Star Wars: Another Longshot

Side Bet 3

The crew of the Smokey, minus Bleys, heads to the Gobar system hoping to find Kyber crystals. As they approach the planet Gobar IV it becomes evident why it has been nicknamed “Big Hole”, there is a 2,00 kilometer wide hole bored through the middle of the planet. There is a debris trail, similar to the tail of a comet stretching out beyond the planet. Scans are difficult due to radiation interference but show that the planet is barren with an extremely thin and toxic atmosphere, so breathing apparatus are prepared.

The Smokey comes in tight to the planet as Zork, Bend’yk, Rahn and Tal’fej reach out with the Force trying to find a good deposit of crystals. The Force is extremely strong here, apparently Gobar IV is the location of a Force Vergance. Very useful for the Force wielders. As he’s meditating on crystal deposits, Tal’fej has visions of recent violence ending in a fierce impact and is drawn toward the hole in the core of the planet. As they approached the hole the pull of Kyber crystals became stronger and the atmosphere denser, only masks would be needed to breathe instead of whole suits. Tal’fej homes in on the vision he had of a fight and a crashed ship is discovered. The body and cockpit are several meters apart and there are signs of blaster damage as well as the crash damage. Scanning for lifeforms reveals a Trandoshan in the body of the ship with strong vitals and a human in the cockpit who’s barely hanging on. The Smokey lands and the group decides to split up; Bend’yk and Zork head to the cockpit, Tal’Fej and Haro for the body of the ship and Rahn stays with the Smokey just in case.

Zork and Bend’yk quickly get to the cockpit of the downed ship and realize it isn’t airtight, the interior atmosphere is leaking out. The pilot’s seat has snapped free of the floor and he’s still strapped in but slumped face first against the controls in a growing pool of blood, with both an arm and a leg bending at unhealthy angles. Zork muscles his way into the cockpit as the air from inside rushes out past them. They quickly get a breathing mask on the pilot and after some quick first aid use the chair he’s still attached to to get him safely aboard the Smokey.

Meanwhile Haro and Tal’fej check out the body of the ship. Haro can’t get the cargo door to open, it’s been jarred off it’s track, but Tal manages to crawl in through a hatch. After a bit of finagling, they managed to open the door and get Haro in as well.



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