Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Aurek - Between A Rock...

Battle for the Octani

Another Longshot Session Wrap Up

8/1/15 session 10 Force Dice

Master Pavayne and the Octani tribe determined not to give up their lands to the Sith Empire, stand firm in their decision to stay and fight. Even though it would mean their deaths, their ancestors vowed to the Sky Masters to keep the sacred cube safe from the Dark Gods. No matter what the heroes said, they couldn’t convince the tribe to leave their lands. So Zork reached out with the Force, and activated the sacred cube, something that the Octani did not know it could do. Revealing it to be a holocron, not just any holocron, but part of the ritual that contains the great evil life devouring Sith. Jedi Master Kohlrio (a camassi) emerges from the Holocron, revealing that his holocron can not leave the planet of Borokta. As it will damage the ritual holding evil at bay.

Accepting the restrictions of the ritual, the heroes agree to leave the Octani in possesion of the cube. But insist that the approaching force of Sith will murder them for sport. After much talking, and stories of violence, the elder agrees that his people are in grave danger. He passes his role to his eldest son, a practice usually only through death, and his son vows to lead his people away to safety. But to return when the danger has passed. Master Pavayne ignites his saber to show his support of the former elder, and the heroes do the same. The tribe is pleased, to learn that the Skymasters have returned. The moment is short lived, as the sounds of approaching speeders whines in the distance.

Traps are laid in the trees, Jedi climb into trees, Bleys kills the first speeder pilot and battle is joined. Tal’Fej has a vision of the party being routed by a nightmarish Sith Lord, the Octoni murdered by a Transdoshian trooper. Rahne disguises himself as one of the black armored biker troops to get into firing range of the advancing walker. His deception works, and he opens fire into the open bay troop transport. His escape plans are cut short, as the walker disables his bike, Jedi are fleet of foot, even in the air, and he lands on the walker. Using his lightsaber, Rahne destroys the main gun. As you can imagine, the troopers do not take kindly to this and open fire. His saber knocked from his hand, under the walkers steadily advancing foot. The terrifying Darth Martus appears, Rahne leaps from the walker to avoid death at the hands of the horrible Sith Lord. Landing next to his saber, nicely compressed into the forest soil, intact but disabled. Tal’Fej swoops in on his bike, inverted, grabs Rahne and zooms away under a hail of blaster fire.
(“Because I was inverted”)

Returning to the party just before the walker arrives, Rahne strips his armor while Bleys does a quick and dirty fix of the saber. Just as the walker breaks through the treeline, its main gun not raining death upon the heroes. That part of the plan has worked, with luck, and the Force, the walker lines up to enter the trapped section of the forest.

All hope is lost as Darth Martus’s visage strikes terror and fear into the heroes. Martus singles out Bleys for combat, and with one swift move splits Bleys’s saber in half. Traps are sprung, trees fall and the walker is pinned in place. Troops deploy, ignoring the heroes and their intent is clear exterminate the Octoni tribe. Zork tosses Bleys an electro shock saber taken from the biker troops, as Martus shifts his focus to Zork. The Force is with Zork, and his Cartorsis gauntlet shuts down Martus’s saber. Martus leaps into the trees to recover, Zork cuts down the tree and Martus falls. Rahne engages the vicious transdoshian trooper, and has a spear jammed into his shoulder. Trooper Emper levels her heavy blaster rifle at Zork, determined to take out the largest threat she can see. Zork suffers a critical injury, but Emper’s gun explodes. She falls to the ground dead, her face landed elsewhere. Martus returns to the fight, landing on Tal’Fej’s bike striking a grievous wound on the Ewok Jedi, as the secondary guns on the walker give Martus an escape route with a blistering hail of cover fire.

As Tal’Fej’s bike speeds past Bleys jams the throttle open yelling out “Zork batter up!” The bike rockets nigh uncontrollably towards Zork who scores a solid hit on the Sith Lord. Knocking him off of the bike and onto his back. The victorious feeling is short lived, as Master Pahvayne is gunned down by the entire squad of troopers. His saber rolls to the feet of Yosho, the eldest of the Octani. In a moment of inspired glory, the old man seizes the saber and charges the walker. The Force guides his untrained hands, and the saber strikes a power coupling. The walker explodes, taking all hands with it. Yosho is engulfed in the flames, a death worthy of a true hero. Pahvayne’s saber lands at Bleys’s feet, the Force clearly wishes the heroes to win the day.

