Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh - Commander of Sabers

Updates at Hopes Ridge

The crew of the Ace officially welcome Capt. Kerby Morsh as the newest pilot in the G.A.

While preforming routine maintenance on the Ace the crew observes the new Shadow Squadron arriving at Hope’s Ridge. As the hanger bay doors of the Longshot rumble open 12 C9 Crossfire form up to carefully land in their new home. The Squadron, half new recruits and half experienced pilots, is led by Commander Fay Arrakis. Not long after Col. Brithe’s voice comes over the loudspeaker requesting the crew of the Ace meet him at the command tower. Upon arrival the crew sees on the holotable an image of 7 warships; 6 frigates and 1 cruiser, the new coalition fleet that are currently in orbit over Caizo. Moff Antilles is also aware of the fleet as the intel came from the system probe droids sent out by the Moff some months ago.

While reviewing with Col. Brithe the intel of the past weeks the crew sees a pattern of incidents all leading to Tidok. Looking at the Moff’s sudden and complete take-over of the system, the blockade preventing any traffic in or out of Tidok, the Dread Fleet being retrofitted at Tidok, and the intercepted message, once decoded, noted that the Sith have been turned away from Tidok, they agree to head over to Port Rasper to gather further intel and find a way into the Tidok system.

Upon arrival they observe 1 Star Destroyer in orbit around Port Rasper. At Flying Bantha they ask Dosk Trill to investigate any possible legit work to Tidok as private travel is blocked by the Empire. No such runs are available, however info comes in that both Cetac and the Moff’s Imperials make runs in and out of the system regularly. Further investigation reveals that the Tidok system has 3 Shipyards in orbit around Obestk, colonized moons, and an Ardent Frigate in system for defense.

Visiting Cetac

Hosk and Lensi head to Red sector to slice Cetac Enterprises computers to find more info on their dealings with the Tidok system. Hosk breaks in to the offices to give Lensi computer access enabling her to slice into the system and search for intel on Tidok. She discovers that there is a great deal of inter-sector traffic utilizing all kinds of ships. The Ace is then set up as an approved transport bringing in creature comforts, with the option to transport material between planets in system. Further exploration of the building enabled access to Illia’s office where it was discovered she is in Tidok via personal yacht. Additional info on a project called Dark Prism project was found. Messages looking for alternative work resources were listed for the project. It was also noted that other than official company releases there is no communication between Illia and Shi’an Mardu. In fact there is little evidence of his existence beyond these official announcements. Additional slicing allows future access via regular terminal, removing any need to break back into the building.

Devil’s Bargain

A message via Dosk Trill from Darth Basan to the Idiots Array was received stating that Darth Basan wants to speak with the Idiots Array and offered to free 1 Mon Cal if they contacted him. Records showed that there were approximately 24 Mon Cal prisoners captured by the Sith during Darth Krayt’s harvesting of the Mon Calamari. Via bounced coms from hyperspace, voice modulation, ect. The conversation revealed that Darth Basan wanted intel on Tidok, and was willing to trade Mon Cal prisoners for the intel. After negotiating with Raquelle, Darth Basan agreed to release 18 Mon Cal prisoners for accurate intel on the Tidok system. The crew agreed, and 8 prisoners were confirmed released in Port Rasper and in fair health. There was a general agreement that a mission to rescue the remaining prisoners should be a priority once the mission to Tidok is complete.

Tour of Tidok System

The Ace arrived at the Tidok system and, per orders, headed to Grankig Refinery 986 to deliver their cargo. Two Stormtroopers and a Rodian administrator met them in the hanger. The Rodian identified himself as Lt Pamko and, once having verified the credentials of the Ace, dismissed the Stromtroopers. He then identified himself as a member of the Intellect Guild, and was impressed that the Ace crew was able to acquire such a high security job. He made several inquiries as to the nature of the Crew’s true purpose in system, but the questions were either deflected or half answered. Despite the secrecy, or perhaps because of it, Pamko decided to set up the Ace with cargo routes to tour most of the system (with some conveniently set aside for the crew’s personal profit). A cautious look around revealed the gas mining operation defenses to consist of multiple gun batteries, and 2 local fighter squads.

Before departure Pamko offered to act as a sort of “Tour Guide” for the crew. For a chance to travel around in the Ace he offered to make various profitable introductions and smooth over any wrinkles they may encounter during their trip. The crew agreed, thanking Pamko, with extra security measures being enacted while the Lieutenant packed a bag for travel. During the trip Pamko shared the local intel/gossip about the system. He commented that during the invasion of Tidok the Lord Commander Subjugus with the Judgement of the Empire bombed strategic sites with pinpoint accuracy on planet to display the power of the Empire (a common practice of many empires it seems). After 2 days of deliberation, the Executor council on Tidok surrendered to the empire and Lord Commander Subjugus had taken over the system. After their surrender the Executor Council was permitted to remain in charge, but all traffic on and off planet was halted with members of the council (Executor Corran) trapped off plant. Lt Pamko also mentioned that they had expected construction Droids to have been sent over, but they didn’t arrive to build more shipyards.

