Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh - Fighting Chance


Hosk, Gadssk, Lensi do some shopping.

Cetac Enterprises Funds the Alliance

Lensi and Hosk use the backdoor we have into Cetac’s financial systems, and clear out 1 million credits.
They take that money and split it 8 ways, 6 for each of the Dealers, 1 the Galactic Alliance, 1 for the Ace Coins.
To cover their tracks, they make it appear as though Illia Ruus cleared out her accounts and skipped town.
As an added cookie, they found out about the Spectre Program from Cetac, just before Gadssk contacts us about it. There are 12 Specters currently in circulation, 24 ready at the end of the month, 48 next month.

Information Sharing with Darth Basan

  1. Tydock system has been turned into a system of drydocks to retrofit the Dead Fleet’s ships
  2. The Dread Fleet is in league with Subjugus.
  3. The Dread Fleet were the people who interrupted the Neutronium heist.
  4. The drydocks have been destroyed and the Oversight platform was heavily damaged.
  5. Basan drew conclusions that Subjugus and Antilles created their own fleet and kept it secret from the One Sith.
  6. Kaliban, Basan’s apprentice, acted without orders and went to Bor’octa. He appears to be working with Subjugus.
  7. Witnessed Subjugus talking to Vane Fett, bring 50 mandalorian assassins into sector. Reasons unknown.
  8. Destruction of the Yularen. Sabotage is suspected. Idiot’s Array is blamed.
  9. Subjugus is a local military genius. Basan didn’t realize he is of Sith Blood.
  10. Darth Wyrlock is the current Regent for the One Sith, while Krayt undergoes treatment. Reports that Cade Skywalker claims to have killed Krayt.

18 MonCal refugees will be released to Black Seas, they have 12 hours to evacuate or risk recapture.

Layover in Desolation

We stop at Desolation so our doctor can implant Cyberbrain into Lensi’s head.
We also reported to the Colonel.
The Colonel heard about the summit and decided we should all go.

Caizo Coalition Summit

The summit is at Count Amas’ estate.
At the summit, Team Aurek, the leaders of the three coalition,
We swap Kyp for Tal’Fej, the Ewok Jedi.

Specter Ship
The main reason for the Summit to convene was the discovery and apprehension of a Specter ship. Much investigation of the ship was done. Dante, Tal Fej and Lensi take it for a test flight.

The findings are:

  • Emits low level radiation
  • Radio-active material was used in construction.
  • bombs similar to Baradium weapons and also add radiation to the mix.
  • Alloy on hull makes cloaking possible
  • Weapons designed to maintain cloak including quick release bombay doors and ramp breaks.
  • Can not be shielded and cloaked at the same time.
  • Stealth capabilities seem to be from Force imbued crystals.
  • Ship can be sensed through the Force when engaged. (Tal Fej and Advisor Fal Gorel repeat the experiment)

Reports say that Kade Skywalker claims to have killed Krayt.
We received thanks from Admiral Stazi, apparently we are keeping the Imps in this region very busy.

Obtaining Holocron from Bor’octa

We discover that Bor’octa, the planet with the 4th holocron is currently being blockaded. We decide that’s the place to go next and retrieve the holocron.

Upon hearing that it’s a uncivilized jungle, Hosk stays on Kaizo and we pick up the Mandalorian Kai Ordo.

After obtaining permission, we take the Specter to Bor’octa and slip past the blockade undetected.
Tal’Fej takes us to a battle site that he and Team Aurek first encountered the indigenous tribe that currently protects the holocron.

We are attacked by 2 packs of native creatures. We dispatch them and discourage other packs from attacking with our ferocity.

Lensi gets a broken walker up and running and we ride it away following instructions from Tal’Fej.

Meeting Elder Giar

After a while, Tal’Fej and Gadssk feel like they are being watched. An Octani shows himself. Upon recognizing Tal’Fej, the Octani gives the order to stand down, and several other Octani in the trees emerge and lower their spears.

