Star Wars: Another Longshot

Side Bets 2 : Endangered Species

New Alliances

Imperial Knights Bleys and Zork along with their companion Bend’yk answered a summons to Bastion to hear a proclamation from Emperor Fel. Fel announced that the war against the Sith was unwinnable unless those opposed to the Sith joined forces. He then ordered that the offer be made for the Galactic Alliance to ally themselves with The Empire in Exile.

When they return to the Hagen sector, they notice a significantly increased Sith Empire presence. Two more Palleaon Class Star Destroyers, the Yularen and the Hammer, have moved into the sector as well as a series of Inderdictor gravity mines arranged around Port Rasper preventing anything from passing by along the hyperlane, or leaving, in hyperspace. They dock on Port Rasper and Zork leaves a message asking for a meeting with the Alliance cell in Hosk’s dead-drop.

Hosk informs Racquelle, Lensi and Gadssk of the request for a meeting. After a short debate, the Green spire, one of Rasper’s public parks, is chosen as the place and the meeting is set. When the meeting time arrives, Gadssk and Racquel take positions at the corners of the park so that someone has all the entrances in line of sight, Lensi takes a position repairing a dejarik table, and Hosk sits at a different table with Zork, Bleys and Bendyk. As the case for an alliance is presented, a squad of stormtroopers comes through the west entrance, appearing to be a standard patrol. Not long afterward, a visibly agitated Mon Calamari mother ran in one of the north entrances and gathered up her two children and rushed out. Lensi then notices the stormtroopers are receiving communications, and seem to be prepping for action. The decision is quickly made that it’s time to go. Hosk leads the Imperials out a side entrance, where there has been no activity yet.

Proclamation of Genocide

As both groups left Green spire, everyone was horrified by the news report showing on all the vidscreens. Darth Krayt himself was in the midst of a furious rant blaming the entire Mon Calamari race for being complicit in the theft of the Super Star Destroyer Imperious. In response, the punishment will be for 10% of the Mon Cal population to be put to death and the remaining 90% will be enslaved. Darth Krayt then executed Mon Calamari Senator Gial Gahan on camera and ended the feed. The groups split with Racquelle and Lensi intending to head to the Flying Bantha Shipping Company, Gadssk to chase down the Mon Cal family that had been in Green spire, and the rest headed for the Black Sea Repair Docks. We soon realized that we had gotten ahead of ourselves with the splitting up and heading down different corridors as we all found ourselves in the same transit station. However, also in the same place was the Mon Cal family, laying on the ground about to be arrested by a squad of stormtroopers with an Imperial officer.

One of the Calamari children squirms loose and tries to run. The Officer barks an order to stop it and stormtroopers turn their weapons to fire. Everyone springs into action. Gadssk rushes forward demanding that these are his Mon Cal to turn in. When his bluff is ignored he lobs two stun grenades, knocking out all the troopers except the sergeant and officer. Bleys tackles the child to safety as Lensi seals all the doors to the room we’re in. Bendyk and Zork make quick work of the remaining Imperials. Racquelle and Bleys manage to calm the Mon Cal, who turn out to be the family of one of the technicians at Black Sea, and convince them to come with us. Lensi then attempts to send an all clear code from the officer, but, with him dead, we don’t have his authorization code, so an alarm goes up. Over the public announce system comes the declaration that Port Rasper is on lockdown and all non-military personnel must return to their residences. Meanwhile Hosk has been looking for an alternate means of exit and has found a hatch into maintenance access tubes. We enter the tubes to sneak our way to the transit platform to steal a train so we can get around the station.

