Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh - Commander of Sabers II, the Raid

Hiding the Ship

Aboard Slave X, Hosk and Lensi set a course for Calestis. Over the 20 hour trip, they reset the droid to accept them as it’s new masters. However, it retains some security measure preventing it from sharing information pertaining to it’s previous Master, Vane Fett. We spend some time talking to T8989 to confirm that he won’t be trying any other funny business.

When the Ace of Coins arrives in Calestis system, they see some of the Coalition Fleet doing exercises in the system. The Ace is not hailed until they are within Medium sensor range, far too late in our opinion. Raquelle speaks to Captain Verasco of the Triumverate Coalition. She looks forward to getting a full report.

We set Slave X down on the planet Ferry, finding a cavern to set down in, and camouflage the ship. We power it down, and take T8989 with us.

Raid Prep

One day later, we arrive in Desolation. The construction droids have begun sealing up the hull of the Longshot, though one is replacing the wooden wall around Hopes Ridge with a ferracrete wall. We report in to Col. Brythe with our intel from the Tidok system. We begin plotting out our attack run. We get a report of a sighting of scouts along the woodline.

Lensi replaces the Ace’s cargo pod with a triple torpedo launcher.
Raquelle and Dante run the pilots through the planned run.
Gadsk and Kai go hunting in the woodline, and tracking down four scouts. We take one prisoner (Debarge) for questioning. The rest are left hanging for scavengers, to leave a message for the others.

Making the Attack Run

We arrive at the target area. As expected, all three drydocks are occupied with Dread Fleet ships in various states of repair. To our surprise, the Ardent class Star Destroyer is not present, but there are extra TIE Interceptors spread throughout the area.

The Idiots Array begins it’s attack run on the station, firing on it’s TIE launch bays, as well as TIEs already in the battlefield. Gadsk takes down several TIEs, one of which falls into the station bay, shutting down a launch bay. Shadow Squad A arrives a little ways from Drydock A, and looses 1 fighter before reaching target. Team C arrives right on top of Drydock C, and immediately starts to engage. Team B arrives well off target, and goes full burn towards Drydock B. Dante flies to support Team A, taking out 2 TIEs on his initial contact.

The Ardent class frigate jumps out of hyperspace near Drydock B.

Idiots Array make quick work of the last 2 launch bays, though one fighter launches before the torpedo lands. Team A takes out all gantries on Drydock A, and Dante takes out the remaining spine. Team C destroys Drydock C in one pass (all gantries and the spine). Team B only takes out one gantry on it’s pass.

Idiots Array head for Drydock B, launching all three torpedoes to take out the remaining gantries on Drydock B. We make the call for everyone to start the jump to hyperspace. The Ardent starts bringing it’s Tractor Beams to bear, slowing our escape, but not locking on.

Idiots Array fires upon the Ardent, taking out several systems (including a tractor beam), and forcing a collision with Drydock B, destroying the Drydock. Shadow squad all prepare for jump.

The Ardent engineering teams repair most of their damaged systems, then turn so they can bring their aft Tractors to bear upon the Idiots Array. The Idiots Array and Dante unload their last torpedoes at the Ardent, and clear out the last of the TIE squadron to cover Shadow Squads jump to hyperspace. Dante takes out the Ardents hyperdrive just before jumping himself.

Total Alliance losses: 3 starfighters and pilots (Shadow 3,7, and 10).
Total Imperial losses: 3 drydocks, 1 squadron of TIE Interceptors (possibly more unconfirmed).

Repair, report, and recon.

We return to Desolation for repairs. Orokopa is putting together a scouting party to confirm intel gained from the prisoner. Once they confirm the Madclaws hideout, we can form an attack team.

Hosk does some research into the location found on Slave X’s computers. Bandit did find it several years ago, during his search for the Longshot. The planet (Rondolu 893) had a ~3500 year old Republic outpost on it, did not seem to bear life, but had low electrical activity.

After the Ace is refitted with the cargo container and repairs are done, we head back to Port Rasper. The Yularon is still in orbit, and there is a delivery convoy from Aquilae in system currently.

Dosk Trill gets the payment from Cetec Enterprises for the run to Tidok (7000 credits). He also reports on the social pressure upon Quarren and Mon Cal residents. They are undesirables, people stay away out of fear. Black Sea repair bay is going under.


XP Earned: 30

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: Kyp – Family

Duty: Raised to total of 67
Trigger: Lensi – Support

Dante – Raised to 84
Trigger: Kyp – Discipline/Coldness


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