Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh: High Low Split

These are the droids you are looking for

Bantha Shipping Company

Construction droids are needed to bolster the Long Shot Alliance base. The planet of Qallan in the Aquilae system has such droids, specifically the BT200 Build Titans and one of their control trailers. The planet is being controlled by the Empire, and they are not allowing people to land without legit contracts.

Dosk, our contact at the Bantha Shipping Company, was unable to secure a contract to the actual planet. However, he did get a legitimate transport contract to the orbiting station, run by the Kogger-Vuuz Corporation. The crew will then has to slice the system to get their ship on a short list of transports allowed to the mining station on the planet. Dosk supplied the cargo that was likely to be needed on planet.

Dosk continued to ask for more details about the mission, but the crew did not let anything slip.

Chats with Sith

Hosk slaps the holocron on the table and has Kyp activate it.

The Sith appears and starts her usual statement “What is your will”. Hosk starts asking questions of the Holocron, but is ignored (holocron is unable to perceive those not strong in the Force). Kyp starts parroting questions. Until Dante asked questions and the Holocron responded to him directly. The questions specifically focus on the Darth Hadix.

Her demeanor changes from the classic holocron posture to a full view of the Sith which seemed to show annoyance and frustration.

What happened when the holocron was taken outside of the Hagen Sector?
Hadix was able to send a message to one of her supporters. There is some speculation that this was Lord Subjugus, a renegade Sith that was imprisoned in carbonite. Somewhere remote in Sith space was suggested, names such as Dromund Kaas were brought up but thought to be too central. A place more remote was considered more likely.

How to strengthen the Binding?
Repeat the ritual. To do so, 4 guardian force users must make holocrons. It is best if one of those is Sith.

What are the rules?
1. Do not let one of the 4 holocrons be destroyed.
2. Don’t let the prison planet be found
3. Keep the holocrons separated to keep from two being destroyed at the same time.

Where are the other holocrons?
One is on a forest world.
One is in safe hands moving throughout the sector.
One is on a poison world in a cave.
One is with our crew

Can the holocron be tracked?
Yes but through the same methods that any Force tracker uses.

The prophecy that was found in Keosh on an old Sith Computer about the statues
The Sith of the holocron is startled. Hadix apparently foresaw her own fall and left clues for anyone who might be looking.

Are the statues important?
They are not statues, they are the four guardians frozen in carbonite.

Landing on Koger Vuz

The Ace of Coins arrives in Aquilae space. Qallan is a grey world with cloud cover. Orbiting the planet is a giant station made of blocky sections pieced together in an organic manner. Fees to use the station are:
first hour is free at the loading dock, every additional hour is 100 creds an hour. 200 creds per day at a docking pylon.

Lensi and Hosk take R8-K2 to find information.

The rest of the crew stays behind to stay with the cargo. Two beings arrive, a human who controls the repulsor sled, a large Togorian is loading boxes VERY slowly. Raquelle charms the human into working while she steadied the sled. The human then starts to hit on Raquelle, but the two manage to unload the cargo within the free hour. However, their superior comes along and fires the human worker for flirting on the job. The Ace of Coins then rents a mooring on a pylon.

Raquelle stays on the station and buys the Human worker a meal in apology for getting him fired. In the process, she gets a tour of the employees only section of the station. She takes note of security, and laundry in case uniforms are needed. She eventually gets his name, Denton.

Lensi and Hosk find a terminal and start slicing into the mainframe. They crunch through the data and come up with a satellite picture of mining camp 118. The droids are BT400’s twice the size of the droids expected. The Ace of Coins will not be able to take enough of the droids forget about the trailers. A bigger ship is needed.

Gadssk breaks off from the group and starts looking at the ships. He happens to notice a familiar Whiphid walking the halls. Truk’sha, the Whiphid, takes part in a blatant hand off of a datapad. Gadssk follows Truk’sha who bumps into a Sullustan and the datapad goes flying. Gadssk grabs the datapad and keeps on walking. He then goes to some local security and rats out Truk’sha as Intellect Guild.

The datapad that Truk’sha had unlocked, has access codes to BT400 and control trailer as well as the location of Mining Camp 118. There are other details like, increase collateral damage, and the bounty on each of the droids.

While in the cantina, Raquelle finishes her lunch with Denton, get’s his contact information. As she’s leaving she notices Truk’sha leaving. She tails them and gives Lensi and Hosk directions. They connect at the end of a docking terminal. There is one ship on the terminal that will suit the purpose of transporting the droids. That must be Truk’sha’s ship.

Hosk sneaks onto Truk’sha’s ship and opens negotiations offering the information on the datapad for a share in the take. Truk’sha agrees to 25%.

Lensi slices into the system and created a delivery order for the extra cargo on the Ace of Coins.

Big Damn Heroes

The crew boards the Ace of Coins and flies down to Mining Camp 118. They make their delivery successfully then go into the camp to wait.

Yellow warning lights go off and Truk’sha’s ship limps into the camp broadcasting a mayday. Mechanics and stormtrooper guards go to help. There is blaster fire in the umbilical and the crew of the Ace start booking it to their ship. Once they get there, Truk’sha comes out and says. “No witnesses! Blow the transport”. The crew start to defend their ship, while Hosk and Kyp go outside the umbilical, over to Truk’sha’s ship, to take over.

During the fight, Gadssk is blinded, but manages to blow Truk’sha’s arm off in an amazing wrestling match with a vibroaxe and carbine blaster. Once they part, Lensi drops a crane onto Truk’sha, bashing him into a nearby wall. There is a short firefight, and Truk’sha is killed.

Hosk and Kyp get into the big transport, wait for the crew to load it up with the droids then take off. Hosk finds that they have an magnetic crane underneath the ship, and uses it to grab the control trailer on the way out. When they get to orbit, the tie fighters start to converge on the pirate ship. They strike a deal with the captain, and use their transponder decoys to get past the ties.

The rest of the crew leave statements with the stormtroopers and then fly to the rendezvous point. The Ace of Coins gets there long before the pirate ship. But they eventually meet up and head for Hope’s Ridge.

Return to the Long Shot

They return to the Long Shot base for delivery and debriefing.

- What should be built at the base?
- The Admiral needs a distraction to bring another star destroyer into the Hagen sector.
- What should the crew be known as?


XP Earned: 35

No changes.
Next session trigger – Raquelle – Exile.

All Duties were raised, gaining Rank 2. New total of 24.
Next session trigger – Raquelle – Resource Acquisition.

1 Conflict for allowing the Pirates to kill the techs and guards before acting.
Kyp earned 8 Morality, increased to 72.
Dante earned 0 Morality, staying at 50.
Next session trigger – None.

Group Besh: High Low Split

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