We follow the maintenance tube to a nice vantage point in the corner of a control room on a transport train platform. There is a squad of stormtroopers and two officers in the control area as well as a pilot on the train. Racquelle and Gadssk will sneak to a good firing point on one side of the room to create a distraction while everyone else moves down the tracks to the train at the opposite side of the room. Lensi taps into a port in the maintenance tunnels and opens several door in the room, causing guards to go investigate. Racquelle and Gaddsk get into position, and one of the stormtroopers pokes his head around the wall they’re hiding behind; Gadssk drags him down and quickly subdues him, but his absence is noticed. Hosk leads the others to the ambush points, with Bleys taking up the rear minding the Mon Cal civilians. As an officer shouts for a status report from the subdued guard, Gadssk props the trooper around the corner and gives an all clear. Nobody buys this, even before the troopers gun slips from his limp hand and hits the floor, and the shooting commences. After a particularly chaotic battle involving various doors opening and closing, an alarm being tripped, Hosk neatly disposing of the pilot, the train’s controls being damaged, and impressive displays by the Bendyk and Zork; the platform, and train, is ours. Lensi repairs the damage done to the trains controls, and manages to make the station’s security system blind to it. We load up and head for Black Sea.

Preparation for Evacuation

While in transit, Lensi manages to open a secure comm line for long enough for the group to complete two conversations. First with Black Sea, where there are 50 or so Mon Calamari panicked about their families in the housing sector. We find out there are 2 ships we can use to get people off station, in addition to the Smokey. Bleys tells them all to stay put, we’ll retrieve their families and bring them there. Before signing off we arrange for a mouse droid to be waiting for us at the transit platform with details on the housing block.

The Second comm is to Flying Bantha Shipping and we speak to Dosk. There is nobody at Flying Bantha that needs to be evacuated from Port Rasper and one of their ships is at Black Sea for repairs, so may also be usable to evacuate Mon Calamari. Dosk will get the Ace of Coins to us at the Black Sea Docks, so we now have 4 ships guaranteed usable with potential for more to fly possibly up to 120 people out of Port Rasper.

It doesn’t take us much longer to get to Alpha block, where the Mon Cal Housing and Black Sea are located. We use a couple of frag grenades to rig the train’s power core to explode, mark it with the Idiot’s Array symbol and send it backwards down the track, hopefully blocking anything else that tries to follow us. The mouse droid we were expecting is there and we get a decent layout of the housing block, including where the three guard posts with six stormtroopers each are located. It is decided that subtlety is not the proper tool for our next engagement.

Rescue Operation

With everyone else waiting just around a corner in the corridors, Hosk and Gaddsk stroll toward the western guard point,both with two frag grenades at the ready. As soon as they’re challenged, Hosk throws his pair of grenades, and the entire squad at that guard point is eliminated. Racquelle and Bleys set to getting the Calamari to come with us, Lensi taps into the PA system limiting their announcements within just this block, Gadssk uses the remaining grenades to mine the corridor leading to one of the other guard stations, then joins Zork and Bendyk waiting for the third squad of stormtroopers. The Mon Cal are receptive to Bleys and Racquelles urging, and in short order all the residences are empty. We hear the grenades explode. Racquelle begins leading all the civilians to safety. Bleys and Hosk mop up the stormtroopers that survived the blast from one unit, and the squad coming down the corridor with Bendyk, Zork and Gaddsk waiting never stood a chance. The Idiot’s Array mark is left behind again. Everyone follows the mass of Mon Calamari, and through some sort of divine intervention, everyone makes it to the Black Sea Docks without further incident and seal the doors along the way behind us.

Amidst the tearful reunions, and some despair because not all the family members that were expected from the residences had been there, we get the refugees divvied up among the ships so that everyone is getting out. One of the shuttles available doesn’t have it’s own hyperdrive, so will have to towed by the Smokey’s cargo claw. The Flying Bantha ship at Black Sea has it’s hyperdrive in bits, so with help from the Mon Cal mechanics we begin loading everything explosive we can find onto it and rig it’s power core to detonate, intending to use it as cover in case the Yularen gets involved in preventing our escape. Lensi places an astromech droid which can be remotely controlled as the pilot of the fire ship. We then lock all the Black Sea staff that will be remaining on Port Rasper, and Dosk as well, into an office. We break the door so that it appears we ransacked the place and jacked their ships.

We discuss a safe place to run to with the refugees. It’s decided that Bor’octa is the place to go, as the Knights have allies among the Octani.

