Star Wars: Another Longshot

Group Besh - Big Blind

Genocide Aftermath

The crew of the Ace of Coins finds themselves on Caizo. They have spent a few days setting up a refugee camp for the Mon Cal refugees from Port Rasper between the Ace and the Smokey. Discussions with Imperial Knight Bleys over what to do about the security breach caused by his droid, Bandit, have been finalized. We trade the Imperial Astromech for Bandit, and take Bandit to the Longshot.

Members of the crew mingle with the Mon Cal, gathering volunteers to join the Alliance, and preliminary steps to check the backgrounds of the volunteers are made. Some of the refugees are offended by this, as if the whole galaxy is against them.

A Change of Direction

As we make our approach to the Longshot, we radio ahead to meet up with Colonel Brithe, Lt. Orokobos, and some of the local Mon Cal at the hangar bay. We also order a comms blackout period for the immediate future.

Once there, the Mon Cal refugees start to mingle with the locals. The news about the Imperial mandate spreads fast, and the refugees start to warm up to their new home.

The team debriefs Colonel Brithe and Lt. Orokobos about Port Rasper and the ships sighted at Bor’octa (Lt. Orokobos identifies the ancient ships as the Dread Fleet). We also go over the new alliance with the Empire in Exile, and the Bandit situation. Lt. Orokobos remembers Bandit from years ago, and offers to approach him with us.

Bandit emerges from his closet, and recognizes Lt. Orokobos. Bandit states that his mission is to find them and take them home. One look at the Longshot changes Bandit’s personality, he tells an old cigara, “I’ve found them, sir.” Bandit puts the cigara in his “mouth” and starts making plans to repair the ship. He requests access to the Nav computer and downloads the nav data and surveying information that he’s gathered in the Hagen Sector over the past 140 years. They show that he missed Desolation by a narrow margin.

After much incredulous discussion, it’s decided to allow Bandit to start making repair plans, with Lt. Orokobos running sanity checks on his plans before they’re put into effect.

We load up the speeder bikes and head back to Caizo.

Preparation for Festivities

The location for the race is on neutral territory, though it is being hosted by Count Amas. The area is bustling with activity, with racers and workers scrambling to prepare for the race the next day. There will be a VIP party tonight, and the team will be there as the Counts honored guests.

Lensi goes over the rules of the race and finds a loophole. She makes certain adjustments to the bike that are allowed by this loophole (All racing rolls gain Boost die).
Kai and Gaddsk check the underworld for competition and rumors. They discover that there is no Intellect Guild presence. This seems a little odd, considering Gadsky’s love of racing, but it is also a invitation only affair.
Kyp and Raquelle meet with the Count, and the children practice “Jedi Deflection” with toy weapons. The Count makes it clear that his son’s life is more important to protect than his own. The Count also gives us access to a tailor droid to dress us appropriately for the evening. We are outfitted in various styles of “Jedi Robes,” though Hosk takes a few extra for disguise material later.

Mingling with Nobility

The VIP party is held outside in the early evening. There is a large band playing music and a larger buffet with a variety of food and drink. People are dressed as Jedi, though the different colors of robes or sashes help identify their rank in the social structure.

Fashionably late, Moff Fulton Antilles arrives with a lady escort. We get confirmation that the Hand of Judgement is in orbit. Antilles makes some jibe about losing his invitation, and the Count grudgingly accepts his excuse, inviting him to the party.

The Caizo nobles are all here with spouses and their racers:

  • Princess Everani
    • Fal Grell – Jedi advisor
  • Countess Bess Orskane – paranoid, nervous
  • Count Avanath Rothar – thinks he should be king
  • Count Gareth Natol – middle age overweight, critical of everyone
    • wife NAME – making nice after he’s dickish
  • Count Emanor Natol
    • husband Lukios – racer
    • heirwife NAME – birthed daughter Anarshia)
  • Countess Regala Bane
    • husband Giark w/cyber arm

There are also foreign dignitaries:

  • From D’rogos delegation – Regent Priya (tall and purple) – elderly matron, remembers the Longshot saving her world, carries a lot of weight in her government.
    • Captain Glarde
    • Sergeant Vox – racer
  • From Caelestis – Archminister Malgrave (part sith race) – Decadent
    • Commander Olt
    • Pol Pashis – racer

Lensi tries to determine who is most likely to try to kill Amas, figures out it’s a group effort.
Dante flirts with the Moff’s escort, NAME, at the bar. Turns out she is a starfighter pilot for the Empire.
Gadssk speaks with Regent Priya about the legends of the Longshot.
Kai scans the crowd and reads body language. Figures three possible nobles are responsible for the attack on the Count. One of them is Countess Bess Orskane. Kai speaks to her for a while, she seems more scared of him, and what he represents. They begin negotiations for a contract to alert her of any bounties set against her.

There is an invite only after-party as a front for a meeting with Amas, Malgrave, Princess, Fall Grell, and Preya.
We confirm their suspicion that we are the Idiot’s Array and invite the three planets into Alliance. The three planets working together would have the personnel, materiel, and technology needed to make a stand against the Sith Empire.
Regent Priya expresses her doubts. She challenges us to win race as sign of Amas’ leadership. If we don’t win the race, she abstains from talks on D’rogos about the Alliance. If her racer beats Dante, she speaks against the Alliance. Malgrave amused, and will wait for the result of the race before committing to the Alliance. Princess shows her support for Count Amas.

Race Preparation

Kyp meditates and foresees a deadly crash during race (Pol and Lukios), a bomb destroying stands filled with nobles, and two stormtroopers shooting the Princess dead.
Lensi preps the pit crew, getting them ready to follow her lead.
Gaddsk talks to D’rogos driver, Sgt Vax, informing him of Regent Priya’s decision.
Hosk moves cameras on the race track, changing the blind spots on the track.

Race Day Hyjinks

Lensi finds that the decoy bike was tampered with (restrictor plates, loosened steering). We replace it with the better bike, as planned.
Gaddsk and Kai sneak under stands to look for the foretold bomb. They arrive just in time to find two men finishing setting up a plasma detonator under the stands. Unfortunately a pair of guards find us at the same time. Gaddsk runs interference with the guards, Kai takes a shot at the bombers. Gaddsk runs down the bombers, while Kai explains the situation to the guards. They inspect the bomb, and question the bomber until they figure out how to disarm it.

A quick search for other bombs or bombers is made while Kai interrogates the bomber. No more explosives or conspirators are found, and our captive doesn’t have any information about who hired him. We do discover a tattoo on his left arm, and find a mathching one on his dead partner. Upon further questioning we find that the tattoo is of a Larash Blossom which is the symbol of the Black Thorns, a covert organization trying to influence who will be the King/Queen of Caizo.

The announcement for racers to get to the track is made, so Dante moves the swoop into position and Lensi heads to thee pits, (Kyp’s Padawan) takes a position as one of the teams spotters along with one of the Duke’s men; the rest of the crew take positions in and around the stands. Raquelle and Kyp stick near Count Amas, Kai and Gaddsk are more actively looking for potential troublemakers. The Imperial contingent arrives, with Moff Antilles sitting in the stands and leaving two stormtroopers at the top of the stands in guard position. Kai scans the crowd over the bomb, and takes note of who isn’t in the stands.

As Kyp foretold, there is a crash on the course, just behind Dante. Gaddsk spots two Stormtroopers coming from a workshed and heading for the stands. Gaddsk moves to intercept, while Kai inspects the workshed. Raquelle suggests to Moff Antilles that he should have the approaching troopers confirm identity before approaching the VIP stands. Gaddsk begins a scuffle with the troopers. The Moff descends and calls the troopers to attention. They refuse, and start firing into the crowd calling, “For the King!” A shot clips the Moff across the face, leaving a disfiguring scar.


XP Earned: 35

Obligation: No Change
Trigger: None

Duty: Raised to a total of 75.
Trigger: Gaddsk Personnel

Kyp – Raised to 75
Dante – Raised to 67
Trigger: Kyp Discipline/Coldness

Group Besh - Big Blind

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