Upon arrival on the planet Wissal, Pamko told the crew of various methods the leaders and crew bosses kept the people under control. One method initiated by a Lt Pel Ogarth is to hold a “party” featuring a fight club. In addition to being a place where the workers could “blow off steam”, winners of the fight could expect small bonuses of credits or shorter work hours. One such “party” was going on when the crew arrived and they were permitted to observe the goings on. Once there the crew observed a heavily scarred female Tidok named Wakeld enter the ring and offer to take on any who would dare to fight her. Gadssk offers to champion the most needing of the workers. A thin bespeckled Tidok named Voda limped to the front of the crowd and accepted the offer. During the fight, which Gadssk dragged out, Lt Pamko, Lt Ogarth, Hosk and Raquelle discussed local politics and gossip. It was confirmed that any unauthorized traffic on or off Tidok were shot down without question. Also Subjugus was not only in system, but was in the shipyard, limiting access to shipyards beyond the ability of Pamko’s to help us, but not Lt Ogarth. A plan was devised where visas to the shipyard would be forged just well enough to allow a cursory glance to allow access but poorly enough so that upon closer investigation they would be obvious forgeries, protecting Lt Ogarth from any repercussions. Once the discussions were completed, Gadssk easily defeated Wakeld, helping her up and quietly assisting her out of the ring to help her save face.

Leaving the party, the crew observed Illia Rouse seen talking to Executor Corone and an imperial officer high up on s catwalk. Electronic eavesdropping equipment enabled the crew to overhear an argument between Illia and Corone. Corone seemed displeased with the timetable demanded by Illia and the Empire, and he argued for more time to be allotted. Illia simply stated that the workers should adhere to the current timetable and that President Mardu would be disappointed should the timetable not be upheld. Illia and her Imperial escort then leave a frustrated Corone to think this over. Armed with this new information Raquell and Hosk approached Executor Corone and were able to make an alliance to help each other, with the Executor providing valuable intel pinpointing the most advantageous time for an attack on the shipyards. The best time to attack the shipyards, according to Corone is in the next 5-7 days. Corone was also able to tell the two that Kaliban was sent to Borocta, but the reasons were unknown.

Old friends in new places

With the specially forged credentials in hand the crew heads to Obesk. Upon arrival Slave X is observed docking on the Shipyard proper and Vane Fett stepped out heading inside. On the way to their own docking point the crew noted that the main docks were currently outfitting 3 dread fleet each in different stages of completion. Upgrades to the Dread Fleet included turbolasers, upgraded missile launchers, possible barium missiles, and anti-snub weapons.

Once docked Hosk and Lensi head to Slave X to break in and slice into her computers. They were able to break into the ship, ionize Fett’s protocol droid, and observe a holo of Fett talking to a male with red skin (like Calestis) wearing archaic imperial uniform and heavy battle armor. The Red skinned speaker stated that he would soon have enough ships to take on the Alliance planets while Fett promised 50 Mandalorian assassins in a few weeks. The speaker then asks what Fett has on The Mandalore. Fett replies that he has intel about the mandalore ascension. The other speaker also wants certain troublemakers removed. He mentions that there are several Jedi in system who need to be found and eliminated, and the Jedi lore (Holocrons) brought to Subjugus. Fett states that the bounty on these individuals has already been claimed, but the speaker scoffs at the sudden show of scruples. What is a prior claimed bounty to one who would blackmail the Mandalore? The speaker also mentions the Idiots Array to be killed and offers a 60K bounty for all of them. The Idiots Array is disappointed at such a low number and vow to cause the bounty to be worth at least 80K. They then bid each other farewell and Fett heads back to his ship.

It is decided that the Slave X is just too good a ship to leave behind so Hosk and Lensi decide to fly off with it and rendezvous with the crew off planet. They make their escape with Slave X while being pursued by fighters. Dante notes the time to scramble the fighters and files away the info for his attack plans in a few days. While slicing into Fetts computer a set of coordinates are seen, and assumed to be the location of a possible info drop for Fett’s intel on the Mandalore. The location is in the middle of a previously unexplored sector, containing a habitable system called X-25. After dropping off Lt Pamko the crew head to Calestis to meet up and fly out to the new coordinates.


XP Earned: 25

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: Raised to total of 30
Trigger: None

Dante – Raised to 76
Trigger: Kyp Discipline/Coldness and Dante Pride/Arrogance

Group Besh - Commander of Sabers

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