Star Wars: Another Longshot

Side Bets Issue 1: Slave Circuit

Toe the line

Kor Hobs contacts Hosk Riskyr’sil and asks to meet down in the Dirt Deck Slums. Dante Ramos and Raquelle Casoul come along for support. When we get there Hobs is incognito at a meat cafe. Hobbs has gotten word that Jedi Carn Strange will be arriving on station shortly. Strange is looking for something in the Hagen Sector, and Hobbs hopes we can be his local contacts or tour guides. Hobbs gives us a call-sign to identify us to Strange as trustworthy.

Tal’fej Lo’grey gets a vision. He and Rahn Void follow the vision towards the hangars near the Dirt Deck Slums.

Haro Grandolph had just arrived on station, and was in the boring process of getting through the customs droid.

Start your engines

As we all arrive at the hangar, we see a man matching the description of Carn Strange disembark from an old Corellian frigate. He signals for someone on the ship to stay on board for the time being. Meanwhile, from a side door, eight burly mercenaries emerge with heavy coats. They form an arc around Strange, produce blasters, and start firing at him. Shortly after the battle begins, one of the mercs tosses two thermal detonators into Strange’s ship, setting it ablaze.

After killing or chasing off the mercs, we head into the ship to recover two Octani women from the back of the ship. They then make their way out the escape pod hatch, and make it out of the hangar, just before the ship crumbles and explodes.

We retreat into the Slums, and find an off the books doctor to patch us up.

Strange explains that he rescued the two Octani from Hutt space. He traced their sale to a Vernard Sowth, whose trail has lead to the Hagen Sector. Strange believes that Sowth has a new business venture attempting to sell 300-500 Octani. We suspect that the sale may go down using the Keosh Rally Chase race as cover. Lo’grey shares a vision he had, showing him Strange defending Octani, with several blaster bolts firing at him. Void and Hosk get some information that the Intellect Guild is being courted by a new slave gang in the Sector, and that Gadsky of the Guild has already left for the race.

On your marks

We park the Ace of Coins for 300 credits. We then deal with a used speeder salesman to get a speeder appropriate for the race. Eventually we buy a refurbished police interceptor, including ram, for 22,000 credits. It looks like it might get us through the race, but not much more.

In the initial heat Dante’ drives with Haro and Tal’fey riding along for co-pilot and mechanical work. The rest of the group work from the pit, or sabotaging opponents attempts to support their drivers.
The track is split into 5 sections:

  1. The Expressway
  2. The Knots
  3. The Spiral
  4. The Blades
  5. The Conduit

After a few close calls, Dante makes the most of a shortcut in the Spiral, and breaks ahead of the pack. We take first place.

Get set…

That night there is a grand celebration, for the victors, VIPs, and assorted sports enthusiasts. Dante gets to meet the other victors to look out for tomorrow. Nagak the Comet, Impact Duranvil, Korozdos Zurapan, and Gadsky.

We watch as Gadsky is interrupted from his drinking and womanizing by a sunken faced human. Carn Strange arrives just in time to confirm that the human is Vernard Sowth. We gather up and tail the two of them.

We catch up with them in a system of caverns. There are three distinct groups of people, and two large containers filled with shackled Octani near a starship. One group is lead by Sowth, another by Gadsky. The third is lead by Illia Rouse from Cetac Enterprizes, who is buying the slaves for “work at the site.” We overhear them making their sales pitch to Gadsky, to include the Intellect Guild in this new venture of slave trading in the Hagen Sector. Gadsky is haggling with them, trying to get a larger piece. Sowth mentions that there are plenty of new worlds in the Hagen Sector that are ripe for taking slaves to work at the site. The Empire won’t notice a thing.

At this, Hosk and Raquelle step out and start telling Gadsky that this is a bad move. Slavery is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. And besides, the people of this sector are your clients, if they get enslaved, who do you provide goods for? Meanwhile, the rest of the group sneak towards the slave containers and the ship. Gadsky comes around to our way of thinking, and bows out of the meeting. Illia Rouse departs shortly afterwards. Sowth is fuming, and threatens to throw the two of them into the containers. Just then, the sneaking group is spotted, and are attacked. Hosk and Void make quick work of Sowth, and Strange encourages the second in command to stand down and survive. We free the 350 Octani prisoners, they call the Jedi “Knights of Sword and Fire.” Strange takes them and the ship to return them to their homeworld. He says he’ll be back when he can.

And they’re off!

The Championship heat takes the same course as yesterday, but backwards.

We decide ahead of time that if it’s possible to let Gadsky win, we’ll let it happen. About half way through, all the other pilots have fallen behind, and it’s just the Gadsky and Dante. On the straight away, Dante and Haro gun the engine, overtaking Gadsky… only to slow down enough to let him win by a narrow margin.

Gadsky approaches us afterwards, saying he looks forward to a rematch, he doesn’t like charity. We tell him that he did the right thing last night, so he deserved it. And, as he said last night, favors are worth a lot in this Sector.

We take home the second place purse of 25,000 credits, which pays off the speeder purchase, and puts a few credits in our pockets.


XP Earned: 30

No change
Next session trigger – None.

Raquelle – Resource Acquisition gains 5
Hosk – Combat Victory gains 5
Next session trigger – None.

Various Conflict generated by playing dirty in the race, starting combat, etc.
Tal’fey earned 3 Morality.
Rahn earned 6 Morality.
Dante earned 5 Morality.

Side Bets Issue 1: Slave Circuit

It was an honor to work with some of you. And with the way I feel my visions work, now that I’ve met and worked with you, I have a “feeling” for you in the Force. If I ever have a vision of any of you. I will know who you are and pass any information along as soon as I can.

And that racing was… Fun!

I also find it amusing to be introducing a stormtrooper to my Imperial Knight friends for the first time when they return.

Side Bets Issue 1: Slave Circuit

Yea, Knights are a cred a dozen. Elite Stormtrooper SpecOps commandos are pretty rare.

Side Bets Issue 1: Slave Circuit

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