We are lead along, Gadssk recognizes their language and starts talk to them about the creatures we fought. Apparently they are Claw-Slingers and are only after easy prey. If you prove to them you are not prey they leave you alone. We are brought before their tribal leader Elder Giar, who seems to know Tal’Fej. They converse. Tal’Fej explains the ships in the skies are hunting the “sky Gift” in order to weaken the prison. He explains we need the “ghost box”. We offer to take the tribe off planet so they can continue to protect it. Elder Giar asks where the “Blood Knights” are. Tal’Fej explains about the Kaizo Summit. Elder Giar agrees to come with us to speak at the summit with the “ghost Box”. He assembles and speaks to his tribes, he explains the details and tells them to prepare for an exodus.

When he returns he brings a Green and Yellow Holocron. The Avian Humanoid gatekeeper of the holocron identifies as “Gatekeeper of Almak Colryo”. Tal’Fej and Holcoron discuss Subjugus is force sensitive but not talented in the Force. He is working to free Darth Hadex. Colryo says they will reform old alliances. Tal’Fej and his buddies are looking to create holocrons to bolster the prison. They have an idea of where the prison might be, but are keeping that information close to the chest. A ritual was created as a method to prevent Darth Hadex from taking over a person and reforming their body to her liking. (CREEPY) Raquelle, asks if an existing holocron might take the place of the broken one. That had never been tried before, there is no precedent for it. Must talk to Kyp and Teecho’s holocron and see if he can take the place of the broken holocron.

Planning an attack

We return to the Specter and launch into orbit, to find the blockade is gone. All those ships (a star destroyer and 8 frigates) have left orbit. Tal’Fej has a vision of the ships launching an attack on Caelestis.
Tal’Fej decides to bring us to Archive 83, a communications stations drawing power from a brown dwarf star, thus making it more powerful. We learn from the technician some information he has gleaned from the sub space chatter.
- Vain Fett and his Mandalorian Assassians are due at Rasper within 24 hours.
- The “Judgement of the Empire” has been sent to defend Aquilae and the Hammer is being sent to either provide additional escort on Neutronium shipping lines, or to assist in the attack on Caelestis.
From all reports, it sounds like they are doing a full blown invasion, and it will take a few days to prepare.

Using the communications array, we contact Captain Verasco of the Triumvirate Coalition, stationed outside Caelestis. We inform him of the imminent attack and promise to send help as soon as we can.
Then we contact Colonel Blythe and give him a report. He decides to embrace the alliance between Fell’s Empire and go full disclosure. A plan is hatched.

To further weaken the Sith Empire, we explain we are in a good position to deal with the wildcards of the Mandalorians, and he orders us to do everything we can to take them off the board then hot foot it to Caelestis.
That plan is to bring the holocrons together at Desolation to bait Subjugus into an ambush. He is going to reach out to the Alliance, EVERYONE, to send as much available firepower to our sector to deal with Subjugus.

Tal’Fej has another vision. He sees a neutron star in a nebula with a small blue star. He sees a lush world wrapped in stellar matter. Then a dagger of a star destroyer emerges from hyperspace and starts firing on the planet. In response, a column of fire erupts form the planet forming a straight spear of flame with a metal tip.


Not to be picky, be the Walker of the Sky’s name begins with a C. But I was surprised to hear that. I thought he and his father Grandmaster Kol were killed on Ossus Interesting.

While you are here on Archive 83, be careful. This station is full of life. It is where Lola’s from, and there are others of her kind here. This is also where we fought the spider like creatures… That now make up my hood. If you find a room with webs in it… Look up. Also listen closely. If you find yourself in one of the vast hallways, and hear a rumbling, do what you can to climb up off the floor. As a torrent of rodents will come running along… probably followed by Lola’s kin. The wave of rodents lasted for a minute or two to pass. So yes, we or my Imperial friends, have some extermination that needs to be done.

I would be willing to join you on your next hunt, against the one named Fett. However if your friend Jedi Kyp is able to join you, by all means, bring him. Or maybe the Force will guide him to Kaiso, and be of help to my friends. Either way I believe we will be working together a lot more in the coming days, months.

Group Besh - Fighting Chance

XP Earned: 35

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: Raised to Commendation Rank 5, new total of 25
Trigger: None

Dante – Raised to 88
Trigger: None

Group Besh - Fighting Chance

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