With Pahvayne dead, the troopers shift their focus to Zork blasting his saber from his hand. Bleys recovers Pahvayne’s saber, and sprints to Zork passing off the electro staff . Bleys takes advantage of Martus being down, and attacks him. Disarming the Sith Lord of his saber, sending it spinning to Zork. Who immediately takes advantage of the situation, and ends the Sith Lords reign of terror once and for all. Their Lord cut down, the toopers open fire on the heroes. Zork’s saber blasted from his hands, Bendyk wounded. Zork makes short work of the Lt Trooper, as Rahn culls the trooper squad. Bleys scores a critical wound on the Sargent, and invigorates the troops, as “No one hurts the Sarge!”

Bendyk uses the Force to smash the Sarge into the vicious Transdoshian gunner, triggering a deadmans switch on the sadists grenade. As usual, Trooper armor is ineffective, and they both die in the explosion. The remaining Troopers attempt to mow down Bleys, but open themselves to attack from Zork who ends the battle standing over them.

Bleys carves a headstone for Yosho, leaving it by the burning walker. As tribute to the old man’s bravery and valor. Master Pahvayne gets a Jedi Funeral pyre as deserved, and the Imperials are tossed into the wreckage of the burning walker. A fitting end.

The tribe returns, declaring their intent to move deeper into the wilderness. But to one day return to their ancestral lands. The heroes leave them a transmitter, to call in case they need us to return. The Octani vow to protect their holocron, as they have done for generations.

Returning to Port Rasper, Bandit has cracked the Imperial data pad. Revealing archeology reports for Keyosh the planet below Port Rasper. An ancient Sith Temple sits on the planet, bearing a prophecy.

World 1 (Current Theory – Aquilae) – A poisoned world, full of earth-bound riches. In a cave formed after a great impact at the dawn of time lies a violet gem. Industry visits this world, but the gem lies unfound.

World 2 (Current Theory – Bor’octa) – A vibrant world teeming with life, but not civilization. A great darkness emerges from space to block out the sun. This darkness touches the world, and the great jungle withers and dies. It’s trees consumed by darkness, and gold riches in it’s wake. The darkness marches slowly, pushing towards a group of natives encamped around a great earthen mound. Within this mound is a lidless box, green and silver.

World 3 (Current Theory – Tidok) – A planet of great cities and culture; music, art, and industry in balance. Atop a great mountain rests a monastery, maintained by blue-hued beings. In their earthen robes, they welcome any who would make a pilgrimage to their temple. At the center of the temple lies an altar, upon which a gemstone pyramid rests in silence.

World 4 (Current Theory – Caelestis/Ferry) – A terrestrial world, with red-stone plains and deep-green trees. A battle occurs above the world; gunfire, explosions, flashing sabers. One ship explodes, the other limps to an overgrown sister planet, filled with monsters and animalistic fury. The ship plunges into a thunderstrom, landing hard into the rain soaked forest floor. The last of the ship’s occupants dies, his arm clenched around an indigo polyhedron.

World 5 (No clue) – A primordial world, covered in rock, lava, and toxic gas. It’s orange sky lit by a pulsing newborn star. In its highest mountain, deep within the black stone cavern lies a great crystal. A form is seen within the stone, flexing its power and yearning for freedom. Around it at cardinal points rest four statues, each facing the crystal, regarding it in silent determination

As far as the heroes can tell, they have been to worlds 2 and 4 of the prophecy. Consulting with the holocron, it is revealed that the Sith holocron at one point left the sector. Weakening the ritual, but thankfully it returned.

Returning to the Imperial Mission, it is revealed that the Sith held a meeting on station. Martus went to Bor’octa, Woken went to Caelestis, Caliban went to Tidok, and Bassan went to Aquille, a world with an ammonia atmosphere. Which lines up with the prophecy. The Empire wants Bleys and Zork to track down and remove Bassan. As they have such a successful record at taking down Sith Lords.

Bandit calls Bleys to report a most tenacious visitor at the Smokey. A human woman named Illa Rouse wishes to hire the Smokey and her crew to do some cargo runs for her. 100-150 tons of luxury goods, with substantial fees if the delivery is early and complete. During negotiations she gives a list of five planets she needs delivers for, Aquille is on the list. The Force works in mysterious ways, Bleys takes the job. Now they have a legitimate business reason to go track down Bassan.

Tal’Fej investigates the Flying Bantha shipping company on his own, and discovers their Bounty Hunter ties. He narrowly avoids capture at the hands of a Bothan Bounty Hunter and a Zabrak Bounty Hunter as well.

Bleys and Bandit load up the Smokey for a road trip.



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