Star Wars: Another Longshot

Last Call

Chasing Specters

The Coalition continues to fight the One Sith Empire in orbit over Caelestis. After the arrival of the Empire In Exile to the scene, the Hammer ceases the push upon the blockade, and launches a Specter stealth bomber ship towards the planet. The Idiots Array quickly boards the Ace of Coins (Dante, Raquelle, and Gadssk and Slave X (Kai Ordo and Lensito chase down the bomber before it can launch dirty bombs.

Using the research from the stolen Specter, Lensi starts scanning for the radiation signature, however, scanning the entire planet proves too much for the time available. She is able to eliminate certain targets, and the ships head for the river valley that produces about 60% of the planets food supply. We start to enter the atmosphere over the river valley, and find the Specter there, uncloaked. Before they can close to weapons range, the Specter stealths again. Kai Ordo considers where he would go if he could cloak, and outmaneuvers the Specter trying to get behind the Ace… just in time for it to launch a bomb towards the worlds bread-basket.

Slave X takes off after the bomb, while the Ace engages the Specter. Both of them prove to be elusive targets. The Ace gets some hits on the Specter before it re-cloaks and leaves the area. Lensi cobbles together a tractor beam and Kai is able to lock onto the bomb and bring it onto the hull safely. Lensi seals her suit, and goes out to disarm the bomb. In the process, she also learns how to utilize it’s rudimentary systems to remotely control the other bombs.

The Idiots Array head for the capitol city, the most likely secondary target. Again, the Specter is found uncloaked, and the Ace closes before it can cloak again. Lensi starts to slice into the bombs systems, but before she can establish full control Gaddsk takes out the cockpit with a spray of laser fire. The ship goes into a spiral for the city. Lensi remote detonates the bombs at high altitude, which minimizes damage and fallout. Dante flies the Ace at high speed to avoid being caught in the blast, screaming maniacally all the way.

Saving the Sith-blood

The Dread Legion is taking a pounding by the Allied forces. They are forced to fall back and reorganize.

The Idiots Array decides to stay planetside to hunt down the Mandalorian Assassins after unknown targets. They receive an alert that the Prime Councillor’s convoy has been shot down. He and his defense team have taken refuge in an office building. Mandalorians, led by Vane Fett, are reported on the scene.

The two ships enter the building from two different angles. Kai Ordo takes out one guard before he can raise an alarm.



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