Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh - Bug Hunt


The Coalition is given a new route out of Hagan sector to circumvent Sith Imperial blockade.


Ace and crew traveled to Keosh to convince Wookie settlement at New Palsaang to move to Desolation. Gadssk especially wanting to see that the Wookie orphans he saved be taken off planet because of the existence of a Sith Temple and potential for the planet to once again be used as a testing ground for planet killing ritual. Initially there was difficulty convincing the Wookie population to move but with the combined efforts of Gadssk and Raquelle many were eventually convinced to travel to Desolation, with the promise that they were not being forced to join the alliance should they take the crew up on their offer to move to Desolation. The Ewoks population was willing to move once they were told of the forests of Desolation, and the Rishii were easily convinced once the likelihood of a repeat of the Sith Ritual was explained. The most difficulty was with Korkuhl, guardian to the orphan Wookies. He was finally convinced that saving the children years ago changed Gadssk’s philosophy regarding hunting and killing and he was a changed Transdoshan. So off Korkuhl went to pack and representatives from each tribe were sent to survey their potential new home. Plans to move the 28 Rishii, 250 Wookie, 560 Ewoks were made where the population would be moved from New Palsaang to Caizo via Bantha Shipping Company ships, then Alliance ships would transport them to Desolation. Count Amas was notified of the plans and he promised that facilities would be made ready.


Flying Bantha was called and Dosk Trill was informed of the need for ships to move the population from New Palsaang to Caizo. Through mildly subtle subtext the real reasons were made clear to Dosk Trill. Dosk Trill also hinted that new activity would be welcome from the Idiots Array, and that the tight security seen outside Port Rasper was mirrored inside as well. While checking the bounty list it was noted that any information leading to the identity of the Idiots Array was worth 10,000 credits.

While on route to Desolation information was gathered on Cetec Enterprises. Through official channels it was discovered that Cetec has been in existence for only a year with the President a male Herglic Shi’an Mardu. Cetec is a conglomerate of several companies quickly acquired once the company came into existence and is known for computer and droid manufacturing operating mainly in the Outer Rim. A more thorough search exposed underworld and Sith Empire connections, planet wide strip mining, and its attempts to enter the slave trade for cheap labor. Further examination of the recording of the conversation with Illia Rousk of Cetec Enterprises showed that she was in Hyperspace pinging a relay on Port Rasper. Plans were made to further investigate Cetec’s office in Red Sector when next in Port Rasper.

Combining this information, and Cetec’s interest in using the Borocta and Mon Cal as slave labor, we start limiting the search to certain planets in the system that they may be working on. The Borocta were needed for their adaptation to jungle environments making them suitable for work at “the site.” Only a few planets in the Sector have jungles.

  • Ferry in Calestis System
  • Remote planet Kyp has coordinates to.

Trouble on the Home Front

When the crew arrived at Desolation they were unable to hail Hopes Ridge. Landing close by the crew carefully approached and observed the base. The majority of the population was seen milling around the outside of the base walls and the guns, manned by Alliance soldiers, were all pointed in base. Conversations with Colonel Brythe and Bandit the situation was explained. While clearing out new territory within the Longshot a hive of Ground Ticks, human sized bugs, was uncovered and they were swarming around inside the base. It was decided that this would be an excellent training exercise for the new recruits, unfortunately the armory was heavily populated by the ground ticks. In other news a crew of Techs attempting to restore the second tower of the Longshot were trapped in the tower and in need of rescue. Once the outside forces were re-synched with the Longshot, one of the techs was found dead and the others were under attack. The crew offered to rescue the trapped techs and make for the hive, hopefully drawing away the majority of the bugs making it easier for the recruits to clear out the armory and begin a room to room search within the Longshot.

Flying up to the second tower in the Ace the crew jumped down onto the tower (with mixed success) and entered the room landing between the bugs and the tech crew. The Techs were then ordered to make for the front of the room and jump into the Ace while the crew proceeded to clear the room. Unfortunately one of the Techs were killed in an acid attack by one of the bugs before he was able to escape. With the help of some rather creative flying, the techs were able to jump from the Tower to the Ace and escape. Through the combined use of laser fire, grenades and old fashioned wrestling, the tower was cleared of bugs and the crew made their way towards the hive.


Bandit was able to ensure the way to the Hive was clear of bugs by sealing off the route from the rest of the ship. The hive was located in a mess hall/rec center, in the center of several bugs the Queen (a bug easily twice to three times the size of the rest of the bugs could be seen) a series of successful, and unlikely, shots from far down the hall ensured that the attention of the bugs was well and truly caught. A direct assault on the Queen was initiated and various attacks ranging from laser blasts, grenades, Bug riding, freeze drying, and holographic projections were used to subdue the Hive. With the death of the Queen, the other bugs went into a confused frenzy and were cleared out by the Alliance Soldiers.


XP Earned: 25

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: Raised to Commendation Rank 4.
Trigger: None

Dante – Raised to 70
Trigger: Kyp Discipline/Coldness and Dante Pride/Arrogance

Group Besh - Bug Hunt

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