The group tallies up what they acquired. 100 tons of unprocessed ore, and 3 tons of processed ore. Now it is time to pay off the help.

  • 50 tons of unprocessed ore to the Intellect Guild.
  • 10 tons of unprocessed ore “tip” to the Intellect Guild to further engender good feelings, and their discretion about our Alliance membership.
  • 8 tons of unprocessed ore to the Stellar Flare and her crew.

This leaves 32 tons of unprocessed ore and 3 tons of processed Neutronium for the Alliance. Some of it is put to use at Desolation. Much of it is sent back to the Alliance fleet.

The team earns 20,000 credits each, with 20,000 credits into the “Ace of Coins” fund.

Raquelle invites Captain Torani of the Stellar Flare to join the Alliance. She seems interested, but feels they need to lay low for a while. But she was impressed by the guts of the group and will be in touch.

Finding Breadcrumbs

When paying off the Intellect Guild, Nei Aban produced a datapad for Raquelle. It is an Alliance report from 9 ABY. It details the discovery and investigation of an Imperial clone lab in the Mt Tantiss facility on Wayland Planet. The lab was active just after the Clone Wars and contained a brace of cloning tanks. Apparently the clones produced from this lab were used as field commanders. Two of the tanks had preserved clones. The report contained two holos of the clones, they look just like a 19 year old Raquelle.


XP Earned: 30

The donations of ore and supplies to the Alliance reduce most Obligations. New total of 50.
Next session trigger – None.

All Duties were raised. New total of 85.
Next session trigger – Dante – Space Superiority.

3 Conflict for stealing the shipment.
Kyp earned 1 Morality, increased to 73.
Dante earned 3 Morality, staying at 53.
Next session trigger – None.

The Great Neutronium Heist

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