Narrow Escape

As we almost get everone loaded in the ships, the doors to the bay blast open and we’re confronted by several squads of stormtroopers being led by a Sith Lord. Racquelle tries to hurry the refugees onto the ships while Lensi pre-programs the hyperspace jumps the ships will need to make and everyone else moves to fight the newly arrived Imperials. A wave of fear produced by the Sith Lord washes over us, and most suffer varying degrees of detrimental effect from it. Stormtroopers are eliminated with brutal efficiency, but Bleys suffers a grievous amount of damage from the lightsaber of the Sith. Racquelle is able to bolster our courage and we shake off most of our fear. Lensi calls for us to fall back, which we manage to do as she seals the blast doors behind the ships between us and the Imperial forces, buying us enough time to get the ships into space.

All six ships head straight for the closest Interdictor mine as TIE patrols close in from both sides. The TIEs make a few passes at the ships before they’re shot down and the Smokey manages to clamp onto the intrasystem shuttle. One of the pairs of TIEs attack the fire ship, which explodes in grand fashion taking them with it.
The cluster of ships hurries toward the gravity mine as four more TIEs begin to close in, an Ardent Attack Frigate arrives beyond the mine, launching more TIEs, and the Star Destroyer Yularen is being brought to bear behind us. Suddenly all of the escaping ships receive a comm from a woman named Illia Rouse representing Cetac Enterprises; she notes what a predicament we seem to be in, and offers to get us out of it… if all the refugees we’re carrying (specifically those working at Black Sea) agree to sign on to work some “Project” her company has going. Hosk and some of the Imperial Knights seem familiar with her, nobody is inclined to accept her offer. One of the Mon Cal leaders keeps her busy talking so that she doesn’t add to our current problems while we concentrate on destroying the gravity mine. Hosk takes the opportunity of an open channel to slice into Rouse’s system, and grab intel. We manage to damage the mine enough to drop the gravity field fairly quickly. Rouse is told to suck exhaust and all the ships carrying refugees make the jump to hyperspace, escaping before any more firepower was in range.

Things couldn’t get worse…

After their trip through hyperspace, all three ships emerge safely on the edge of the Bor’octa system as planned. However, Bor’octa will not be the safe place to go to ground as anticipated. Long range scans show that Moff Antilles’ flagship The Judgement of the Empire is in orbit around the planet as well as six of the anti-matter wielding capital ships that the Idiots Array had encountered during the Great Neuronium Heist. Scans also indicated that the strange ships ancient weaponry had been replaced by modern turbolasers. Either one of these factors would be enough, but an apparent alliance is WAY too much and the rag-tag fugitive caravan jumps out of the Bor’octa system headed for Caizo.

Once everyone is safely on Caizo, the business of splitting the refugees up according to where they want to go begins. The Idiots Array crew receives a missive from Admiral Stazi via deaddrop announcing an official cease-fire with the Empire in Exile until a more permanent pact can be agreed upon. While we discuss the ancient capitol ships, Hosk finds that the navcomputer was hacked between the two jumps; turns out the Smokey’s colorful droid, Bandit, hacked in and found the location of the Longshot and is demanding to head there immediately. Options to deal with the situation are discussed, none being very satisfactory. Bleys manages to order the reluctant droid to wait, but that leaves both teams in a bit of a quandary; Imperial Knights and Bendyk have no safe refuge anymore, and the Idiots Array may not be able to help. Racquelle sends a communication to Galactic Alliance command and we’re all awaiting the reply.


35 XP rewarded for session

Side Bets 2 : Endangered Species

Zork, Bleys, and Bend’yk – Responsibility (Care for 50+ Mon Calamari refugees): 5
Gadsk, Raquelle, Hosk, Lensi – Responsibility (Care for 50
Mon Calamari refugees): +5

Zork (Intelligence) +5
Bleys (Combat Victory) +5
Raquelle (Resource Acquisition) +0, (Personnel) +10
Gadsk (Combat Victory) +3, (Personnel) +7
Hosk (Combat Victory) +5
Lensi (Tech Procurement) +0, (Support) +5

Both Parties have a Commitment Rank increase pending (Aurek 2nd, Besh 3rd)

Bend’yk: 6 Conflict, Rolled 9 = +3 Morality
Bleys: 5 Conflict, Rolled 2 = -3 Morality
Zork: 3 Conflict, Rolled 9 = +6 Morality

Side Bets 2 : Endangered Species

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